Happy anniversary and thank you all! 

Working on a new show on the Coffee and Pie Channel

How would you all feel about a weekly Let’s Play from the Coffee and Pie crew?  This started out as a concept for a one-off episode but as we brainstormed we decided there were too many games we wanted to play.  Along with our list we would like requests for stuff to play and any ideas you might want to give us about our new side project.



In this first part of a series of episodes we play DUNGEON!  D&D board game for ages 8 and up.

Also we are joined by CAS…again. He’s always been there. 


Coffee Break! While not really a fully-formed ‘series’, Coffee Break is where we’ll be doing random (usually written on the spot when we are bored) skits and musings. This one was Brad’s idea. I think he just wanted to show off he could do a big fancy Shakespeare Monologue. Pfffft. The punchline is really good though.