Desolated @ The Edge of the Wedge (08/04/2012)

What at first looked like a poor turnout on Easter Sunday became a decent one as Desolated played what they said will be their last local show for quite a few months.

First on tonight, playing to a small and what seemed like a largely disinterested crowd were In Place Of Hope. I’ll start by saying I don’t really like metalcore and these were undoubtedly a metalcore band but I’ll try to be as fair as possible. It wasn’t a bad set but as I said it didn’t really seem to win anyone over. The bassist had a good pair of lungs on him for the clean parts, the lead vocalist was pretty good and there were some nice quitar riffs but to be honest there was nothing there that hadn’t been done a million times before. It was a tad predictable. But then again, I don’t like metalcore, if its your thing maybe these dudes rule.

Following IPOH were Lifeline; an odd choice for coming second on the bill having travelled all the way down from Norwich for the show. This band got an excellent reaction from the crowd, and for a relatively small band from quite far a way a surprisingly large number of kids seemed to know the tracks (power of the internet I guess?). If straight up hardcore is your thing then this would have been for you. This band do the whole stomp/fast/two step style (edge-esque) hardcore very well. To be honest there is very little of it about down south and that perhaps goes some way to explain why this band were so appreciated. This wasn’t an incredible set and similar to IPOH there was nothing here that hadn’t be done before but that being said it was a good set and they definitely won over some new fans this evening. 

Local favourites Doomed From Day One were on third and were tight as hell all evening as usual. DFDO is also not really my thing, but regardless I always enjoy their sets. Playing a techy-deathcore with jazz interludes thrown in they are a band of excellent musicians. If you like the particular vocal style it is also nailed to perfection. Only low light to the set was the breaking of the microphone during the last song but the band soldiered on regardless which was admirable. As I said, this isn’t my thing but when a genre is done as well as DFDO manage to do it its enjoyable regardless. These guys are getting out gigging round the south loads a the moment. Go check em.

It’s hard not to be biased when writing a review of a band which are all your mates but I’ll try my best. Seasons In Wreckage provided headline support tonight, which was a slightly odd choice seeing as arguably both the bands before are bigger but to their credit they lived up to their position in the line up and played a really sweet set. SIW are a melodic hardcore band in the vein of Hundreth, TGI etc.. and do it really really well. I’ve seen this band grow over the years and I really enjoyed them tonight. They sounded as tight, if not tighter than they have before and played a wholly original sounding set. I really dig this band, friends or no friends, go check em out. 

People were clearly very excited for Desolated tonight, hence the movement which commenced before they were under way during a brief line check (embarrassing for all involved and greeted with confusion by the band). When Desolated did start I’m not sure the edge has seen a show like it in quite a while. Packed room, lots of movement, people crowding round the mic in large numbers. This is what hardcore shows in this venue should be like and fair play for Desolated for coming down and playing in what is for them (or fast becoming) a small venue. Desolated’s set tonight included very little blast beat and a couple of new tracks which saw the band continue to move further into the down-tempo hardcore world, leaving their old death-metal sound behind. This being said, the band are still very much a metal band at heart and the growled vocals and general presence of the band confirms that. This was a really sweet set, I haven’t seen the edge move like it did in a good while. I hope deso come back soon. 

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