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Are You Serious?

Prompt: An anon requested: 23.“How much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it?” With Hal Jordan please!!

I’m so sorry I’m being so slow to write these! I’ve been so busy for like the past 8000 years so bear with me lol Also, I know the Disneyland one with Jason Todd was supposed to come before this but I’m still working on that one. I took a break to start this one but I ended up writing the whole thing lol so I figured I might as well post it. Jason Todd at Disneyland is next, I promise!!

Summary: The reader joins the Justice League and goes out with Hal and some other memebrs to celebrate.

Warnings: Alcohol mention, people get drunk (that’s pretty much the whole story haha)

You stumbled out of the Zeta Tube into the Watchtower with the rest of the Justice League, nearly delirious with joy. You had just successfully stopped the Injustice League from taking hostages in the UN building, which would have been amazing no matter what, but the fact that it was your first mission since joining the League made everything that much better. Yes, it was a team effort, but you did more than your part and every member of the League took notice, some more than others.

“Way to go back there, (Y/N)!” You felt the weight of someone’s arm draped over your shoulder and turned to see your fellow Leaguer, Hal Jordan, giving you a cheeky grin. “I gotta say, though, my favorite part by far was when you punched Sinestro in the mouth while he tried to give his ‘evil villain speech’. Classic!”

You smirked. You thought it was just as hilarious as he did, but you didn’t want to gloat. Instead, you returned the compliment. “Well, I wouldn’t have been able to do it if you weren’t covering me! Pretty sure someone would’ve taken me out if you weren’t there.”

“Did you hear that Batman? Someone actually appreciates me! I like this one!” Hal called out with a laugh. Batman didn’t respond, so Hal turned back to you. “You know, I think we made a good decision asking you to join the League. There aren’t enough people here who acknowledge how essential I am,” he joked.

“Can’t imagine why,” quipped Black Canary with a chuckle  as she walked by the two of you, causing you to giggle.

“See what I mean?” He asked, but the grin that was still on his face made it clear that everything was in good fun. “Anyway, congrats on your first mission. You handled it really well.” You blushed, suddenly very aware of how attractive his dimples were and how close his body was against yours. As if he read your mind, he pulled his arm off of you and addressed the rest of the League. “Hey, I think we should celebrate (Y/N)’s first mission. What do you say we go back to Earth for some drinks?”

Not all of the superheroes were interested in getting drinks, and even less had the time, so you found yourself in some relatively uncrowded bar in Coast City with only Hal, Dinah, Ollie, and Barry. Sliding into a booth, you told them, “You know, it’s kind of weird seeing all of you in normal clothes.”

“I’ve been a part of the League for years. Trust me, it never stops being weird,” kidded Barry, and the rest of the group nodded in agreement. Everyone quickly quieted down, however, once you realized that someone might overhear. To break the silence, you offered to go get the first round of drinks. Hal jumped up and offered to go with you, because there was no way you could carry all of them on your own.

“Can we get a round of shots? Whatever you’d recommend,” Hal asked as handed his card to the bartender.You tried to tell him that you’d help pay, but he wouldn’t hear it. “Hey, we’re here to celebrate you. You’re not paying!”

The bartender laughed. “Birthday?”

You shook your head. “No, we just became coworkers and I finished a big project today.”

The bartender nodded and placed the drinks on a tray before handing them to you. “Well, if you want to forget about work, these should do the trick.” He winked, and you could barely see Hal give him a dirty look out of the corner of your eye. Or maybe not. When you turned to look at him, he was all smiles. You shrugged and carried the shots back to the table, deciding that you only thought you saw something because you wanted there to be something. You thought Hal was cute and funny, and you definitely wouldn’t mind if he was jealous of a bartender flirting with you. You’d never admit it, since you had only known him for a little over a week, but you were starting to get a little crush on him.

You pulled yourself out of your thoughts as you set the tray down at your booth. Barry gave the two of you a grimace before asking, “Really? Shots?”

Hal smirked. “Hey, we’re here to celebrate!”

Shaking his head, Barry responded, “That’s not what I meant. My metabolism’s too fast. Shots do nothing for me.”

Ollie laughed. “Trust me Barry, if Hal wants to celebrate, there’s more where that came from.”

Nodding as he took a shot from the tray, Hal announced, “That there is. Now, I’d like to make a toast to (Y/N),” He put his hand on your shoulder, “Who kicked some serious ass today. Way to go!”

Everyone held their shot glasses up in your honor before slamming down their drinks. Ollie was right, there were definitely more drinks to come. As the night wore on, everyone started feeling the effects of the alcohol more and more, and you were heavily buzzed by the time people started heading out. After Barry left, still the most sober out of everyone, you were left alone with a very tipsy Hal.

“What do you say? One more drink before we head out?” He asked, flashing his teeth at you in a perfect smile.

You laughed. “Only if you’re paying!”

“Well I paid for the last ten thousand, why stop now?” You laughed again as he got up to order from the bartender. When he came back, he set down some fruity drink in front of you before sliding back into the booth. As he sipped his own drink, you could tell that he was crossing the line from “very tipsy” to “super drunk”. You were still buzzed, nowhere near the point he was, and you found it hilarious.

After making some dumb joke and laughing at it for, like two minutes straight, he gave you a goofy grin. “So, (Y/N), how much do I have to flirt with you before you realize it? Because I think you’re super super great and super funny and super hot and I don’t wanna waste time not being with you.”

You nearly choked on your drink as you burst into laughter. “Hal, you’re hammered!”

He laughed along with you. “So?”

“There’s no way you’d say that if you were sober!” Yeah, you wanted him to like you, but you were not going to ruin your new spot on the League because you did something stupid after having too many drinks, and you were pretty sure Hal would agree.

“Who knows? I’m not sober right now so there’s no way to tell,” He smirked, and you laughed at how well charismatic he was, despite all the alcohol.

Wishing you could tell if he really meant what he was saying, you stuck a deal with him. “Okay, if we both remember this tomorrow morning, I’ll go on a date with you. Sound good?”

He nodded, the smirk still on his face. “Works for me. But if you want to be sure to remember this, we should probably kiss right now.”

“Hal!” You shrieked, nearly dying with laughter.

“Hey, it was worth a shot, right?” He looked at the empty shot glasses on the table before adding, “Pun not intended, but still hilarious.”

The two of you continued laughing and joking until your drinks ran out, then opted to Zeta back to the Watchtower, as you were both in no state to drive. You both ended up passing out in the lounge, not waking up until Dinah shook you awake the next morning.

“How late did you guys stay after I left?” She looked down at the two of you, you lying down on a couch, while Hal was sprawled out on the floor.

You shrugged. “I don’t know. Long enough for Hal to tell me he was into me,” You teased, trying to embarrass him because you didn’t think he’d remember.

Much to your surprise, he did. “Yeah, long enough for (Y/N) to agree to go on a date with me!” He tried to laugh, but winced. “Let’s not do it today though, okay? I feel like I’m gonna die.”

You shot up. “Wait, you’re serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. You saw how much I drank last night, why wouldn’t I be hungover?”

You threw a couch cushion at him. “That’s not what I was talking about! Did you actually mean what you said?”

Rubbing his head, he slowly sat up. “Oh. Yeah, of course I meant it. Why would I say it if I didn’t mean it?” He paused, before looking at you quizzically. “Wait, were you not serious?”

You laughed. “No, I’d love to go out with you! I just figured you didn’t mean it.”

“Well, I did!” The two of you laughed at your misunderstanding as Dinah inched towards the door.

“So just to clear things up, he’s into you, you’re into him, and I’m gonna go because I have a feeling I don’t want to be around for what happens next.”

You both watched her leave, and Hal turned to you. “So how about that kiss? Dinah’s gone.”

You shook your head. “Nope. I have hangover breath, and I’m not going to let our first kiss be gross.”

“Well, that’s fair. I’m gonna go back to sleep then, because, like I said, I’m dying.” He flopped back down on the ground, and was asleep within minutes. You had to bite back a smile. Sure, he didn’t seem like the best choice right this moment, but you knew he was a great guy and you couldn’t wait for your date.