JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice HC/SC

Art by: Carlos Pacheco, Jesús Merino and Guy Major

Things I Need In YJ Season 3

-Dick doing his acrobats.

-Connor and Clark having a better, stronger relationship. (Bc Connor at the Kent farm is a must)

-Barry Allen fucking up the timeline to bring you know who back.

-More of the Batfam.

-Artemis in general.

-Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown now part of the team.







Various Batman Headcanons
  • It’s not so much that Batman sees killing as always morally indefensible as that he understands the role of the Batman as being more that of a doctor’s than of a soldier’s: a soldier must sometimes willingly kill somebody, a doctor must never. For Batman to kill willingly would be to break a sacred oath and, by so doing, invalidate the role entirely.
  • Bruce Wayne has a gorgeous baritone singing voice, which he keeps a closely guarded secret.
  • Adam West’s Batman is Dick Grayson’s retelling of their exploits.
  • Batman does have a sense of humor, but it’s incredibly dry. He’s also an expert level troll.
  • Of course Batman has a weapon to use against Wonder Woman, he’s just not about to let anybody know that. It’s a vial of centaur’s blood, the same thing that killed Hercules.
  • Batman also keeps a box for himself: in it is a gun the same make and model of Joe Chill’s. He keeps it clean and loaded at all times with exactly three bullets.
  • Bruce didn’t really celebrate any holidays until Dick came along.
  • Batman is just as much the conscience of the JLA as he is the brains.
  • Roughly 80% of Batman’s acquaintances are convinced he’s got superpowers of some sort. The JLA was collectively horrified when they finally learned that he was just Bruce Wayne in a suit with some fancy gadgets.
  • Bruce Wayne is actually surprisingly well-adjusted, despite Alfred Pennyworth’s claims to the contrary.
  • Bruce Wayne never stopped loving old movies, and every Sunday he tries to put aside two hours or so for a good classic.
  • Families who owe something to Batman will often display a small bat decal in a window of their home or place of business as a way to say thank you.
  • Martha Kent mails a box of homemade cookies, a couple of jars of preserve, and a hand-knit sweater to the Manor every Christmas. Bruce always makes sure to wear the sweater in public at least once, no matter how ridiculous it looks, and mails back some thoughtful little gift with a handwritten Christmas card.
  • Batman respects Green Lantern. That doesn’t mean he likes him. The two do not get along at all. Each claims that the other is simultaneously a tyrant and an anarchist, a threat to freedom and to the rule of law at the same time.
  • For a long time Bruce was the only one who knew that Captain Marvel was actually a ten-year-old child. Nobody understood why the poster child for acerbic and arrogant was so unfailingly patient with and considerate—even protective—of the polite and kind, if often naive, super-powered strongman.
  • Bruce Wayne and Talia really did love each other, and still do to an extent. However, they love their ideals more.
  • All of the younger affiliates of the JLA treasure a word of praise from Batman above all else. (Except for Robin, who practically levitates whenever Superman asks him for help.) The kids respect and admire all of the heroes, but Batman’s the one whose opinion they care about the most.
  • Gordon could discover and prove Batman’s identity if he set himself to it, but so long as Batman is on the side of justice he’s glad to remain ignorant.
  • For such a wealthy man, Bruce Wayne privately leads a very frugal lifestyle. Unused rooms in the manor are closed off, electricity is used sparingly, things are mended rather than replaced, and Dick, Jason, and Tim were all given fairly small allowances and taught to budget.  Damian refused to adjust to this, so Bruce finally just gave him his own bank account and stood back. (After the ten-year-old came up with and executed his own version of a Ponzi scheme, however, a new house rule was enacted, that any and all money-making plans had to first meet with the approval of Lucius Fox.)
  • Bruce tends to pitch his voice higher when in public and settle into his chest voice while in costume. This method keeps either persona from sounding like he’s disguising his voice, but means the two sound dissimilar enough to prevent suspicion.
  • Bruce goes out of his way to be charming in his socialite role but also out of his way to be grating in his crime fighter role. In his private, off-duty life, he’s quiet, has a dry wit, is a good listener, if not much of a talker, and is just generally pleasant to spend a quiet evening with.
  • When Green Arrow suggested that he get Oliver Queen to financially back the JLA Batman was the first to second the motion.
  • Bruce Wayne went on record for a long time as disbelieving in the Batman and after proof of Batman’s existence was irrefutable he made known his opinion that the man was a dangerous vigilante.
  • Clark Kent was assigned a story on Bruce Wayne shortly after ‘Gotham’s Son’ returned from abroad, the result being that Clark and Bruce became friends before Superman and Batman did.
  • Bruce Wayne dresses up as Superman for Halloween parties.
  • A running joke in the JL is that Batman is basically Chuck Norris. “Batman once had a brush with death. It took Death a month to recover.” “Batman can tell when a lie detector’s lying.” “Batman can’t only sense fear, he can also sense hope, like 'I hope Batman doesn’t punch me.’”
  • Batman and Superman have this thing where, whenever they have the chance, they spread misinformation about the other. “Batman is bald, that’s why he wears the cowl.” “Superman dyes his hair, does anyone actually think that black looks natural?” Stuff like that.
  • Bruce sleeps with a hand hiding his face and always has, since he was a kid. 

Justice League Action

Premiere Episode Review

Set your DVRs! ‘Justice League Action’ looks to be an enticing animated series, which comic book fans both young and old should welcome.

I was fortunate enough to land an advanced copy of the premiere episode “Shazam Slam” from Warner Bros for this review. If the premiere is any representation of what we’re in store for, then fans are in for a real treat. The script is well crafted; effectively intertwining classic DC Comics heroes and villains with the less frequently used. A large helping of Justice League characters make appearances, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Arrow and Shazam. Longtime Batman fans will be pleased to hear the legendary voice of Kevin Conroy, as he brings the Dark Knight to life with his authoritative tone. There are many other talented voice actors here, and all add to the enjoyment of the show.

The animation itself is pure eye candy. The colors burst on the screen with pleasing precision. The action is truly aplenty … no time is wasted. I like the classic, yet fresh take in which the characters are drawn and brought to life.

The real treat to this show may be the subtle humor. The one-liners are actually funny! The superheroes play off each other’s comic book personalities with clever dialogue, while the animator’s use of facial expressions and body movement bring numerous laughs to the fold.

Justice League Action premieres with a one-hour special this Friday December 16th at 6:00 p.m.  Following the premiere, its regular time will be Saturday mornings at 7:30 a.m. beginning Christmas Eve Morning

Batman Notes Recommended 

Watch a clip from the show below:

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i think a lot about what the justice league members think of the batkids. like mr. tall, dark, and brooding has kids?? and two of them are rays of sunshine, one is a pint sized assassin, another is a gun toting classic literature reading zombie, babs and tim are beautiful geniuses, and cass is the best fighter like ever? and Bruce adopted them and raised them and took care of them? how must his teammates feel? confused probably, a little turned on maybe

hot and fatherly, all you could want in a man LMAO