JM: next time.. next time..lets have more fun ok? :D

Fans: ok!! 

Between my tablet dying and family stuff going on, this commission took forever!!! But now it’s done, and I’m kinda happy with the result! ;) 
This was asked by @reiswonderlanduk, and it’s about Anna and Kristoff, from Frozen using some of the clothing designed for them during the Concept Art stage of the creation of the movie! :D

Fan Art (x2)
SD Style - Fullbody - Full color - Simple Background
Digital (Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS6)

Kristoff and Anna belong to Disney Company
Anna’s ouftit can be found here
Kristoff’s ouftit can be found here

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wait I just realized this was the first time Jay and Cass met? Canonically???

fans: okay here are all our fanfics, headcanons and fanarts of what we think jason and cass meeting would be like. they actually seem to like each other and jason isn’t as a jackass as he usually is!

new 52: k cool but what about making jason worse than pre-flashpoint when he meets her?


new 52: even after he finds out she’s no longer a threat!!


new 52: eh?? EH????:D


Progress announcement and...fan art? :’D

Some Trick & Treat news!

☆The game is in the final testing. The steam store page is going to be available in mid-September, and the game will be released on 30th, September.

☆As you probably know that I’m making an ART BOOK as DLC…it’ll be a pdf ebook with about 50 pages (25 double pages) contain all the art and sketches about the game and its development! And I’m drawing a few new ones for it…hope you’ll like it! 

☆Since I have recieved some fan art…I’m wondering, if there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the art book?? If it gets included in the book you’ll recieve a copy for free! :’D It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so I think there’s a pretty big chance…If you’re interested, read more for the rules!

Reblog appreciated! Thank you for all the support :’D

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Fans of Avengers Academy: We want to be able to make our characters date each other! Like Janet/Natasha or Steve/Tony! Will we be able to do that?

Marvel: Representation is important! There are lots of LGBT+ Marvel characters! :D

Fans: That is…that is not the answer to the question we asked?