@chansondeparis continuation from here.

It was a song for him - meant only for him - and he could feel the love that had filled its tune. It spoke truth, but the truth didn’t feel so painful anymore. The young Latvian had already unloaded so much emotion and so much pain onto this generous and loving nation that the pain was lessened. His shameful secrets weren’t shameful in the company of Francis, because they had been already been revealed and accepted.

“It did,” he said quietly, eyes still clouded by tears that had begun to fall again, “but it didn’t hurt. Your voice was so perfect and I-I loved how you played it and… I d-don’t know why I’m crying…” Again, his hand wiped at his eyes, rough as they rubbed away the wetness. His smile finally shattered as the tears become such that he could no longer keep up with just wiping away at them. They were a deluge from his tear ducts. No one had ever written a song for him before, yet this man he was still getting to know had written something so beautiful for him. Raivis sat and wept, overwhelmed by the kindness given to him once again.