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Lore I miss those days where you used to talk so much and in depth about DL. Like post chara metas and liveblog and translate stuff. With the revival of Lost Eden, are you gonna be more active in this fandom again?

This is a really sweet ask, haha. ;w; It’s really humbling to me that there are people on Tumblr who followed me during my big Diabolik Lovers days and who still follow my blog now.

My interest in Diabolik Lovers has been revived (well, it never really went away but I have stuff to talk about now) but I don’t want to make promises about being more active. :c Who knows when I might just wander off again? It’s not that there’s other games I’m more interested in… I’m just a lot busier now with work and other stuff compared to when I was super active in the fandom and…well, sometimes fandom can be rather draining and demanding and I’m not sure I want to go back to those days.

Also just depends on whether Lost Eden is any good. I actually picked up Dark Fate again last night and finally finished Reiji’s route which was pretty good until…?!?!?!?!? THE END?????? WHAT HAPPENED??????? At least I’m finally starting on Laito’s route so people will get that Dark Fate Laito post I always said I’d do. |D But beyond that, I’m not sure what I’ll have the time, interest, and stamina for.

Oh yeah I liveblog otoge on this Twitter! I think it takes too much time to prep liveblog posts for Tumblr whereas I can tweet screenshots really easily.

hollow mornings breed dangerous nights.
i, the wolf
coiled in the corner,
forgetting the sound of the moon,
will nibble your pills,
breathe in what you tell me,
and open my mouth to a stranger.
i will run
and my claws
will take a piece of your carpet with me
wherever i go.
it’s the reason i smell of liquor
and it’s the reason you won’t forget i was here.
—  parties mean nothing | (r.j.e.)

160204 MBC Duet Song Festival Preview (Whee In)