Wow I'm embarrassing. DING DING dis one is for you mkay? Yes good.

SO like today I was back at school which can only be so nice.

So like… pre calc test…ugh T~T If I get a B I will be very happy. Except that’s not happening becuase I screwed up the 2nd page d: Math whyy. Someone please explain to me why I’m still in the seat I’m in for that class becuase we had the chance to move -__- Well Raj sitting behind me is pretty good this is the most homework I’ve done this year which is good, but also very depressing OTL

It’s a complaining day. Becuase that is like all I ever do, apparently.

I need to stop coughing please. I’d like to be able to sing properly again and not feel the need to fall down or faint while standing on the risers. That’d be nice. It’s been taking much more effort than it should to get through Mads (like the actual practicing-wise.. not like i can’t get through the class. I love this class; it’s my favorite.) I’m back to my edge slot on the right side again for the risers. My left ear is incapable of hearing anything except soprano oh well d:

DUDE KEY CLUB ELECTIONS! That moment when you’re conflicted to vote for Sara (I have an undying love for this freshman okay she is 10000% PERF) becuase if she wins she can’t apply to be my EA T~T Ahahaha XD And Sam, you don’t read these because you don’t know the URL LOL. But yeah your speech was really good; I liked it a lot. I hope you win. Early congrats to whoever wins, and ALL candidates did spectacular. It’s heartwarming that people want to step up in Key Club–I hope it’s not just for college apps though /:

AP FLOTO DKSJHJVKSHDVIUSD. In the words of Ben: “Alyssa, why don’t you talk in class and do the homework–you have really good observations and comments.” That’s basically the story of my APEL experience. I don’t suggest you take a similar route.

Nice to know people care enough to get mad at me when I don’t do homework. But that makes me an even worse and more terrible person when I still don’t do it d:

Is my life really just school and being mentally unstable? Like what kind of a life is this omg something needs to change (she said, as she didn’t change a single thing).

Anyways, after school Floto was being Floto so I’m just gonna make up that quiz tomorrow… And then there was that college thingy and that moment when you ask a question and it literally drops an awkward bomb. But it was the funniest thing ever so like what? Samantha was like, only because it’s you that it would be funny, like if anyone else had asked it would have been really serious. Erm.. I don’t know if this is good or bad .__. I can’t be taken seriously apparently. I think I’m okay with that.

So yeah I’m gonna hug you for like 20 seconds becuase I hate you. It makes perfect sense, just like how you make perfect sense. If you missed that, I really mean neither makes sense at all but I’m just gonna go with it becuase it’s nice.

I went home and took a 5 hour nap .__. But it was really nice. But now it’s almost 3 AM and school is in 4 hours d: Whoops.

Do you ever have those moments when someone does something, not a special thing, and you just kind of take a mental step back and think, “Wow, this person is amazing/special/[insert positive adjective here].” Just something simple that they said (maybe they pointed out your conversation topics have no continuity, yet it made perfect sense), or some small gesture they did (maybe they made a funny face at you when they quickly passed in the school hallway), or something you noticed (maybe they have a certain sparkle in their eyes when they smile)…it the little things about people that you adore, or maybe even fall in love with. I think if any one person is exposed to these little things for a long enough time, there’s no way that it’s possible to not like them as a person–for who they are and what they do. I wish I were more elegant with prose, I could explain myself much better. The point of that was my Ding Ding did one of those little things (:

So let’s bring this to a nice full circle (Floto would be so proud) and I will end on the note that Karen Ding Ding is a wonderful and beautiful person.