Cafebrería el Péndulo - Polanco, Mexico City 
Calle Alejandro Dumas 81 - Miguel Hidalgo

Website: Libreria el Péndulo (online store - Spanish) 

Spending an afternoon in one of my favorite areas of Mexico City, and also in one of my favorite settings. I always enjoyed being surrounded by books and this book store/cafe certainly offers this and more. El Pendulo is located within walking distance of Metro Polanco and surrounded by various restaurants, boutiques and a small park for someone looking for a fun day with company or quiet day for themselves. 

The cafe offer a large selection of books in Spanish but also caters to English readers with a small section in the store for some of the more popular releases. The area also offers food/coffee from the local shop and provides a great setting to enjoy a meal while also being emerged in books. 
Beautiful environment and helpful staff! If only I lived closer! Definitely worth a visit after a long walk through the gorgeous area of Polanco.


Guanajuato, Guanjuato - Mexico (Part 2) 

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Wiki: English - Español 
History.com: Video 
Festival Internacional Cervantino: Website

Another amazing city in the heart of Mexico whose beautify need only be seen to understand why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Guanajuato is truly one of a kind in Mexico both in history and the many events that it continues to hold throughout the year. The city even had the title of the Capital of Mexico during revolutionary times and is the birthplace of one of the most respected Latin American artist, Diego Rivera. The city also continues to play host to the “Cervantino” a festival held every fall that truly brings the city to life with a combination of music, dance and theater performances. 

The city is truly a sight to behold, overlooking the area from the statue of Pipila offers a view unlike any other as you watch the vast array of colors that cover every home and building within the city. The view as well provides a glimpse at the colonial design from its narrow and paved streets to its amazing architecture that has remained so well preserved and continue to highlight it as a one of a kind in Mexico. One of the most recommend cities in Mexico that offers a truly unique experience.