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okay let me just rant for a bit

i really can’t stand juvia. i don’t want to go as far as hate, but it’s almost to that point for me tbh. and the thing is, she is  a character i would normally love to death. she is absolutely ruined for me because of her obsession with gray. it’s so hard for me to watch her stoop down to being a blushy stalking mess when she has such potential to be a badass bitch.

the lack of effort that goes into her really upsets me because i feel like she can be so much more than what she is. 

and it carries onto the whole “gruvia” ship. i don’t really understand how someone legitimately stalking another person can be considered “a cute pairing”. it creeps me out tbh.

i feel like juvia herself and even gruvia had so much more potential than the effort that was put into both.


Added another item to the shop today! I am curious; what, of the things that I have posted do you like the most? The antler pieces? Glass bead ones? Or the wire wrapped items? Just curious! I’m looking for some feed back!

Seriously, if you don’t like anything, tell me why; if there is something you like, tell me what it is you like! I always appreciate constructive criticism!

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