Went to the Las Vegas Pet Expo a few days ago. It was Ghost’s first time at an elbow to elbow event like that with people and dogs all around and he did great! Didn’t phase him one iota. He even lay down and took a nap as dogs as large as great danes walked by.

I managed to get some photos but, the lighting indoors was so bad that some of the really cute ones didn’t come out good.


Ghost’s first snow! It’s only a tiny bit but, snow nonetheless. He LOVED it! Ran around like a mad zoi. He had so much fun. The first he did when he touched it was try to eat it lol!
I had to hike down that huge gorge to get to it as you can see in the first pic that all the snow was on the other side…damn near killed me coming back up but, it was worth it!

It was so cold out there my phone kept freezing and turning itself off but, I managed to snag a couple.