He’s here!!! The lil’ man has finally arrived! Already made himself right at home…it’s like he’s been here forever and the flight didn’t even exist lol! Thank you so much Monica and Elizabeth! Our hearts are whole again. <3

Now to pick a name from the list I’ve been narrowing down!
And I swear…my phone must have 300+ photos and videos already on it. lol

Tons more photos to come!!!


This crazy rainbow appeared over head when Pemzini and I were heading off to school. The photos do not do it any justice at all, this thing was insane! Usually, when I see a rainbow it’s like, “oh that’s pretty.” but I literally said, “HOLY FUCK! look at that mother fucking rainbow!" 

well, it was nearly two rainbows and the thing was so huge I couldn’t fit it in the frame, even when I took a photo through the glass t-tops of our firebird. 

Insane thing.