Now I’ll eat you, so prepare your final plea…
Just for me .


I wasn’t going to see Moana at first but, I’m glad I did. Not only was it good they also threw in a glamorous, cannibalistic crab voiced by Jemaine Clement (same guy who voiced Nigel the Cockatoo from Rio) like um….thank you.

Tamatoa © Disney/Moana

Lil’ Taggers

Turbo and King Candy taggin’ their symbols on the walls of the Game Central Station. Hoping not to get caught…well KC looks worried, Turbo looks like he could give a rat’s ass.

Welp, this might be the last collab Dezzoi and I do for a while since our break is over. xC 

Dezzoi drew Turbo and I drew King Candy :>

King Candy/Turbo © Disney


My Tupandactylus character: Jax
She’s a hoarder of anything sparkly and bright and can usually be found upon her throne of shiny stones and other items inside her crystal cave that she calls home. Her temperamental personality can usually be tamed with the offering of anything bright and sparkly. 

And yes, I am very well aware that the actual Tupandactylus did not have teeth. But, my girl does.

Jax © to me (dezzoi)


“It’s time to fly, young falcon…”

“But, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of what’s not underneath me.”

“You cannot let fear build you into what kind of bird you’re going to be, Halcyon. You are a falcon. You were meant to fly.”

“I…I’ll try.”


I might finish this later with color. It’s just more of a venting thing. Halcyon, the peregrine falcon, is afraid to fly after a traumatic experience as a youngin’ and the Overlord of the Sky is trying to help him overcome that fear. The condor is over 300 years old, so she’s like, “bitch, I ain’t got time for this…fly damn it!" 

Halcyon and Cathar Noorvik © to me