2017.09.15 ザ少年倶楽部 プレミアム 14th Anniversary Special 8/12

But that still wasn’t all. Now they were also able to make their own original wine. Of course, it wasn’t actually original wine since that takes years but they could pour it into bottles and put the cork into them at which point another lewd sound effect was inserted. Seriously, SCP editing team are perverts. 

Finally, they had to make the labels. 

N: Do you know what day it is today?

T: The day when we drank some yummy wine??

S: Grape day.

N: But isn’t today a special day for you? The 15th of September?

T&S: Oooh. Our formation you mean?

Seriously, why you say ‘today’ and make them look stupid? We know they didn’t film this on the day of broadcast. They filmed it before Sept 7. Anyway, once they realized what’s up they began to work on the labels dezign. Which, of course was mostly Tegoshi’s horrendous drawings. Shige took a bathroom break and in that time Koyama became Goyama and Massu had floating gyozas next to his face. Shige got a book because he’s cool like that.

Shige then returned to sign the labels quietly asking Tegoshi if there’s one or two ‘n’s in “anniversary”. Look at these drunk children with crayons.