This here is Dez “The Demon” (origins of the nickname are pretty obvious). Dez and i have been friends pretty much since the beginning. He’s partly what got me into music production; he’s the one who actually got me started playing guitar first, and then helped bring me into all of that. He’s always been kind of a brother to me in that regard, teaching me things, trying to help me out. Best friend i could ask for, really!! 

Dez is kind of the joker type, always messing around with people, sometimes gets into trouble (been a few times we almost got kicked out of places because of him being kind of rough) but he’s a p nice dude once you get to know him.

I feel like i should also add that if it weren’t for him The Candy Knives would probably be some shitty generic pop rock group. That was all i listened to (HATED metal back then) until he started having me listen to some metal bands he liked. ‘Cause of his contribution it gave The Candy Knives its heavier side.

Likes: Heavy music, joking around with people, dark humor, b movies, horror, videogames, dressing up for halloween and scaring the fuck out of people, food.

Dislikes: real jerks, shitty coffee, soup that’s 90% water with 3 chunks of meat in it, small monkeys (there’s a story behind that).