Corset post:

Inspiration comes from many directions for me. Sometimes it’s simply a gorgeous piece of fabric, often it’s all about a client’s needs, other times it comes in the form of an event to attend. This particular project was a fun journey involving an event, a gift, and a very inspiring existing garment.

The DeYoung Museum here in San Francisco just opened an exhibit called Oscar de la Renta, The Retrospective, and I attended the member’s event.

I’m lucky that many of my clients have become dear friends. One of them had two options for her own attire for the museum’s Gala event and let me utilize her second choice for myself.

It was once a dress by Oscar de la Renta from a few seasons back. The bodice was a different shade than the skirt, and I was very inspired by the color blending that existed in the tulle of the skirt.

After separating the bodice from the skirt, I started with a corset in a vivid pink, just a touch too yellow to match perfectly. I first covered it in black stretch mesh, then a layer of bright blue which not only toned down the yellow, but brought out the blue in the silk organza flowers on the skirt. Then I draped another layer of ruched and pleated tulle over the whole corset. The finishing touch was a single spare flower that had been stitched onto the bodice. I placed this onto the tulle single shoulder strap.

In my work at Dark Garden, I love a design challenge. Yesterday I designed a wedding gown for a lady who had a fun and breezy boho lace dress that she wanted worked into a corset ensemble - what will it be tomorrow?

My portrait of Fabian Romero with their poem Faith is now available as a poster at For a limited time, enter code FAITH at checkout for $3 off. See this work as mural panels as part of a free event this Friday night 6-8.30pm at de Young Museum in San Francisco alongside Keith Haring: The Political Line (entry to the Haring exhibit isn’t free) #keithharing #deyoungmuseum #fabianromero #textaqueen #poster

[image description: marker portrait of fabian romero with glowing words of their poem “faith” around their body and cactus underneath them]

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I’ve always wanted to be in a Turrell Skyspace. (He’s a favorite.) Dream come true. We actually went back twice in our visit to the @deyoungmuseum. I just had to see it at different times of the day. Too bad for the overcast, I can only imagine how it would look on a sunny day. 🌥✨#jamesturrell #skyspace #deyoungmuseum #sanfrancisco #art #spaces

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My poem portrait of Fabian Romero is nearly there! For the last week and a half I’ve been painting these total of 8 x 8 foot panels for tomorrow’s free event at de Young Museum in SF. 6-8.30pm with live painting, printing, music, dancing. Curated by René Yañez and Rigo 23 as part of the programming around Keith Haring: The Poltical Line. #deyoungmuseum #keithharing #mural #workinprogress #textaqueen

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Keith Haring Exhibit at the De Young

I have always loved him as an artist, and I knew he was political, involved with gay rights activism and AIDs awareness in the 80’s. What surprised me was that until last night when I saw his exhibit at the De Young, I didn’t know any of his art had violence in it. All that I had seen was the happy dancing figures, the dog and the heart. But seeing his other pieces really showed me who he was as a person and an activist. 

In one of his quotes he said that he was not sure that he was white inside, because he was proud to be gay and have friends and lovers of all different colors. He said he was ashamed of his forefathers. One of his pieces was a giant pink and black penis that shows carvings of colonialism, the white man literally fucking(raping) everyone over. It was extremely powerful and made me think deeply about the struggle of mankind, whether it be the holocaust, witch trials, slavery, WWII, apartheid etc. This struggle seems to be never ending, and Haring’s art shows this struggle through art which looks indigenous, or almost tribal. 

There is hope in his work, and it appeals to the masses. It is extremely sad that he died of AIDs at age 32. This was the 80’s and I don’t think treatment was prevalent at that point. Most people my age can identify his iconography but don’t know his name. He is Keith Haring, he is a political artist and he was not in it for the money. Rest In Peace. 


In March, 2012 I decided to re-visit to San Francisco not very long after my first time, to visit two exhibitions within a two-week window period where they overlapped: Maharaja: The Splendor of India’s Royal’s Courts at the Asian Art Museum and The Fashion World of Jean-Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk at the DeYoung Museum.

I remember learning about Jean-Paul Gaultier on MTV’s House of Style back in the early 1990s. I was fascinated and confused, when I saw the male skirts he debuted. For the first time I was challenged to thing about how gender defines clothing, and vice versa. I also remember when he debuted his frangrances. Although I disliked the scent, I love the bottle, and the ad campaigns.

I couldn’t help myself from comparing it to the Alexander McQueen retrospective back in July, 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibition halls were packed to the gills with all things JPG spanning his long career. The mood was whimsical, campy, fun, and nostalgic, versus the somber darkness that permeated the halls at the McQueen exhibition. And also unlike McQueen, photography was allowed; I even felt like it was encouraged.

So I went at it…                           

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