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Delena Forever Ours - July 1: One Parallel

This post is for the “Delena Forever Ours” Meta Month

I’m definitely not a “meta writer”, but I want to participate and help to keep the Delena tag on tumblr alive and beautiful. Please forgive me if my entries are not very elaborate or creative… I’ve got a new job recently and I don’t have much time to edit pictures etc, so I’ll just write down something for each category.

July 1: One Parallel (with any ship)

This is probably an unconventional parallel… I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere (not just -this- particular parallel, but any parallel between these two ships), but that may be just ME!

Delena (TVD) x Deyna (Nashville)

Damon: Please. Elena, feeding you my blood, I was wrong.
Elena: Yes, you were.
Damon: And I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but… I need it.
Elena: And I need some time, maybe a lot of time.
Damon: Sure. Of course, take all the time you need.

• TVD Episode 2x22 “As I Lay Dying” • watch scene

Deacon: I never meant to cause you that pain. You know that. If I could do it all over again…
Rayna: I know. So, I think I might need a little bit of time. Can you understand that?
Deacon: Rayna… you take as much time as you need.

Nashville Episode 3x11 “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye” watch scene

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Deacon & Rayna from the TV show Nashville. I knew literally nothing about them until last November when a friend talked me into starting this show that at the time was about to premiere its 5th season on CMT after being canceled on ABC.
What can I say, I fell for them instantly and because of them I watched the already existent 4 seasons of the show in 3 weeks or so. They filled me with so much joy and so much pain and so far it’s the ONLY couple that I’ve loved almost as much as I love Delena. Almost.

Personally I think I’ve found a bunch of parallels between these two couples, but the one I quoted above is the one that gave me all sorts of Delena feels, so much that I had to pause the episode for a moment because it made me very emotional.

THE PARALLEL: You surely remember that our Damon was dying from a werewolf venom infection when he went to Elena and apologized for force-feeding her his blood… and when she answered that she needed time, he accepted it even though he knew that he didn’t have much time left to live.
What you maybe don’t know if you don’t watch Nashville is that Deacon was dying too… from a liver cancer. Of course Deacon had a few months left (unlike Damon who only had maybe a few hours), but both their reactions to the Love of their lives asking for some time to think things through was to say “Of course, take all the time you need” even when both knew that time wasn’t exactly on their side.
Neither of them wanted to “burden” their loved one with the news of their impending death. Neither of them wanted to emotionally “manipulate” them because of their predicament. Both Damon and Deacon accepted to give Elena and Rayna the time and space they needed even if it meant that they could never have the time to earn their forgiveness or their second chance.

It’s probably not that big of a parallel, but when I first watched that Nashville episode it struck me immediately and stole my heart… so here it is. ♥


“I talked to Markus, and I made it very clear to him »Deacon is my guy.« And he better back off. — You do keep choosing me. How smart is that? — Not very. — I’ll tell you what- He can change any damn lyric he wants, all right? He can have the whole damn song.”