I don’t mean to sound vulgar, but there are plenty times I inspect the toilet bowl after I urinate. I picked up this habit back in high school when I learnt that you can easily identify if you’re drinking enough water by the colour of your pee. I see a lot of people on tumblr talking about how much water they should drink, and although we are given a recommended amount, you can never really pinpoint it to X amount of glasses or litres. There are factors that can change how much you should be drinking daily, such as the amount of activity you do (sweating), other beverages you consume (caffeine, sugary drinks etc.) and how much salt you put on your food. 

Water is vital to our body functions- it regulates body temperature, affects how nutrients and oxygen is transported and removes toxins. You need to drink water if you’re exercising; you need to drink water if you have a lot of salt in your meals to keep your kidneys operating; you need to drink water if you are adding toxins (such as carbon dioxide, sugars, preservatives) or else it defeats the purpose of hydration. There’s an endless list of how water serves it’s purpose in our body.

Yes, it is possible for your urine to become that dark! I’ve experienced it in high school when I relied on sports drinks and sugary fruit juices, limiting my water intake to a mere three-four glasses a day. I used to get headaches almost everyday and took painkillers more than regularly, making me feel lethargic and miserable.

It’s shocking how looking at your own urine can really help you. I now drink anywhere from four-six litres of water a day; my headaches have decreased, I feel cleansed and I rarely get tired in the day time. I’ve gotten a habit of needing a certain amount of water a day, that I feel wrong if I don’t drink enough. It’s also helped me distinguish whether or not I’m hungry or simply just thirsty.