dey mad

it da first day of atsutodo week

idk how first dates work tbh since im a single potato, so i did what i would think would be an ideal first date, which is getting cotton candy or something idk im tired i did this in history class

ill make quality atsutodo art later lmao

if you blog about any of these artists, bands, tv shows…

Marina And The Diamonds
Lana Del Rey
Black Veil Brides
Sky Ferreira
Arctic Monkeys
The Pretty Reckless
Green Day
The Vampire Diaries
The Originals
Harry Potter
Lord Of The Rings
My Mad Fat Diary
WWE : Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk…


The sequel of “Awkward boners”. 

Seriously Erwin what was the purpose? I died.


suffspeare replied to your post: legitimate question im not trying to be rude by why do you god mode so much? and if not god moding then mary sueing. if you think about it everything thats happened to advoca hasnt had a permanent consequence on her. its like nothing happened. not only that it seems like her personalities dont match up at all. she tumbles over herself and giggles and is nervous but then she goes ahead and has sex and can cut eridan in half no problem while he cant shoot her in the mouth even after he pulled the

anon really has no idea what they are talking about, ignoring further bullshit really is the best choice

I know right? like this is just ridiculous. someone’s obviously got some bone to pick with me. I’m certain I did not kill someone’s father, or destroy a village, or steal someone’s wife… I mean seriously. what the fuck did I do to these people.