Long distance relationships are very hard and to make it work you both have to stick to it!! I love my man more than anything in this world, and we haven’t even met yet! (yes i no I’m crazy) but there is no way i am giving up on him for anything. and i really really cant wait till September for when we meet for the first time <3

I love you dexy so much and always will <3 ~nes

Life! > . <

I just want my dream boy Dex now and to start my life with him in a nice house in Newquay by the sea so we can go surfing and i have my own coffee shop up and running for tea and that during the day then open up at night time for raves and party’s where Dex can DJ <3 and he has own little studio at home what looks out on to the beach, where he can work on his animations <3 THAT IS MY DREAM i want it so much T ^ T more than anything ever! i would give up everything i have to make it happen <3 <3 ~nes