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The new 57-story One Pennsylvania Plaza (Kahn & Jacobs, 1972) with the Madison Square Garden Sports Center (Charles Luckman & Associates, 1968) and the 29-story Two Pennsylvania Plaza (Chrales Luckman & Associates, 1968) in this aerial view looking northeast in fall 1972.

Photo: James Doane.

Source: "New York City. International Edition Five Languages". New York, N.Y. Manhattan Post Card Pub. Co., Dexter Press, Inc. 1975.

Real { Smith + Dex

Dexter was stuck staring at a man for thirty minutes. He sat there, minding his own business while he painstakingly carved into the wood of a table like some deranged child. The oddity of his assortment of tattoos were another thing that forced him to take interest, as well as the fact that no one around seemed to notice him carving into public property like he wasn’t even there. “So?” Dexter finally spoke up, pressing a cigarette to his lips.