Follow Friday Tumblr Crushes Edition

the only one who completely understands my obsession aka ashleigh / my missing half aka belen / heaven aka dexter gifs / the most adorable human aka erin / that blog i’m always jealous of for it’s perfection aka caroline / that girl who i met two days ago and miss more than anyone aka emma / the raineypoo to my gigi aka raine / the queen of television aka ilona / heaven pt. 2 aka darkly dreaming caps

blearyweary-deactivated20111221  asked:

Saw your question, I've been looking for dexter blogs too. This is what I found: dextergifs, fuckyeahdexter, anythingmichaelchall, fuckyeahdex. dextergifs looked pretty good! :)

dextergifs (not been updated in a month though? :()

fuckyeahdexter (has spoilers, but looks good)

anythingmichaelchall (lots of caps, not my thing)

fuckyeahdex (has amazing tag-ocd-porn and I approve)