This breaks me. They thought they had it they thought that this would work and they would be able to get through. But then Tsukki fails to block him once again and feels awful that he couldn’t keep Yamaguchi in the game. I’m very excited though because this scene right here leads up to the bathroom scene and that scene is absolutely huge for their character development. 

“Um-I don’t understand.” Cas squinted at the card in his hand. “I am supposed to give you hints as to what this word is?”

“Yeah. For the millionth time.” Dean’s eyes rolled as he slung an arm around the angel’s shoulder and peered over his shoulder at the card. “This one isn’t that hard.”

Mary and Sam, both seated opposite of Dean and Cas, both smiled softly at the determination the angel was channeling to play this game. The night had started with beers and dinner and currently was ending with some card games. Dean had bought the games a few weeks ago when Mary first came back to them. With some beers in their systems they thought it was a good idea.

“Okay… It is one word. It is an acronym that is popular with the youth and texting.” Cas peered over the card to see if his clues were at all helpful.

Mary’s face was scrunched up in confusion but Sam was grinning like an idiot. Dean gave Cas a little firmer of a sidehug and kissed his temple. “You’re doing great, baby.”

The silence from his teammates wore on so Cas cleared his throat to continue. “Sometimes when Dean tells me an amusing joke while away for a hunt I send this to him to express how funny it is to me and to demonstrate my reaction to the joke.”

Mary’s eyebrow rose as she gave her youngest son a side glance. “Am I supposed to understand this?”

Sam chuckled which was followed by Dean’s. “Nah, mom. Little after your time. But it’s ‘LOL’.”

Cas glared at Sam as he dropped the card. “You knew all along, didn’t you?”

The three of them laughed, Cas couldn’t help but join in, and soon more beers were retrieved from the fridge. They passed the cards around and kept each other laughing even though they knew tomorrow was gonna change their lives. They knew each day brought more monsters and nightmares. A hunt was over every horizon but tonight it was just them.

Sam and Dean tied for first, having the most cards, while Mary and Cas were blown out of the water. Not that they minded. Every time the mother and angel caught the brothers laughing they couldn’t care less how low their score was.

And when everyone was crawling into bed, Mary whispered to the dark that an angel was watching over them. Sam closed his eyes with a goofy smile and replayed the night’s events over and over until sleep took over his senses.

And Dean… Dean sang ‘Hey Jude’ to himself while he cuddled deeply against his angel’s chest. Cas listened to the song while pressing kisses to Dean’s head every now and then.

For once in a very long time… everyone felt like they were home.

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