I have a feeling that , during season 2 will happen something smth with Malec and we will all be like “ And then there were times when we all cried (from happiness) over the Malec kiss.” I want this so bad…I swear that if I see even one single Malec forehead kiss or hugg or Malec fighting together or Alec defending his bae scene , I will squeee so loud that I don’t know … But if , probably at the end of the season, I hear “i love you”, no matter who says it first, I fucking swear that I will die then and there.

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If you were writing the show (in a little detail if possible) what would happen in season 2? Oh my that sounds like a bloody exam question! I do apologise.

i can’t believe this i just wrote a long answer to this and deleted it by accident why am i like this… anyway here’s a list of things i would love to see in s2:

  • barb back
  • eleven back
  • more backstory on the older gen and their relationships: joyce, lonnie, hopper etc. which brings me to my next point
  • hop doing one of his famous fist punches again (preferably in lonnie’s face)
  • more mr. clark
  • mr. clark speaking about science
  • i like that
  • oooh also more of the children, now that will is back i want to see their dynamics (specially lucas x will, but dustin and mike too i love them my children)
  • and of course i want to know more about the monster, the upside down and the other 10 children that came before eleven
  • and the experiment in general
  • and karen wheeler, karen wheeler too
  • i feel like she was just trying to like support and be there for her children, be a cool mom, but they just kept avoiding her and her questions, and lying to her…. she just wanted to be a cool mom!
  • and she’s stuck with ted wheeler so
  • poor karen

i feel like that sums it up, it’s all i can think of as of rn…

sorry if it sucks istg i did My Best™

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In 2.05 why does Tommy ask Grace 'why did you come here?' They have that beautiful moment and then they are both so cold with each other when they're getting dressed. I'm confused Was Grace using him to see if she could get pregnant, also why does she hesitate when he asks if he can see her again?

Hi anon! He’s asking he if she came to try and get pregnant basically. He feels used and his body language is all over the place for a second. When she makes it clear that the medical advice is she is infertile a certain level of intimacy comes back. Grace wasn’t using him, a single-shot to test her fertility is so unlikely anyway that doesn’t make sense, and not seeing him again testifies that isn’t why she was there. She hesitates because she doesn’t want to cheat on her husband again, even if it is with Tommy who she still clearly loves. That look she gives him at the end of the scene kills me. As in s1, she’s torn between loyalty to doing the ‘right thing’ and her heart. 

The post-shag scene is ‘cold’ as you describe it because the reconnection is really over. PB has a theme of Tommy and Grace dressing, putting armour on to face the world, and undressing each other - it’s symbolic of the kind of emotional honesty they bring out of one another (it’s telling for me that in the scene with May they take their own clothes off). Actually dressing on screen talks to that sense of re-establishing the façade.

My much more extensive post on Grace in S2: x



“Great Scenes with a Vamp”

I am guessing Simon?

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