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Hey Wash and Carolina, whaddya' think your friends would do if they ever met the Blood Gulch Crew?

…it’d be nice if they met before everything went to hell. Back when they could trust each other.

it takes skulduggery about four months before he realises dexter and saracen are dating like everyone is at his house one night and he finds them making out in the kitchen and is like WHAT IS GOING ON HERE and they’re both like what because they assumed he knew. then after a minute everyone else comes through to see what’s going on and he’s like I JUST CAUGHT THEM KISSING and everyone else is like yes…that’s what boyfriends tend to do and skulduggery is like was everyone just keeping this a secret from me is that what was going on and everyone is like how did you not notice


Abbie and Dexter find their way to each other.

Abbie: So…I think I’m ready for that 2nd date.

Dexter: I know of another party happening in Newcrest after this one.  You down to go?

Abbie: Yeah…sure!

Teresa walks downstairs already hoping this party ends soon so she can go to bed. Jami is feeling the same way…the two of them have been cleaning and trying to keep things in order all night. 


Raven had been poisoned by the poisoned apple. Her friends believed that Dexter was the only guy that could save her since they all knew Dexter and Raven were dating.

Raven was supposed to be evil (not to be a damsel) and Dexter was supposed to save a damsel-in-distress (not to save a ‘villain’).

Dexter looked at sleeping Raven sadly. He couldn’t believe she had been poisoned.

Taking a deep breath, his memories were suddenly flashed inside his mind with her: Dexter and Raven confessed each other where he told her that he had a crush on her since they were in Nursery Rhyme and then she told him that she liked him after finding out the love poem she read was actually written by him on True Hearts Day.

As Dexter snapped out his previous memories with her, he turned into a smile for believing he could save her by the True Love’s Kiss.

“Raven Queen, you are my ‘damsel’. And I am your ‘Prince Charming’,” Dexter said calmly. “You maybe hate being evil… And you maybe not a real damsel, but I do believe you will be saved by me.”

Then he leaned towards her face slowly.

“And now, I will fulfill our ‘destinies’, and we shall live happily… ever…”

He finally kissed her on the lips.

“…after.” He finished.

Will Raven wake up from the enchanted sleep?


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  • Apple in the first episode: oh haha Blondie I'm not dating anyone. We're still in high school after all!
  • Apple: *shoves Dexter out of the way in the opening to stand next to Raven*
  • Apple: *decorates Raven's half of the room*
  • Apple: *clings to Raven often*
  • Apple: *says she loves and adores Raven*
  • Apple: *is Raven's date to Thronecoming*
  • Apple: *gets a little jealous at Dexter going on a date with Raven*
  • Apple: *to Raven's 'am I understanding you correctly'* You always have.
  • Apple: *gets into petty arguments over nothing*
  • Apple: *wears matching outfits of both their color schemes*
  • Apple: Blondie why do you look like an angry bear?