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Few months ago you told us about your favorite movies on your page, could u do the same with your favorite series? take care little poet :)

God it’s so early and you ask me that… again, it’s complicated to choose but I’ll do my best, so here’s a list.


“Penny Dreadful”


“Game of Thrones”

“American Horror Story”


“Orphan Black”

“Orange is the new black”


“Stranger Things”

“The Killing” (U.S Version)

“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”

“New Girl”





You guys don’t know how how thrilled I am to see my Spanish Lunatic back. And Grif was gold throughout this whole peisode. I have… so many feelings…

I desperately want to see Locus take Grif under his wing once he gets over the initial annoyance. Like, I want to see him comforting Grif (as well as Locus can) during a freakout. I want Tucker to start yelling at Grif for leaving, only for Locus to step in and demand that everyone be gentle with the insane orange boy. I want Locus to continuously push Grif toward talking to Simmons and clearing the air between them.

…I also lowkey want Simmons to get jealous of Locus. Just a little.

ID #10719

Name: Kate
Age: 14
Country: USA

Hey! As you already read above my name is Kate. I’m an awkward 14 year old girl from the Boston MA region. I love watching Netflix, reading poetry,listening to music,going on walks in nature, and talking to others! I’ve never had a Pen-Pal before but its always been something I’ve found great interest in.
Some of the shows i enjoy watching are Criminal Minds, Gilmore Girls, Dexter, Orange is the New Black, and Glee. I’m very open to watch anything so giving me requests on what to watch would be super cool.
Some music interests of mine are The 1975,Halsey,Troye Sivan,Lorde,Bastille,Marina and The Diamonds,Melanie Martinez,My Chemical Romance,Panic! At the Disco,PVRIS,Twenty one pilots, and 5 Seconds of Summer. I generally like all types of music other than country, so talk to me about any type of music and ill give it a listen.(you don’t have to like all the same music as me, in fact you can hate it! Everyone can have their opinion and i won’t judge)
I want a Pen-Pal who is willing to talk about anything. I want to be able to talk about life events no matter how small they are, like about getting a good/bad grade on a test and being able to be there for each other!
I’d prefer to send letters to each other because I really enjoy getting things in the mail. We can send each other real copy photos of the places we live, the plants that grow there, what the weather is/looks like & more!
If i seem even a bit interesting to you, PLEASE send me something so we can get talking because i can’t wait :)

Preferences: Ages 14-21
Generally hoping for someone from out of the US, but if we have lots of similarities and your from the US, please don’t be afraid to talk cause I’m glad to talk to anyone.
No homophobia/racism

So Grif elected to stay behind on their moon base and… what is he planning to do there exactly? I’m not really sure he thought that far ahead, but.

You know who else they mentioned as being on the moon with them who they then never brought up again and don’t seem to have taken with them? (I mean they might have but we have seen no evidence of it so far)


Is Grif now living alone with Tiny Robot Freckles on the moon. 

(does anyone else want to write fic with these two bonding over staying behind/being left behind? Are they going to show up together as Big Damn Heroes when the main crew inevitably walk into a trap? Please don’t just leave Freckles behind on a planet we don’t go back to, let’s not have another Sheila scenario here.)