dexter mug


The facade to the Cartoon Network store located in the CNN Center at Atlanta, GA in 2007 vs 2013

I went here before in 2008, when the older entrance was still present, and was delighted to see Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, and even Looney Tunes merch alongside the series currently airing at the time. I even came home with a Dexter mug and an Eddy-shaped stress ball, which I can post later.

The inside looks pretty different from before, as well, stylized to fit the network’s present day look, instead of the scattershot tributes to their shows present before, like the KND treehouse (which you can barely make out in the top pic), the Foster’s Home front door, and the “entrance” to Dexter’s lab, complete with buttons that play soundbites of Dexter, Dee Dee and Mandark. I also can’t find too much merchandise for older series, but I’m sure that there’s at least some Scooby and Looney-related items in there.