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Red Team Appreciation Week

That’s right folks, due to popular demand, Red Team Appreciation Week is officially a go!

It’s a sad truth our beloved Red Team doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve, so Red Team Appreciation Week is about changing that! For one week, starting June 2nd (National Donut Day, naturally), let’s come together to fill Red Team’s tags with content! Each day of Red Team week is devoted to one member:

June 2nd - Donut Day
June 3rd - Doc Day
June 4th - Lopez Day
June 5th - Sarge Day
June 6th - Simmons Day
June 7th - Carolina Day
June 8th - Grif Day

Post your stuff on the corresponding day, so everybody gets a share of the love! 

Art, fics, headcannons, discussions, AMVs, MMD videos, cosplay, edits, gifsets, or anything and everything else you can think of is appreciated, so go wild! Just please remember to tag NSFW content and trigger warnings when applicable, in both the post itself and reblogs, as a courtesy to those who wish to avoid it.

The event starts in a week, so there is some time to start making and queuing your posts. I know it’s still a little short notice and everyone’s busy, so not to worry if you can’t find the time to participate or miss days. The important thing is to have fun!

Don’t forget to tag #RvB Red Team Week, and happy creating!

Sleeping Habits, Reds

Sarge: This man truly does nothing without his shotgun. It’s always with him, even in bed. And when he has an extra bedmate? They usually end up wedged between him and the shotgun. He’ll lay on his side facing you, with his arm over you and clutching the gun on your other side. You can either be spooning, facing him, laying on your back, or laying on your stomach. Doesn’t matter. That arm stays there throughout the night. If you get up unexpectedly, he’s awake in an instant and ready to shoot whatever unknown assailant has tried to snatch you away. Often mutters angry nonsense in his sleep.

Simmons: Fetal position-type sleeper for most of his life, with frequent nightmares. When he first starts sleeping with a bedmate, he’s so nervous he spends all night wide awake. He just sort of lays in the same rigid position until morning–either on his back or side, with his arm around you. It takes him a LONG time to get used to it enough to actually nod off. When he gets more used to it, his sleeping style turns into basically him wrapping himself around you. If you try to leave, he wakes up instantly and groggily tries to debate you on why you should stay put with some of the most brilliant, nonsensical 3 am logic. Never remembers these conversations.

Grif: Developed the ability in basic training to fall asleep anywhere, and in any position– then to wake up the minute conditions in the room change (i.e., someone entering or exiting). Pretends to keep sleeping anyway, because he WANTS to get caught. Takes very frequent naps, basically whenever he has the opportunity. Pretty into cuddling, as a matter of fact. Probably way too content having someone laying on him. Otherwise likes sleeping with his face pressed into necks, or chests, or stomachs. Will hold you as close as possible meanwhile. Can be a blanket-thief, but this is usually countered by how closely he likes to cuddle. If you’re not initially cuddling, he gravitates to that. Loves the idea of falling asleep with his head on someone’s lap.

Donut: Ultimately the most independent sleeper among the BGC. He has no trouble sleeping without a bedmate, but he definitely appreciates having one. It’s always like a slumber party with him around bedtime. If you need your hair brushed/put up, he offers to do it for you (he’s VERY gentle), and you two spend the time telling each other about how your days went. Unless he’s dead tired, he likes to have little heart-to-heart conversations before falling asleep. He likes to fall asleep facing you, and at least holding hands if not outright cuddling. If you’re freshly bathed, he likes to spoon you, and stick his nose in your hair. Throughout the night, he occasionally wakes up, and fixes the blankets so they’re covering you properly before drifting off to sleep again. If you climb into bed after he’s already fallen asleep, he’ll wake half-way, and help warm you up with his body-heat.

Lopez: Doesn’t sleep. But he’ll stay by your side throughout the night–either sitting at your bedside, or laying beside you–if you want him to. He’ll make sure you’re in a comfortable position, and then once you fall asleep, he’ll switch to a power-saving idle mode so he can still notice if something disturbs you. For instance: when you have nightmares, he either wakes you up, or rubs your back until your sleeping pattern evens out again. He takes a quiet sort of joy in this set-up after a while. It warms his circuits.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i thi-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you think Red Team should get more screen time and important roles, i know, you want more screen time for Red Team so much, they're the light of your life, you love them so much, you just want more important roles for them so much, i KNOW, you want more Lopez screen time so much you fucking want more Grif character development so much ok i know, i get it, YOU WANT MORE RED TEAM CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND SCREEN TIME SO MUCH.

creativecockbitesnetwork prompts: teams and typography.


Wash: I am trying to redeem myself for the  things I have done but am not sure I am capable of being a good person again.
I am finally trying to better myself after years of apathy but it is hard to know when I am making the right decision.
When I am thrust into a leadership position I subconsciously emulate the person who has tormented me for years.
My pride was severely wounded by a man I don’t respect by exploiting character flaws I refuse to admit I have.
I cannot achieve my ideal of the perfect soldier because I am actually a human being with flaws and feelings.
La única persona quien entiende lo que estoy diciendo es el hombre loco que está tratando a matarnos.

Relationships, Reds

How Red Team behaves in committed relationships.

Sarge: Very old-fashioned. Dead set on romancing you properly. Goes out of his way to take you on dates–picnics and candlelit dinners primarily–and tries his best to get dressed up for them. Even goes so far sometimes as to get Donut to give him a proper shave and haircut. When you’re out together, he offers his arm for you to take, and does his best to hide the flush that creeps up his neck. Makes you dinner whenever he can, and will often bring you flowers and things that “reminded (him) of you.” Always does his best to listen to you, and understand; even tries to set his prejudices aside for your sake, although it isn’t easy for him by a long shot. Blushes easily, but is never deterred in doing what he feels should be done. Keeps basically none of his thoughts or feelings secret from you, so you know exactly how attractive he finds Agent Washington.

Simmons: Unironically terrible at this boyfriend thing, but he tries his best. Constantly torn between his significant other, and kissing up to Sarge. The latter usually wins out, and it’s a pretty big strain on his relationship at times. Is very bad at expressing his wants and needs (uncomfortable, really), or even figuring out what they are in the first place– so a lot of patience is necessary. Needs to constantly be reassured as well, and gets jealous ridiculously easily. Fairly attentive to his partner, however, and in his eyes you can basically do no wrong. Complains about his teammates near-constantly (especially Grif). Likes to show off about all the stuff he knows, and tends to go out of his way to explain everything like you have 0 experience with it (even if you do have experience). He is 24/7 itching for your praise like an addict.

Grif: If you assume he’s the chillest person to be involved with, you’re only half right. Sure, he doesn’t care what you look like, what you wear, how you groom yourself, what you do– but he worries constantly. If he had his way, you and his sister would be back on Earth, completely out of any possible danger. But Grif rarely, if ever, gets his way. So in the meantime, he’s stressing himself out preemptively making sure you’re well out of harm’s way. It might seem kind of sweet initially, but it can wear on the nerves pretty quickly. When not worrying, the only thing he ever wants to do is eat, make out, and then lay around and cuddle. Forget going anywhere, or doing anything together– and also forget him ever remembering your anniversary.

Donut: Like having a boyfriend, a best friend, and a mom all at the same time. You can’t really tell most days if you’re dating, or BFFs. Officially you’re the former, but Donut doesn’t really treat you much differently than he did before. He introduces you as his significant other, sure, but otherwise nothing’s changed. That’s not to say he isn’t affectionate. Oh no– he’s a champion cuddler, calls you cute pet names, treats you exactly how you want to be treated (nay, deserve to be treated), and spends all the while making sure you’re eating and staying properly hydrated. Endlessly loving and supportive. Always telling you how wonderful you are, and how proud of you he is. And so many innuendo you’re about 75% certain he’s trying to hint at something.

Lopez: For his robotic monotone and movements, he’s very passionate when involved with someone. They are effectively his whole world, and have #1 priority in his life over everyone else (especially considering he hates everyone else). Although he doesn’t get jealous, it’s easy for him to feel unloved, unwanted, and like an afterthought. It’s not enough to reassure him with words, either– he needs to be absolutely certain you’re serious about him, and one of the only ways that can happen is if everyone else knows it too. He’ll never be happy as a secret, and the turmoil and heartbreak Red Team caused him in the past has turned him into an open wound. What this means is that it’s terrifyingly easy to hurt him, especially with how close you’ve become. It’s possible for him to heal, but it’ll take time. And with it, your patience and understanding.


Red vs Blue seasons 1 to 13 montage of most of the fight scenes throughout the whole show.

This is different to any other RvB montage i’ve seen. I like this one the most because it shows the non-animated fights from the earlier seasons as well as the newest ones, it’s like the history of RvB in one little bite and it’s only got a few views on youtube. 

I seriously suggest watching this if you’re a RvB fan because it’s really well made and deserves recognition.