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I found few amazing people here and I want to meet more, since I am incapable of making friends in real life!

(I’m shy and awkward tho, so our conversations might be weird at the beginning. But I will try my best.)

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pride and prejudice
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a series of unfortunate events
the mortal instruments
american horror story
dane dehaan
to kill a mockingbird
bates motel
war history/early american history
nazi germany/holocaust (to clarify this, i mean nazi germany/ the holocaust as in history, not supporting nazi ideas!)
serial killers
the lovely bones

if you are multifandom, please list your primary fandoms in the tags! xx


Buffy 11 #09

Publication date: July 19, 2017

The great escape is underway as Buffy, Faith, and Willow infiltrate headquarters at the Safe Zone. Everything and everyone they expected to stop their mission is in the way. The question is, can two powerless girls and one Slayer succeed with these ridiculous odds? Elsewhere: unexpected vampire complications…

• Featuring everyone’s favorite “bad” Slayer, Faith Lehane!

Script: Christos Gage; illustration: Georges Jeanty; inks: Dexter Vines; colors: Dan Jackson; cover: Steve Morris; variant cover: Georges Jeanty, Dexter Vines, Dan Jackson.

I have a lot of opinions abt rvb Harry Potter aus but none that I will fight ppl over quite as much as Grif being in Hufflepuff

Like he goes to the sorting hat and the hats like, “hmmm yes, I see a lot of cunningness here, a dash of bravery-”

“Yeah yeah, that’s great. Can you put me in Hufflepuff?”

“Hufflepuff? Yes, the loyalty is definitely there, though I don’t think you would excel there quite as much as in Slyth-”

“Excel? No, no, listen. You put me in Slytherin, people are gonna start expecting shit, y'know? I wanna cruise the next seven years, I don’t need people to think I’m gonna excel.”

“That’s… One of the most Slytherin things I’ve heard.”

“Plus? I hear the Hufflepuff dorms are right next to the kitchen. I wanna get in on that.”



A full view of my “killer” vest. Added a sorta hidden figures, while zipped up you’d never know the killer underneath. Also a sorta “guess what, there’s more patches on this already awesome vest”.
Eventually I want to make a vest just for horror movies. And hell, a vest just for cats! Endless possibilities for punk vests!!

The ultimate sadness of it is that once you think you’ve found this person [your other half], you never really will ignite with them. I wanted Hedwig to be a walking metaphor for this myth.
—  John Cameron Mitchell on The Origin of Love
My dash is dead

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  • Harry potter: IN URGENT NEED
  • Doctor who
  • Sherlock
  • Higurashi
  • Merlin
  • Supernatural
  • Jekyll (+ Jekyll and Hyde)
  • Orange is the new Black
  • To the moon (Game)
  • Hannibal
  • Elementary
  • Buffy the vampire slayer
  • Lie to me
  • Dexter
  • Gravity falls
  • Pretty Little liars
  • Startrek (currently watching voyager)
  • Steven universe
Req list

Because I realised I didn’t have a list of shows/films that you could request from, here it is.

Any of the Avengers
Syfy’s Alice
Doctor Who
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Guardians of the Galaxy
Harry Potter
Jurassic Park
Pacific Rim
Suicide Squad
Sons of Anarchy
The Walking Dead
The Losers
The Boondock Saints (film)

I’m sure there’s more that I’ve not thought of, I’ll try to keep up to date!

  • Tommy: Steals all of Hedwig's songs
  • Hedwig: As an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied me. Do you not have any value or respect for originality? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, it’s disgusting — I personally found it absolutely artistically atrocious.