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What Alias means is: The most attractive quality in a person is compassion, jokes, and being absolutely shredded.

You guys voted on who my most attractive characters are, and the results are in! Gonna be really honest, for some reason I was not expecting Alias to win (and beat out Rinehart by a solid 5 points, at that!) I also wasn’t expecting Leadfoot to be in the top three (she was neck-in-neck with Rinehart up until the last possible second!!), but I’m completely THRILLED that she is ;w;

I’m going to list the honorable mentions (1 and 2 votes) below a cut cuz I want to remember who people voted for ;w; You guys voted for 39 DIFFERENT characters of mine, which is crazy, but also uh, ahem, is really flattering, I’m glad you guys like so many of them, and such a wide variety, too! :’’>

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Cartoon Cartoons Fridays by ssgba380
CN has gotten so bad, I stared downloading and watching all their old shows, commercials and bumpers from a decade ago. They put so much effort, fun and creativity into building the CN world, including the commercial breaks, having us and their shows interact with each other (personal favorite era was CN City!) We’ll always have the memories of classics…😉


Dexter, Shepherd mix (2 y/o), Totoredaca Dog Park, Mississauga, ON, CAN • “He loves our cat, but he doesn’t let her go outside. He runs after her and chases her back in.”