Tumblr Crushes and a bit about their blogs so you know why to follow them.

  • marxmaterialized - absolute genius when it comes to Soviet history, especially everything about Lenin. Of all the people I’ve talked to on tumblr he knows the most about Soviet history, way more than me.
  • amodernmanifesto - Aussie who reblogs pretty boss stuff that I haven’t seen on other people’s blogs
  • notquiteluke - adorable femme transguy
  • socialistscum - coolest anarchist I know, very sweet and accepting of Marxists
  • dexredskin - the only Maoist that I can stand because he’s probably the least dogmatic. Speaks and posts mostly in Spanish
  • socialformsandsocialtypes - Marxist sociologist who is a great resource for stuff about discrimination examined from the point of view of a scholarly but politically active sociological point of view
  • socialistictendencies - awesome reblogged stuff, lots of stuff from movies, as well as the ramblings of an anti-heterosexual socialist XD
  • existentialist-trotskyist - ideologically equivalent to me with some great photos, especially heart wrenching/angering photosets with accompanying news
  • stfuconservatives - absolutely ripping apart conservative idiocy and crimes

I suggest that if you’re not following these guys now you definitely should!