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My headcanon is once the war's over, Blossom would go thank Dexter for helping bring her sister home. Dex not knowing what to say, would downplay it and insists he has work at Dexlabs he needs to get back to. Thinking he blew his chance with the superheroine, Blossom asks him if he would like to come see Utonium's lab sometime and hang out together. Dexter, while shocked, says he has free time now that the day's been saved.

Write headcanon instead of drink and that’s my answer!

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I can totally see Bubbles trying to push Blossom to ask Dexter out. She'd probably argue they're both smarty pants who can't be understood by anyone else and have matching red hair, so they'd be perfect together!

I have my own headcanons about Dexter and Blossom, and one of those is that is Dexter who has a crush on her, but Blossom just sees him as a good friend and a scientist at Utonium’s level. Main reason he decided to help her searching hes sister? To test his devices, to find a missing superheroes, to impress her and because he didn’t want to see her sad.

Dex will wait until the war is over and everything’s back to normal to even just think about asking her out. Also his insecurities will stop him everytime he sees her.

“She’s too good and perfect for me. She’s a superheroine! And… I’m just a little ugly scientist…”

Roleplayer Notes:

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I’m thinking of ships more than I should.

The Dex!Bloss ship came to mind, and along with it came how I have a tune that reminds me of it, and how there is a club in DeviantArt against it.

Guess you can say I ship it and I have feelings for it, and I get so confused when people hate on it.

What’s wrong with Dex!Bloss? Why is it a bad ship? How come I can’t see what these anti-shippers can see? Is there a ship you can see working better? Is it a personal thing?

I’ll ask you very kindly to explain to me why this ship doesn’t work anonymously, or tell me why it does. I just want to hear your point of view.