Signs as.... uhm.... comic book stuff
  • Aries: Hal Jordan's failed relationship
  • Taurus: Bruce Wayne's fear of bats
  • Gemini: Hulk's nipples
  • Cancer: Damian Wayne's pet cow
  • Leo: Aquaman's severed hand
  • Virgo: Ultraman's kryptonite addiction
  • Libra: Dex-starr's hair ball
  • Scorpio: Roy Harper's drug addiction
  • Sagtitstarius: Alfred Pennyworth's paycheck
  • Capricorn: Peter Parker's tears
  • Aquarius: Arkillo and Saint Walker's implied bromance
  • Pisces: John Constantine's punk band
Should you fight this lantern leader

John Stewart

-he will wreck u 

- look at those guns?? (i mean the actual guns and his arms)

- already has a plan and ur screwed

- don’t fight John dont do it 

-its not worth it

St. Walker

- why would u wanna fight him ??????? hes an angel

- dont do it u fiend 

- id fuckin fight u for threatening him

-so would arkillo 

- best try and stay away

Indigo-1 (Iroque)

- she will show u the pain u brought anyone ever and fuckin wreck u 

-then teleport away 

- pick fight at own risk

-would not recommend it 

Carol Ferris

-yes pick the fight

-she’d kick all of our asses and we’d all be grateful

-bcus she’s the best and we deserve it 

Soranik Natu

-might as well 

-you can’t murder her as hard or bad as dc murdered her character 

-im salty


-do it 

-kick his furry ass

- look at those skinny arms 

-he cant do shit 

-he murdered the other members so keep that in mind but idk i feel like u could fight him

Atrocitus (and dex-starr)

-u could pick a fight with him but hed destroy you

-then sick his kitty on you 

-would you really fight a cat 

-how could u 

- u monster