Origin of Cat Names

A few years ago after we took in a lost cat whom I named Dexter

Mom: Did you know there is a tv show about a serial killer called Dexter?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: …Is that what you named the cat after?

Me: Pfft. No.

Me: *thinks about what she did name him after*

I named him after a rage filled napalm blood spewing cat from the Green Lantern comics. That’s much better, right?

In my defense, I named him Dexter, not Dex-Starr, so I gave him the name he had when he was still a happy normal kitty.

Because they had similar backgrounds. Dex-Starr was an abandoned cat who got adopted by a nice lady. We found Dexter in our neighbor’s yard all skin and bones and crying from being hungry. He’d been lost, but we never could find the owners, so we took him in. And fortunately, everything has been swell since so he’s had no reason to go all vengeance rage cat on anybody.

Good Kitty.