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okay okay listen here and consider this. dancer!dex. like in a leotard ballerina dex and nursey is writing an article on the performance and is just blown away by the beautiful grace that is william poindexter but plot twist, dex has had this crush on derek nurse since he saw him in a class of his and decides to /really/ dance very very well that one specific night that nursey is watching and this got away from me but dancer!dex is all i ask for

“I – uh, I – um, so – uh,” Nursey stammers. He can feel his hands shaking, his mouth moving around half-formed words that he can’t quite get out, and he’s cursing himself all the while. He’s a fucking journalism student, his job is to interview people, but he can’t get two words out to this guy without stumbling over them.

To be fair, the guy is, without a doubt, the most beautiful person Nursey has ever seen. He’s got on black ballet tights – emphasis on the tight – and a loose white tank top is falling off one shoulder, exposing a cluster of freckles across his collarbone that has Nursey’s mouth practically watering.

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SMH and Swimming

I was watching water polo during the olympics and was too lazy to write this then buy I got the idea that rans and holtzy absolutely make the boys play water polo on the really hot days when they have literally Nothing To Do

And then I was struck with a Thought: one of the guys on the team 100% does not know how to swim. So I began thinking who might this boy be who can glide across frozen water but cannot survive in it’s liquid form??

Is it Bitty? No, he grew up in the south where the heat is brutal and a nice cold pool is all thay keeps you from heat stroke. Johnson? The concept of whether or not he can swim is irrelevant. Dex? He works on a lobster boat and though life vests are a thing they just get in the way so lets just all be swimmers there.

And then I realized.

Derek Malik Nurse, the rich boy from NYC. City public pools are disgusting, that boy would not go near one because he is too High Class for that. bittyinthehaus pointed out to me that he could go to a private club so that’s a thing but no no he went to a fancy boarding school and then became a poetry nerd. Chlorine pools are not his Aesthetic and why would he want to soak it other people’s dirty water? Private pool or not he knows how many children pee in there or blow snot or lose bandaids.

So he never learned to swim

And I’m not saying that there’s a whole scenario waiting to happen with Dex teaching his fellow d-man how to swim or anything, but guys, there kinda is.

Also picture this: Nursey with floaties

okay so while i was mowing my lawn today i had a thought:

so the haus obviously has a lawn, and while smh team is generally disorganized and a disaster, they do at least sort of take care of their house sometimes? they at least mow the lawn. they’re not animals. 

so chores usually fall to boys looking to acquire dibs right?


and one william j poindexter is everyone’s fav handyman, and he’s def looking to get ransom or holster’s dibs for next year, so he totally volunteers to do yardwork.

and if dex is anything like me (in this case he is) mowing the lawn is actually kind of relaxing? like you shove in some earbuds and blast some music and you can ignore literally everything else? its dex’s favorite chore, okay?

but it also makes you really gross and sweaty cause cause its hot out and that can be kinda miserable. 

so imagine: dex outside the haus, mowing the lawn and getting really hot, so he takes off his shirt to wipe his forehead and then chucks it onto the porch and keeps going, music blasting so loud that he doesn’t notice nursey approaching. 

he also doesn’t notice nursey walking into a street light cause shirtless sweaty dex is VERY DISTRACTING and nursey is so, so gone on this boy.

Samwell Students as my Neighbours starring:
  • <p><b>Bitty:</b> the young russian twink that manages our farmers market<p/><b>Jack:</b> twinks boyfriend , a former con artist and our football little league manager<p/><b>Shitty:</b> our mailman who frequently enters our house without knocking, making himself a teapot<p/><b>Ransom:</b> the strange doctor that always gives flowers to his patients and is passionate bout gardening<p/><b>Holster:</b> WW2 nana that saved two children out of a burning orphanage<p/><b>Nursey:</b> the frontman of our local metal band aka, our priest<p/><b>Dex:</b> farmer Aisse , who trains his birds to annoy people he doesnt like<p/><b>Chowder:</b> our loving village politician, who is way to soft in life and a ruthless mofo at work<p/><b>Lardo:</b> our barmaid, a former millionaire who settled down here to get away from her ''stupid fuck'' family<p/><b>Tango:</b> 5 year old Benjamin, who knows the first 500 numbers of pi<p/><b>Whiskey:</b> the weird stonefigure that strangely attracts all kinds of animals<p/><b>Kent:</b> the stray cat that lives in our dumpster and doesnt want to leave<p/></p>

and it’s a(n almost) birthday fic for @kentpurson, who, like me, is a total sucker for nurseydex

anyway, remember that tweet where nursey was like “would you sing for me” and dex was like “no” and nursey was like “you’d totally sing for me” because i do and that’s what this is based on. and yes, the song in question is “i will follow you into the dark” by death cab for cutie because it’s so soft and i LIVE for soft dex. enjoy!
“You’d totally sing to me.”

“No, I wouldn’t.”

Nursey is lying across the gross couch in the Haus living room, eyes closed, head in Dex’s lap. “Yes, you would.”

Dex’s left hand brushes absentmindedly through Nursey’s curly hair while his right scrolls through his phone. “Nope.”

“And why not?” asks Nursey, grinning lazily. Early afternoon sunlight streams in through the window. He can feel it warm on his face, turning the view behind his closed eyelids red.

“Because I don’t sing,” replies Dex, thumb rubbing gently against Nursey’s cheekbone. Nursey can smell the laundry-clean scent of his flannel.

“You’ll sing for me one day, Poindexter,” Nursey says sleepily, reaching his hand up to lock his fingers with Dex’s. He can feel the shift of Dex’s stomach as he laughs.

“Cold day in hell, Nurse.”

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“I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore”

Dex hears Nursey’s words, but he doesn’t believe them. They’ve been together since college, and while he wasn’t exactly a romantic, he was sure Nursey was The One.

And now he was breaking up with him.

“You….you really don’t want to go out with me anymore?” Dex chocked out. He could feel tears forming, and did his best to blink them away. He wasn’t going to cry. Not now, not here.

“I really don’t” Nursey says with a chuckle.

“Oh…well…” Dex clears his throat “Well okay. I’ll… I’ll just go and get my stuff from the apartment” he says as he gets up from their table.

Nursey grabs his wrist as he passes.

“Dex, baby” he says with a smile. “Wait”

“Why?” Dex demands “So you can tell me all the reasons you’re breaking up with me? No thanks.”

“No, so I can tell you the one reason I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore” Nursey’s says.

Despite his mind telling him to leave, Dex can’t help but stay to hear the reason.

“I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore” Nursey repeats as he reaches into his pocket. “because I want to be your husband” he finishes as he opens the ring box.

“You….you what?” Dex squeaks out. What is happening?

“Dex. William J ‘Dex’ Poindexter. Will you marry me?”. Nursey asks hopefully.

“You. You’re proposing?” Dex asks in disbelief.


“By making me think you were dumping me?”

“Uh…yes” Nursey says, starting to look worried.

“What kind of asshole does that?!?” Dex asks with a fond smile.

“Your favourite kind?” Nursey tries with a laugh. Dex laughs, and sits down next to Nursey.

“Yes” he says, his smile growing wider.

“Yes I’m your favourite kind of asshole? Or yes to-” Nursey holds up the engagement ring.

“Yes” Dex says, before kissing Nursey chastely. “Yes to both”.

When is Dex's Birthday?

There’s nothing on his wiki, but I think I remember seeing somewhere it was in October.

So what I’m saying is: Our angry pumpkin could be born on Hallowe'en.

And he hasn’t said anything, because he knows he’ll get chirped for it, so there’s no mention of it at the Hallowe'en party.

And he used to get teased for it as a child - about his red hair looking like a pumpkin, about how his ears made him look like a jack-o’-lantern, etc.

And when he finds out about Nursey’s birthday being Valentine’s day, he’s annoyed, jealous, and shocked.

(Side note: Nursey’s used to people thinking he should be romantic 24/7 because he’s a Valentine’s day baby)

And then, when he and Nursey get together, and the team find out their birthdays, they’re chirped for being Lovely&Scary, Cupid&Ghoul (etc. etc.)

What if...?: Dex

I’ve started playing this game with myself while driving/trying to fall asleep where I end up asking myself increasingly obscure “what if” questions about omgcp characters that result in weird headcanons.

So what if Dex has an aunt and uncle who met in divinity school, when he was studying to become a priest and she had actually started her novitiate, but then they fell in love and ended up leaving their orders to get married? (I’m basing this part on my husband’s aunt and uncle, so it’s a thing.) And because they both went through this hard period of questioning their own faith and vocation and the role of religion in their lives, not to mention having been in actual school for this stuff, they have a very philosophical outlook on the whole religion thing, and honestly, all these years later, they’re not precisely Catholic anymore. Which means, when Dex started figuring himself and his not-straightness out (whether you headcanon that as being trans, gay, bi, ace, whatever), he went to them and talked about it, and personal acceptance, and societal acceptance, and how to be true to oneself in the face of opposition both internal and external… and as a result, he understands himself quite well. It’s just integrating himself into the culture of Samwell that’s kind of hard.

Because (a secondary “what if” here) he did grow up with an older brother who, while not exactly being a homophobic bag of dicks, was a few years ahead of Dex at school and played on the football team and was misguidedly overprotective of Dex to the point of trying to coach him on how not to be overtly out on a sports team. So yeah, Dex is taken aback by Bitty being good at baking on a team starring Jack Zimmermann, because his brother had given him certain expectations of what serious sports teams were like. And yeah, his brother is going to give him a hard time about making that pie at Hausgiving because he’s worried, okay? But Dex has been trying to gather evidence about how accepting Samwell is (“1 in 4, maybe more! it’s right in the brochure!”) so he can prove to his brother that it’s fine, he’s fine, everything’s going to be okay, he can stand down and stop worrying so much. Because some day… some day he’d like to be able to bring a boy home and not worry that his brother is going to make it weird.

my lil bro and i were talking about this the other day

- bitty can throw a frisbee in every way u could imagine. backwards? under a leg? overhand or some shit? yep. but he can’t catch bc he’ll duck out of the way every time
- chowder is the opposite he has reflexes like a god. even if it’s right by his head and he’s facing the other way he’ll somehow whip around and snatch it out of the air with one hand. can’t throw tho.
- dex and nursey are p good at it they’re just casual. however lardo can throw at the speed of sound to compensate for her tininess, and it often hits dex, bc he won’t be looking and nursey will say heads up but he won’t look out of spite and then. Bonk
- shitty will climb a tree to get a frisbee. will not hesitate to dive for them. takes “go long” seriously even if they’re chucking the thing into the next block
- ransom and holster probably played frisbee golf they just have that Look to them. they can throw accurately for a freakishly long distance. they’ll start throwin back and forth and gradually increase the space between them forever but they’ll still catch it.
- they play monkey in the middle with lardo and it’s hilarious
- jack…. jack tries. i believe in jack

let me just say that Dex has no sense of style. at all. he likes what he likes and he wears it. lets be real here, the only things that remotely look good in that boys closet is the stuff he stole from Nursey.

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What would genderswap dexnursey look like

messy buns. messy buns everywhere. dex in leggings and loose t-shirts and flannels tied around her waist. nursey in tighttighttight jeans, rolled up to her ankles, and a crop top. nursey’s hair is so so so so curly and wild and fucking beautiful. dex has beach waves that nursey loves to run her hands through. finding out they’re the exact same cup size and sharing bras ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. nursey buys hella sexy bras for both of them. also dex ALWAYS matches her panties and her bras. both of them still have stellar asses. sometimes dex braids her hair and throws on a baseball cap if she’s running late to class and nursey fucking lOVES IT. nursey has such amazing #thick thighs and she loves wearing short little dresses to tease dex. rip dex. rip all of samwell. 

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for the Pong Krell AU (not original anon): While Obi-Wan was a padawan, they def. spent a lot of time away from the temple - see them interact for longer than about three days at a time, and the toxicity of the relationship became REALLY EVIDENT. So Krell's solution to that was to not let anyone who could do anything see them for longer than three days at a time. Obi-Wan still manages to make friends in that time, all of whom low-key hate his master. Including Dex.

(krell cont.) Dex knows nothing about Krell other than that he’s a Besalisk and that he is AWFUL (Obi-Wan would NEVER complain or say that, but it’s pretty fucking obvious if you know what you’re looking for). Dex is angry on behalf of their entire species. Obi-Wan def. becomes a Knight in record time, probably by “killing” Maul or doing some other ridiculous act of heroism, and Krell is THRILLED b/c this reflects so well on him. Like, everyone who didn’t like him as Obi-Wan’s master

(krell, 3/?) has to concede that obviously something worked?? (when actually it was just Obi-Wan’s low key… not death wish, but more of a death indifference). AND this whole thing can be combined with Anakin being Qui-Gon’s padawan, and Qui-Gon!Anakin and Krell!Obi-Wan during the Clone Wars would be ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING (b/c tbh I can’t really picture TCW w/o the Kenobi-Skywalker team).


The Skywalker/Kenobi Team transcends space and time. No matter what, those two work well together. It’s a constant.

ALSO FUCKING GOOD JOB YOU’RE BRINGING ASSHOLE KRELL EVEN MORE TO LIFE. uehsdaiuesdh. Goddamn, he knows. He KNOWS that how he’s behaving is wrong, yet instead of seeking a way to better himself he keeps this poor kid as far away from others as he can. 

Then he goes and takes credit for Obi-Wan’s amazingness like????? *clenches fists* You know a character is well-characterized when you want to punch them through a wall. 

Dex never had the chance to properly meet Krell. He wanted to, though, mostly so he could “accidentally” drown him in frying oil. He always tried to make up for how Krell was, to show Obi-Wan that not all Besalisks are assholes. 

(He also always made sure to say that if Obi-Wan ever left the Order, he would have a job at his diner. If he wanted. A handsome waiter would really help business.)