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Double Indemnity (1944)

An insurance salesman uses a dictaphone to confess to his friend/co-worker about how the ass was so nice it made him commit murder.

Selected dialogue:

Walter Neff: Hello, Keyes. I bet I can knock you on your butt before you’ve even had your mornin’ coffee. You ready for this, Keyes? Here it goes. I did it. I, Walter Neff killed Mr. Dietrichson. But not for the money, it was nothing like that see. His wife….dat booty, it was rotund.

I watched Filth on a whim the other day based on a friends admiration of it on Facebook. I was pleasantly surprised. There were one or two points going in where I didn’t think I should watch it (I wasn’t prepared to sit through a long brutal movie) but it quickly showed some very big heart. It took typical plot points and turned them on their head in a special way.

I highly recommend it.

Last year I did a year end “Dex Picks” where I just named my favorite movies, music and tv show related things of that year. I made up faux categories and got to think about what made 2013 special, it was fun. I’m gonna do it again this year on the 31st. I don’t know that anyone ever cares  but whenever I hear a great music project or see a good show or movie I tag the post with “dex _____ picks” (music/movie/netflix). If you’re interested in seeing the stuff I’ve been into or to see any quick reviews you can see those at the links below.







And if you want to see my 2013 year end picks I’ll be queuing them throughout the next few days but they can be viewed

Dex Picks (2013)


I wanna talk about Age of Ultron

because I haven’t been able to talk about it

but I don’t want to spoil it so there’s a read more. And if you can’t access read more there’s an excerpt about the autoblow 2 so you can just skip this post without seeing any:

he Autoblow 2 bills itself as the world’s preeminent “realistic robotic oral sex simulator for men.” It comes equipped with a motor built to last for over 500 hours, a removable mouth-shaped sleeve made from artificial skin material, adjustable speeds (duh, you need adjustable speeds), and is “super easy to clean.” The Autoblow 2’s website specifies (emphasis theirs): “The feeling of having your penis inside of the sleeve while the spring-loaded beads stroke up and down can best be described in 2 words: surprisingly good.”


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Top Five was pretty good

Probably Chris Rock’s best movie.

It had a lot of heart in unexpected places and a lot of real moments

there was one moment in particular that was so real for it took me out of the movie for a minute. Not to scare you, just personal reasons. It also made me want to go do some screenwriting.

Highly recommend