I hope that when Jack and Bitty come out to the team (because of course Jack drives there and then they get everyone together to tell them) in an attempt to make them feel better about it, Dex and Nursey decide to tell the team that they’re secretly dating too.
I imagine it would go something like this:
“I understand that it’s not even close to being the same thing, but if it makes you feel any better, Dex and I have been sneaking around for three months now.”
Dex nods and gives an awkward half smile because this wasn’t how they were supposed to come out, but if it was going to make Jack and Bitty feel better about their relationship he could deal with it.
Everyone is silent for a moment before Shitty yells “why does no one tell me anything anymore?!” and the tension breaks and everyone’s laughing.
Jack looks at Bitty and their friends and feels the weight of a hand in his and he knows that this was the right thing to do.

The Samwell Irregulars - C.7

Chapter seven is up while we wait for the release of “Hi Honey Part II”. Presumably, this superhero fic has less angst. (I hope) 

Chapter One || Chapter Seven

Will either forgot or never fully realised that Derek is bigger than him. Will is not a small person, and they’re the same height, but Derek’s got at least ten pounds on him, and Will’s pretty sure it’s muscle.

It takes both Kent and Will to manhandle Derek into Will’s room and drop him on the bed.

“Do you know this guy?” Kent asks, tucking a blanket around Derek. Will almost protests the idea of putting Derek naked into his bed, but he can’t figure out what else to do with him, so he leaves it.

“Yeah,” Will says. he meets Kent’s eye with a wry smile. “Dr Derek Nurse, Astrophysics.”

“Oh shit,” Kent says, his eyes going huge. Like it wasn’t already a surprise when a human materialised out of a glowing purple cloud.

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Oh my god

I have to talk about Dex’s fascination with Kent Parson, because it’s canon and it ties in beautifully with some other canon and my personal headcanons for both of these wonderful boys.

Dex was always pretty into hockey. He’s not always had time for it, he’s not always had money for it, but that doesn’t make it any less important to him. He grows up loving the ice, but always knowing that hockey will always take a back seat to his responsibilities.

There’s something about growing up watching your parents go without for your sake that changes you, that makes you determined and steady and responsible in a way that very few other things can.

So Dex works and he studies and he does what he can to take care of his little sister, and if sometimes the things he wants get pushed aside for his family’s sake, well, he’s just doing his part. It’s nothing his family hasn’t done for him.

Still, he definitely does his best to keep in touch with the hockey world. And he’s definitely paying attention to the draft in 2009. And while he had some awareness of Kent Parson before the draft, he never paid too much attention, but now he does.

So he watches while shit kinda hits the fan. And though he’s not really sure he understands or believes what the media is saying, he watches Kent Parson do interviews and smile and shake hands, and he watches the makeup under his eyes get thicker, and he watches his posture get stiffer, and he watches his smiles get more and more strained.

And he wonders, all the way in Maine, why he keeps going. So he keeps watching Kent Parson. Then The Interview happens. Or at least that’s the name that Dex gives it in the years to come.

One reporter is asking about how much work he must have put in to get as good as he is, and Kent sort of laughs and says that it’s nothing compared to the work of the people around him.

So obviously, the reporter asks about that.

Apparently, Kent Parson grew up in a shitty studio apartment, just his mom, his sister, and him. Apparently, Kent Parson owed his mother so much. Apparently, Kent Parson knew what it was like to go without.

Kent Parson bought his mother a house as soon as he had the money to do so. Kent Parson bought his sister a prom dress, and a limo, and hired a driver for her “big night.” Kent Parson gives to charities now, because he used to get help from them. Kent Parson was a poor little boy, but now he can take care of his family, and he is.

Teenage Dex is so jealous, but more than that he’s… proud. Yeah, he’s proud of Kent, and he’s happy for this stranger, and he’s determined, more than all t he other things he feels. He’s determined that one day he’ll be able to do as much for his family as Kent is able to do So, when he gets his scholarship to Samwell, he doesn’t stop working, doesn’t stop sacrificing, because he knows that hard work is the only way he’s going to get there. (And, maybe, he badgers Jack Zimmerman about Kent Parson a little too much, but honestly, how can he not? Kent Parson is his hero.)

let me tell you if anybody. a n y b o d y . outs Jack before he is ready and able? I’ll kill them. I will literally fucking kill them. he’s a fictional character you say? I don’t give a fuck. I’ll draw my own damn comic, and it’ll be a comic specifically dedicated to me kicking this character’s ass and fucking m u r d e r i n g him. I’ll transfer to SCAD. I’ll learn ngozi’s art style so that my shit matches hers exactly and it looks like a mcfuckening piece of official Check Please™ artwork and it’ll be me, my self insert, taking a knife and fucking murderign this jackass who thought it would be funny to out my hockey baby. how fucking dare they. how dare,


chowder and dex