dewy eyes

Easy Peasy Makeup 🌼

For that healthy dewy makeup look 🍑

1) Prep your face
-spritz face w/rosewater spray 🌹💦
-used Mario Badescu Facial Spray

2) Hydrate and Add Color To Lips 💧💄
-used Glossier Cherry Balm dotcom 🍒

3) Conceal
-dark spots or blemishes
-used Maybelline Fit Me Concealer👩🏻‍🎨

4) Put life back into your cheeks
-lightly blend out color to cheeks w/fingers
-used Glossier Cloud Paint in “Puff” 🌸

5) Make Your Aura Sparkle
-dot on high points of your face (tops of cheekbones, bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow, inner corner of eyes, brow bone)
-used Urban Decay Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid in “Aura” ✨🦄

6) Add slight color and gloss to eyes
-lightly blend out vinyl into eyes
-used Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl in “Bridge” 🥛🍯

7) Bold Brows
-w/a light hand brush through your eyebrows
-used Glossier Boy Brow👸🏻

You can go back to Step #1 to finish it all off 👸🏻


request: Can you do a Chris Evans x reader that takes place on a Sunday morning? It can be cute but it can also be explicit

pairing: chris evans x reader

word count: 1870

warnings: smut, oral (female receiving) plus chris calling you babygirl

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Sunlight peeked through the thin veil of the curtains and light illuminated your skin in the dewy morning, Chris’ eyes stayed focused on your curves his fingers skimming lightly over the exposed flesh. He swore he saw a halo over your head as the light washed over you making you look more ethereal than ever. His fingers stopped at the curve of your back, his eyes locked on the newly bruised skin of your hips. Chris thought back to the night before and he smiled in bliss, nights with you were truly euphoric and last night was no exception.

Chris found his lips pressed to the shiny purple bruises showing adoration for them as well as you, his lips travelled southwards until they found the warmth of your equally as bruised thighs. Last night was intense and Chris wanted to show you the love he couldn’t last night when he was caught in the throes of passions. His soft lips pressed softly against your thigh, the small action setting off sparks in you – he always had that effect on you. Your eyes fluttered open just as a moan slipped past your lips as Chris’s calloused hands coaxed open your thighs and he groaned in appreciation at the sight he was met with.

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imagine this ;; taehyung in a full face of basic insta model makeup, dewy skin, smokey eyes, full and nude lips, natural highlight beaming off of his cheeks, hair messy and sticking up in different directions yet still looking pulled together, high waisted skinny jeans over top of fishnet stockings with a crop top that shows just enough of his midriff, cotton flannel covering it, accompanied by combat boots, all while out and about, enjoying himself with the sunshine radiating his golden skin perfectly.


he’s doing it all for himself, there’s nothing sexual and/or kinky about it 


Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 29,223

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Note: Inspired by 5 Centimeters Per Second. Please keep in mind that the majority of this takes place in the 90s and will be following the Korean school year schedule.

The universe works in mysterious ways.

You’re never the type to try and figure out the answers to those unanswerable questions, but ever since you were little, you always held an utter fascination with how everything worked, both in unison and in discord. You believe that the world is like an unending stream, one that everyone one is thrown into at birth with no other instruction other than to stay afloat. From there, the best thing to do, the only thing you can do, is to let the current carry you through the long and twisting river until you reach the inevitable edge of the waterfall.

This mindset most likely spawns from your mother, much like yourself. She often articulated charming stories and intriguing facts to you throughout your childhood, teaching you all that she knew in order to make sure that you were growing up with as much ease as you could, especially since she was raising you alone. With your mother being the only guardian in your life even to this day, you undeniably find yourself adopting her way of thinking more often than not.

The greatest lesson you learned is that the stream knows where to take you, and the world knows how to continue spinning—all you can do is go with the ebb and flow and hope for the best.

What you didn’t know was that the world would give you the best at such a young age.

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Tender angel,
With dewy eyes and gossamer wings, dancing in the light of dawn,
New to feeling weightlessness

Hollow angel,
With empty mouth, swallowing delicate milk teeth, waiting for the clay crafted redemption,
New to mourning

Seething angel,
With singed hair and battered spine, scraping together copper to build the siblings lost
New to the loss of war

Lost angel,
With blistered palms and callused heels, wandering aimless from dusk to new day,
New to the feeling of longing

Fragile angel,
Learning things in fresh skin, tender with the aches of growing wings,
New to the world of other things

—  New Angels

Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food
completely the fault of this prompt

“You ready?”

“Wait, lemme—okay. Yeah. Go.”

“Don’t do that dewy eyes thing again. I nearly burst out laughing last time.”

“Just shut up and go—the waiter’s coming.”

Dean hastily leans back, fumbling with the cheap velvet box in his palm. Cas is barely suppressing his grin, pretending to be interested in the dessert menu.

The waitress is at the table opposite them, and Dean taps his fingers patiently against his leg. Just a little bit closer.

“You know, I was gonna wait ‘til we got back home, but I don’t think I can anymore.”

Cas looks up, expression of surprise just on the edge of believable.

“Dean?” He asks carefully.

“Dammit, Cas, I can’t stand it!”

Dean throws his napkin down, standing with a dramatic flourish. Heads are starting to turn towards their table, and their waitress is staring at them, her mouth open. Dean fights back his grin. Jackpot.

He drops to one knee, and all around them, surprised gasps and a couple stunned oh my gods echo through the restaurant.

Dean holds up the ring (something they dug out of the bottom of a 99 cent bin in Walmart), adding a hesitant edge to his voice.

“Castiel,” he says gravely. “Love of my life. Will you—will you marry me?”

Cas presses a hand to his heart, his lip trembling a little. (Damn him and those acting classes he took their senior year of college, the fucker.)

“Dean,” he breathes. “Of course. Of course!”

Dean is immediately yanked up in the arms of his pseudo-fiancé, as the restaurant dissolves into a cacophony of whoops and applause. Cas smiles against his lips.

“Nailed it,” he whispers.

“As always,” Dean whispers back. Then he kisses him again, because hey—that was the best part of the fake proposing, getting to make out with Cas in front of everyone.

Well, that, and the free food.

It happened kinda by accident.

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Your Child Throws a Tantrum


It doesn’t matter where they are, or what they’re doing. All it would take is one look, and that would be the end of it. Because, as we all know, father Jin doesn’t play all that mess.

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Yoongi and your son/daughter were in the check out lane at the supermarket, with the little one strapped in the basket, when they noticed the candy display beside them. They looked up at Yoongi with big, dewy eyes, and he muttered a clear “No,” already knowing what they were going to say. That’s when it would start. They began to scream and cry while slapping the handle of the basket with all their tiny might. Then Yoongi, quick as lightning, grabbed a candy bar off the display and threw it onto the moving belt. Effectively avoiding a scene.

Once the candy got scanned and placed back in his hand, your child looked at him expectantly as he carefully unwrapped it. Only for their mouth to drop in horror as he took the hugest bite out of it he could.

With his mouth full of chocolate, he would say: “Bad children don’t get candy.”

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Your child fell right onto their butt in the middle of the isle and started screaming their little lungs out. While all Hoseok could, momentarily, do was stare in shock; not believing that his little angel was behaving in such a way over a toy. He tried to reason with them at first. He told them that wasn’t what they were here for, that he’d buy them something even better another time, he even said he’d buy them the biggest cup of froyo they wanted if they just stopped crying. However, it seemingly fell on deaf ears as tears steadily streamed down their chubby cheeks while they continued to point up at the object.

Hoseok’s cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment as he heard people beginning to whisper. Then he quickly snatched the toy off the shelf and tossed it into the basket in exasperation.

There! Now stop crying, please! Get off the floor!”

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Yoongi and he were in the studio, spending that whole morning working on new music for the group’s next comeback while he had your child with him. He’d told them not to touch any of the equipment, but they’d somehow managed to get their little hands on the sound board while he and Yoongi weren’t looking; effectively ruining the track they’d just spent hours working on.

Now here they were, scream-crying and stomping their feet after being fussed at by Namjoon and being told to go sit in the corner. Namjoon would keep trying to sit them down on the couch in the corner of the room, but they’d only slip off and continue their giant fit. Finally getting fed up, Namjoon lifted the child into his arms and brought them out of the room; all while Yoongi tried to stifle a laugh.

“This proves I don’t discipline you enough.” he’d say. “You wouldn’t dare act this way if I was your mother!”

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Jimin didn’t understand what the problem was. You both had just picked your child up from preschool and sat them down to start the work they were sent home with, and they began to cry the second Jimin put the pencil in their hand. You both shared a shocked glance before Jimin prompted them to just do the work. He’d say it “Wasn’t that hard.” and that they “Just need to follow the directions.” But all that did was make your child pitch the pencil across the room with a shout and cry louder. Their cheeks were beginning to turn redder and they were coughing/hiccuping. At this rate, they were going to make themselves sick.

“Okay!” Jimin exclaimed as he got the pencil. “Appa will do it for you okay! Just watch what I do!” “Don’t cry anymore!”

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Taehyung would just watch them scream and fling their arms around, all because he told them they couldn’t have a pair of shoes they wanted. He’d half blame himself for it, this was what he got for spoiling them all the time. Funny enough, he didn’t even say it because he didn’t want to buy it for them. He refused because you were in the department store as well and always reprimanded Taehyung because giving them everything they want would ultimately lead to this behavior; you would put your foot down immediately.

So he’d try to console them by letting them know. “Mommy won’t let you have that.” But it made no difference to them. Defeated, Taehyung would pick them up and walk to the racks you were looking through much farther away.

“Y/N, you made our baby cry!”

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Jungkook held your kicking son/daughter out in front of him as he brought them to the car. He shifted them to his other arm, not very easily, while he unlocked and opened the car door; all while your child cried and kicked their little legs.

“We were here to grocery shop.” Jungkook muttered as he, with difficulty, strapped your fussing child into their car seat. “Not buy you a plush doll you already have at home!” He had to leave a whole basket of groceries in the market, he just couldn’t finish with them making such a scene.

“Now Y/N will be mad at me for not finishing the shopping.” he’d say while firmly shutting the car door and getting into the driver’s seat.

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taehyung scenario | the lovers’ gamble

✨ The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

💌 requested by anon // 900 words // fluff

Originally posted by mini-myg

Road trips with Taehyung have always been a gamble.

A gamble involving driving down an abandoned street, counting cracks in the tarmac and wondering if you’ll ever see civilisation again. When will your next meal be? When will you stop for gas? When will you find a place to sleep?

Taehyung has a habit of not booking in advance, not looking up in advance. It’s all part of the fun. Don’t you feel the adventure? Don’t you feel the blood thundering through your veins, sweaty grip on the leather car seat, scanning the dusty horizon for a cheap motel?

You’ve only got yourself to blame. Knowing Taehyung, you should be used to his gambles by now. Toss up a coin, let heads or tails decide your direction. He goes where the wind takes him, and foolishly, you follow behind.

All because, years ago, you took a gamble yourself. You got involved in the risky business we naively call “love”, most dicey when it’s unrequited.

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Makeup Tips to Hide Being Sick

We’ve all had those days… A friend’s birthday, a special occasion, a party, work, an important meeting. Sometimes these are things that you simply cannot afford to miss, despite the fact you’ve just come done with a tummy ache, a cold or a headache or simply aren’t in the mood to go out but the world still moves around and sometimes you just have to pull yourself together, get dressed, put on some makeup and conquer the day. Whilst the last thing you probably feel like doing when you’re sick is putting on makeup, it can make a lot of difference to how your feeling and your state of mind.

First and foremost your number one concern should be your skin. When you’re sick it’s easy to forgo your skincare routine and either just wash it or do nothing at all. Instead, try and stick to your regular routine and consider adding an oil or hydrating serum under your moisturiser. When your immune system is down it can take a nasty toll on your skin - and don’t you dare even think about forgetting lip balm!

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