dewy and lewie


Following a directive he wrote in his notebook five years ago ‘Photograph the hometowns of your heroes’, John MacLean has travelled to twenty-five towns and cities around the world, conducting a layered investigation into the childhood environments of those artists whose work has influenced his own, including Wassily Kandinsky, James Turrell, Gabriel Orozco, Robert Frank and Bridget Riley.

Winner of best International Photobook 2016, judged by David Campany, Dewi Lewis and Lucy Moore. Special Mention Luma Awards. Exhibited at Unseen Amsterdam 2015.

Edition of 400 copies. Beautifully presented gatefold cover book.

luke….my tiny man giraffe baby….lewcus,,,,,lewi„„my little happy noodle„„my pretty little ball of sunshine..„..lewi dewi doo„,.dr fluke„,my confused little blonde bunny.,…my little punk rock nugget.„,,,.lucas..luke„,i love luke