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82.) "Just breathe, okay?" With any character you feel most inspired! :)

Honestly at first i wasn’t sure if i should make this fuffy, angsty, or sexy 😕. So i just went with the first idea i thought of so enjoy 😁. 

Smoke clouded their vision as they tried to get their bearings. It was so strong that it stung their eyes and burned their nostrils. As another coughing fit wracked their body they knew they had to get out of there quickly or they’d die from smoke inhalation. Deciding that their best bet was to go the opposite direction from where they just were they ran with shaky legs. As they ran they could hear the fires raging around them.

They appeared in the blink of an eye consuming everything they touched with abandon. The heat was so great that their skin felt like it was melting off. Wiping their brow they just barely made out an opening at the end of the hall. Even though they weren’t sure where it lead they couldn’t stay here for much longer. The flames were practically licking at their heels now, if they didn’t move soon they’d be dead. So with a mad dash they made for the opening all while avoiding burning debris.

Since the smoke here was a little clearer they opened their eyes a bit more to see they were in the gardens. The plants closest to them were already begining to char from the fires that were nearly consuming the palace. As much as their tired body wanted to rest they knew they weren’t safe yet so they continued running, but this time there was a destination. The further they ran the clearer the smoke became yet it was still enough to sting.

When they turned a corner they were finally on the servant’s path with the little door at the end. With the last bit of energy in their body they made one last sprint for the door and flung it open. All they could do now was tumble down the slope and let the brambles scratch at their exposed skin. When they finally stopped they took a dewp breath before coughing violently. As their body took in it'sfirst breaths of fresh air fresh tears pricked their eyes, only this time it wasn’t the smoke and ash.

The fresh set of tears were quick to fall and mix with the ash that clung to their cheeks. It wasn’t because of their bumps, bruises, cuts or burns, to them those were nothing. No they were crying because they failed to keep their promise. One simple promise and they couldn’t fucking keep it even with thwir best efforts. “Because I’m gonna find a way to save you, promise.” their own words echoed in their head taunting them, berating them.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” they were whispering that over and over. But no matter what they did it didn’t matter anymore because he was gone, and it was all their fault. If only they had done more maybe they could’ve prevented this, all of this. In the end though they didn’t have what it took and this was the price they paid. The mangled sight of his broken neck was forever burned into their memories. Why! Why did this fucking happen! It wasn’t fair, he didn’t do anything wrong. He wasn’t even mad at their failure for fucks sake, like he was already resigned to his doom.

So all they could do now was lie here sobbing over a man they couldn’t save as whispers taunted them. They were calling him a liar, failure, a joke and many other things he could agree with. Eventually it started to sound like they were coming from around them, growing louder and louder. The sound was starting to become to much for their poor ears to handle as they pleaded with them to stop. But the wouldn’t they only got louder and louder “Liar.” “Failure.” “You’re nothing but a joke.” “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!!”.

Suddenly their eyes snapped open and they were somewhere else. For a moment they just sat there confused with a shaking body and eyes that shed silent tears. It was then that they noticed there were warm arms wrapped around them and their face was burried in a shoulder. They shifted their gaze to find Julian staring at them with a very worried expression etched into his features. Their breath hitched in their throat and it was like they couldn’t breath.

It was as if a single breath could blow this away and they’d be thrust into that hell they came from. Their inner turmoil must’ve shown clear on their face due to Julian’s expression. He brought one hand to cup their cheek while the other rubbed their back in a soothing manner. “everythings ok just breathe.” he said calmly moving his hand to the back of their head as they burried it in his shoulder. With shaky hands they clutched the front of his shirt like a lifeline as the silent tears turned to quiet sobs “just breathe ok.”

The beginning?

So since I’m a complete nerd, I’ve started a blog to track Luke and I’s journey of building a Tiny Home. 

So some info about us I guess? We’re two college-aged humans residing in New England who are crazy enough to embark on this endeavour. If you would like to know more shoot us a message.

This blog is going to be a way to track progress and save ideas, so it will be a mix of our own content and others.

So here it goes?