To The Very Last Drop

My friend June was having a bad day so I wrote this crack!fic for her, I hope you like it.

Title: To The Very Last Drop.

Pairing: Dewlian (Julian/Mountain Dew)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, Julian Larson belongs to the lovely and talented CP Coulter and Mountain Dew is a registered mark. RATED M FOR EXPLICIT CONTENT.

To anyone else, this looked like a normal day in Julian Larson’s life. He woke up, had breakfast, showered, got dressed and hit the gym for a couple of hours so he could follow the routine designed by his personal trainer. What they didn’t know was that the actor had a secret and all his steps that day were drawing him to it, each of them carefully planned with anticipation, like not eating anything sweet with his breakfast, working a thirst with his exercise and not staying after the routine had ended.

The brown haired boy rushed to his home, thinking about what was waiting for him when he arrived, licking his lips with excitement, feeling the sweat drops running down his neck… He couldn’t wait to be there and drove as fast as he could.

Julian opened and slammed the door in a matter of seconds, jacket, sport bag and keys flying everywhere in his haste to reach the kitchen. He slowed his steps and lifted his arm to caress the fridge door, the bulge in his pants growing by the second, his fingers going up and down the handle before yanking it open and finding what was in his mind since he woke up that morning. There it was in all its glory, a lonely can of Mountain Dew sitting in the empty shelf, staring seductively at the Hollywood star.

The boy stripped down before grabbing it with trembling hands, his cock completely hard by now, feeling the moisture and the cold, little drops sliding down from his fingers to his wrist and falling to the floor. He decided to play with it a little before opening it, denying himself the pleasure a little longer, and started to press it against his body softly at first, then more urgently. The icy touch made his nipples harden and sent a jolt of pleasure to his penis, begging for attention now, his whole skin covered in goosebumps.

Julian rolled the can up and down his flat stomach, between his thighs, his back, his legs, his neck… until he couldn’t stand it anymore and opened the Dew in a swift movement, the familiar fizzy sound like music to his ears. Drawing his head back and closing his eyes, he lifted the beverage to his lips with his left hand while the other traveled to his erection, stroking it and pumping it harder and harder with each gulp, feeling the climax building up and the escaped liquid traveling downwards. Just when the last drop entered his mouth, he reached the orgasm he had been awaiting for so long and exploded on the kitchen floor, moaning the name of his lover.

The satiated boy sat on the floor, craddling the now empty can on his arms, a little sad everything was over. The sadness didn’t last long, though, as he let out a sigh, smirked and looked to the corner of the room, where other 10 packs of his favourite drink were waiting for him.


I just attempted to write a Dewlian fic but it came out like crap so I apologize but it wouldn’t stop bugging me so…enjoy.

I don’t own anything. Characters and setting belong to CP Coulter and Mountain Dew is a registered trademark.

“Logan!” Julian screamed causing the whole of Stuart house to look up to where the actor’s room was located and promptly scatter fearing for their lives. An angry Julian Larson is never a good thing. “You had better get your ass up here Logan Wright before I come find you.”

The boy in question raised his head from the table where he had been sleeping. His eyes were slightly unfocused and his hair sleep mussed. The prefect glanced around the room at the cowering students and looked at Derek questionlingly. “Julian,” was all he said but that was all the information Logan needed before he was pulling Derek from the couch and upstairs to the star’s dorm room.

“What’s going on up here?” Logan asked throwing the door open and surveying the room. No stalkers, fire, blood or evidence of the twins. “I thought you were getting murdered up here. You couldn’t have waited until I was awake to go diva and throw a tantrum?”

“ I want Mountain Dew,” the actor stated from his place on the bed.

“You want what?” Derek asked incredulously. “You scared the whole house shitless because you want a freakin soda!” Logan just stared at the boy rooted to the spot with his mouth hanging open. Then the laughter started.

“Oh God Jules. Seriously? Mountain Dew?” he gasped doubled over laughing.

“Logan, Derek just get me the freakin Dew!” he shrieked so loudly that birds sitting on a tree outside took off cawing in fright. “Now!”

“Lo,” Derek whispered. “I think we should just get the soda before he attacks us.”

Logan completely disregarded him and walked over to Julian’s desk sitting down calmly. “Why should we?” he asked examining the pictures he had seen a thousand times before that adorned the walls and desk of the room.

“Because,” he said pouting childishly and crossing his arms over his chest.

“Because?” Logan prompted smirking.

“Because I said to,” he exclaimed.

“No,” Logan replied stubbornly, still smirking slightly.

“Please, Lo,” the Hollywood star pleaded using his best puppy dog eyes that always ensured that he got his way. Not that he needed to use them often. He is Julian Larson after all.

“Fine,” he sighed heavily and pulled himself out of the chair. “But you owe me for this.” He walked out if the room slamming the door behind him and pulling Derek along as well.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Derek exploded. “Do you know what could have happened if he didn’t get his Mountain Dew? I am not saving your sorry ass again.”

“Shut up, Derek,” Logan said. “I know exactly what would happen which is why I have this.” He threw open the door to his room and went into the walk in closet returning with a six pack of Mountain Dew.

“Where did you get that?” Derek asked staring at the sodas. “There’s no place that sells it around here. You have to go into Lima to get that crap.”

“I stocked up last time I was there,” he said swinging the box as he walked back to Julian’s room. “After what happened last time he didn’t get his soda I made sure to keep a supply just in case.”

“Hey, Julian!” he yelled kicking the door open. “Catch,” the cans went flying through the air and Julian dived for them. He fell off the edge of the bed clutching his precious drink to him.

“Go nuts,” Logan said before closing the door leaving his friend to feed his addiction in private.

“Yes!” he yelled and the occupants of Stuart house took this as their signal to crawl out of hiding and continue the day as usual.

In his room Julian popped open the can and guzzled it down in one go sighing contentedly. He has to remember to thank Logan for this. Maybe one day…after he’s done with his Dew.