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Pros of Dewey Denouement:

1. bookworm

2. smart

3. noble

4. sweet

5. caring

6. brave

7. one of the managers of a fancy hotel

8. climbs rope like a boss

9. Awesome McCoolName

10. Kit Snicket’s lover and father of her child

11. pure cinnamon roll too good for this world

12. probably the best adult person the Baudelaires have ever met throughout the series

13. ambidextrous

Cons of Dewey Denouement:

1. dead

2. ??????


A Dewey Movie

[Poster Update:  August 10, 2015]

[Eye to Eye scene Update:  August 14, 2015]

This is my first Steven Universe fanart.

Mayor Bill Dewey n’ his son is Buck with poster parody n’ eye to eye scene from “A Goofy Movie” is my fav. Disney Movie when I was kid.

After I had research from Tumblr and etc. Something it’s made me had quiet think Mayor Dewey with Buck’s relationship look like Goofy with Max (for me).
1. Mayor Dewey n’ Goofy are single dad.
2. Max n’ Buck feel embarrassed with their dad.

Phase 1: Dewey shows interest in Pearl but doesn’t try anything

Phase 2: Dewey approaches her all wrong by showing off and gets rejected.

Phase 3: Dewey corrects himself and talks to her more sincerely and respectfully, gets a friendly response, but is too nervous to say anything else.

He’s on the right track, I’d say. He’s not just being a creep like people say, he’s learning. Every hero has a struggle.