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The Cold-Hearted Thief ~ Chapter 1

It was midday in Novigrad.  Birds were dipping and diving in the lively air that smothered buildings and alleyways.  Alehouses, inns and markets filled the otherwise empty wooden shacks.  People were bustling about their day, bumping into others as they moved along like groups of ants.  Amongst one of the inns was a Witcher.  Geralt of Rivia, in fact.  He was merely drinking his mead.  Taking a break from all the usual killing; he needed it.  Everything seemed calm at first.  The mead tasting and bursting flavour on the insides of his mouth, bands equipped with various instruments danced in the background, and cheers and talks commenced around him.  Strangely enough, Geralt found comfort in the proceedings of the surroundings. However, he noticed a disruption. A distortion happening amongst various people around the bartending area.  They looked like thieves; almost completely covered in the sharp metal of their blades.  After they had disappeared, Geralt asked the man serving drink about the ruckus that has crept up.

“It ain’t nothing” the man said, trying to hide his fear. The shaking in his voice was not subtle. After some persuasion, Geralt managed to get the guy to talk.

“There’s this contract.  Dangerous, it is.  Man named Stefan not too far from here wants it taking care of.  The fact that it hasn’t been dealt with has stirred locals.” After thanking the man and paying for his drink, Geralt decided to head off in the given direction.  He didn’t know whether to be thrilled or annoyed. He wanted to take a leisurely break from the whole thing, but Witchers never shy away from some more coin in their pockets.

After meeting up with Stefan, he was exposed to the situation.  Geralt was given a parcel of some sort.  He tugged at the ends and opened the contract.  The letter itself seemed clean and untouched like no one had dared gone near the item itself.  The parchment roughly pulled at his fingertips as he read it.

The contract read:

To anyone who dares accept my calling:

           There’s a monster on Island Frologhe, not too far from here.  It’s… not human.  Last time I saw it, I moved across sea to Novigrad with my wife and children.  It still haunts me.  As close friends of mine are still inhabited on the island, I am willing to pay a hefty sum of cash to whoever may take out that bellowing beast. Be warned, it haunts at night but is non-existent by day.  It is large, has spindly features and was ghostly black.  So much so that it seems to camouflage in with the scenery.  As eager as I was to see it, my mind would blank it out; tell me there’s nothing there!  ‘Twas a hot piece of cold nightmare that scolded my every waking thought. Please, take of it.  Head to the port and find a boat.  Travel to that damned island and take the beast out. Also, if you happen to see cousin Alisha, tell her I’m fine – and that I’m living here, the east of Novigrad.

-          Stefan.

Geralt swiftly tucked the paper into his right pocket. He knew his objective.  He felt unsettled, however; he hadn’t heard of anything like this before.  Curiosity flooded his mind more than anything.

Geralt headed in the direction of the nearest herbalist. He’d needed to stock up on various potions and blade oils for the journey to Frologhe.  He also knew that the trek across sea was no cheap matter. After purchasing the required items, Ergot seeds, Arenaria and the sort, Geralt headed to the port.  Stefan said he should look for the short man with the long beard.  Geralt used his Witcher senses to identify his next move.  After some time, he found the dwarf he was looking for.

“I’m looking to go to travel to Frologhe.” The Witcher introduced.

“Aye.” the dwarf replied, “and why might you be going there?”

After an unusual amount of explanation, the short man agreed to make the journey.  He said he was going there anyway to complete some errands of his own.  The dwarf, who Geralt later found was a man named “Dewey”, gestured him to his cabin.  Geralt’s heavy boots crunched the decking as he moved along the ship’s exterior.  The wooden planks seemed to scream and moan back, creaking loudly as he traversed the area.  As Geralt finally reached his temporary guest room, he settled down on the shallow, worn-down bed that sat in the corner of the room.  The room wasn’t exactly luxury, yet again – Witchers don’t care for luxury.  It was small and only equipped with a few cupboards and spare clothes.  There was also a bucket in the darkest corner. Geralt lie down, and slowly let the rocking of the room and rustling of the ocean sea send him to sleep.

“Get up!” Dewey roared.  Geralt was abruptly awoken to the thumps on his door.  “We’re almost at the place.”  Geralt rubbed his orange-hinted eyes and stumbled his way outside.  The sea air immediately struck him.  He often wished that his senses weren’t so powerful!  As Geralt finally came to, he noticed seamen working hard; tinkering with various metal parts and ropes which were connected to all parts of the ship. They seemed so lively and cheerful, as if they’ve been up for hours already.

“Here we are.” Dewey interrupted, “Frologhe.”  Geralt looked into the distance.  The island drew near.  It seemed that the closer they came to the island, the thicker the mist seemed to emulsify the air.  It suddenly became colder like a phantom possessed the vicinity.  Frologhe was officially known as “The Lonely Isle.”  In due time, Geralt would see for himself: the mysteries that filled Frologhe, and the monster that was only known as “The Cold-Hearted Thief.”

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Pros of Dewey Denouement:

1. bookworm

2. smart

3. noble

4. sweet

5. caring

6. brave

7. one of the managers of a fancy hotel

8. climbs rope like a boss

9. Awesome McCoolName

10. Kit Snicket’s lover and father of her child

11. pure cinnamon roll too good for this world

12. probably the best adult person the Baudelaires have ever met throughout the series

13. ambidextrous

Cons of Dewey Denouement:

1. dead

2. ??????

anonymous asked:

What if mayor dewey wants to meet this "sweetheart" bucks keeps mentioning and invites him to bring them to dinner but he then buck turns up with jenny and sour cream

i can picture this going one of two ways:

1) mayor dewey cannot wrap his head around the fact that he’s dating both and buck is just like “dad. yes, dad. both of them at the same time, dad” and mayor dewey is like “boTH??? WH”


2) mayor dewey takes them in with open arms and starts treating them his son + daughter in law. and he’s a really, really embarrassing father in law


A Dewey Movie

[Poster Update:  August 10, 2015]

[Eye to Eye scene Update:  August 14, 2015]

This is my first Steven Universe fanart.

Mayor Bill Dewey n’ his son is Buck with poster parody n’ eye to eye scene from “A Goofy Movie” is my fav. Disney Movie when I was kid.

After I had research from Tumblr and etc. Something it’s made me had quiet think Mayor Dewey with Buck’s relationship look like Goofy with Max (for me).
1. Mayor Dewey n’ Goofy are single dad.
2. Max n’ Buck feel embarrassed with their dad.

Phase 1: Dewey shows interest in Pearl but doesn’t try anything

Phase 2: Dewey approaches her all wrong by showing off and gets rejected.

Phase 3: Dewey corrects himself and talks to her more sincerely and respectfully, gets a friendly response, but is too nervous to say anything else.

He’s on the right track, I’d say. He’s not just being a creep like people say, he’s learning. Every hero has a struggle.