First I love all of you OAO I never imagined to have 1500+ followers OAO I’m not even sure how can I repay that for you Q-Q I’ll try to make a little contest thingy with all kind of prizes so there will be more than 3 winners QwQ

First let’s talk about the prizes :D cause why not~ You can get -
-An art of your OC
-A small gif of your OC
-Costum OC
-Reference sheet for your OC
-Featuring on my blog (like Sky as my part time worker, I’ll think something for you)
-Giving away mod as a guest artist on your blog, so she will draw asks for you if you want~
-Group picture with maximum 5 ponies
-Hand drawn sketches about your OC - full A4 paper with a lot of art about your pony
-Dew domination~ which means for 10 posts you can tell how Dew should look like, what should he wear, or you can switch his colours anything :D
-Valentine’s day ship- I’ll draw 3 pictures with your ship as dating on valentine’s day it can be canon ship or oc anything

So with this there will be 10 winner, since I made 10 prizes, maybe they are not the best but I think they will be fun to make~

As for the winners… I’ll pick 1 winner who will choose 1 prize, 2nd winner will pick again but can’t pick the same as the 1st’s Q-Q hope this is acceptable :3

As for entering

-Likes and reblogs both count
-You need to follow me :3 or Love Affair :D both fine ^^

And that’s it

Contest will end: January 31 - February 1

Good luck QwQ


In order
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Thanks for following!!!

And if you follow I’ll make a chibi oc for you!

Dew: I’m okay… it’s okay really it was just too sudden…that’s all

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