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It was finally finished (i do very slow art ; w; )

thank you so much for following. i’m not even good at english. but i seen you guy okay with it… i think..?  anyway i want to draw all for you but i can’t. ;w; so let see the list of pony here :) 


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sorry this took so long but here are the Custom ponies prizes follower Raffle i did (no one chose colors and stuff so i just did custom ponies for each race choosen who won in each)

feel free to change anything i got with these, I use this one site to generate the names and this one to generate the ponies 

(im also putting the description i got along with the names)

Top row (left to right) (earth):

Solstice Snow ( For dewdusts ) - You are an  earth pony born in Ponyville. You are the busiest pony this side of equestria! Your best friend is a fox named Dandelion.

Misty Showers ( for that-colorless-pony ) - You are a crystal pony born in The Crystal Empire. You are the poshest pony this side of Las Pegasus! Your best friend is a bird named dingleberry.

Second row (left to right) (Pegasus):

Sweetie Forest ( for ask-jamison-and-jamie-braveheart ) - You are a pegasus born in Cloudsdale. You are the Friendliest pony This side of Saddle Arabia! Your best friend is a starfisn named Lilac

Sunshine Spark (for princecraig ) - You are a crystal pony born in The Crystal Empire. You are the most warm-hearted pony this side of Unicorn Range! Your best friend is a cheetah named Flumpkins.

Third row (left to right) (unicorn):

Lightning Daydreamer ( for hanako-hisoka ) - You are a unicorn born in Canterlot. You are the most exubarent pony this side of The Crystal Mountains! Your best friend is a squid named shrimp

Tropical Monsoon ( for pinipy ) - You are a unicorn born in Canterlot. You are the cleverest (thats what it said…meh…grammar) pony this side of Fillydelphia! Your best friend is a griffon named Sneaker.

Final row (left to right) (special choices)(alicorn and other species):

Moonlight Glider ( for ask-luna-questions ) - You are a royal alicorn born in Canterlot Castle. You are the most adventurous pony this side of Manehattan! Your best friend is a dolphin named Dylan.

Peachy Eclipse ( for ask-shy-heart ) - You are a pegasus (edit: fairy pony) born in Cloudsdale. You are the most organised pony this side of Mustangia! Your best friend is a hedgehog named Daffodil.

(edit: he already had one like it so i re-designed her) Eclipse Hooves ( for ask-dragons-den ) (some nsfw warning over there at times) - You are a earth (edit: kirin) pony born in Ponyville. You are the sportiest pony this side of Horseshoe Bay! Your best friend is a firefly named Zipp

you guys can change and add things…such as cutiemarks…mane style and stuff like that i will submit the winning pictures to the winners shortly after this post


We are officially at 202! Now puff!!

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((In alphabetical order, save for the special solo panels. If you want your pone as a separate vector submitted to you, tell me and I’ll submit it to you.))

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Senpais (I am unworthy):