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Which star wars villain should you fight?

maybe you express love by yelling “fight me!” with tears streaming down your face. maybe you need to work out your repressed trauma, or maybe you just want some exercise. Whichever it is, here’s everything you need to know to decide which pillar of galactic evil to bloody your knuckles on!

Darth Vader

Do it. Fight Darth Vader. You’ll never win, and that’s the goal. from the cradle to the coffin, every one of us knows who he is and what he’s capable of, and yearns to erotically asphyxiated by the one true goth of all time. Fight him, and gasp your final breath to the thrilling thunder of the imperial march

end fight probability: 300% you die highly aroused and emotionally fulfilled


Not a good idea at all. If you must scratch the vengeance itch, dew it, but he’s slippery for such a crusty dude and dreadfully powerful. Watch out for those sharp, germy fingers.

end fight probability: 80% he fries you to a crisp, 20% you win but later die of infected wounds

Darth Maul

Don’t even fucking try. This bugger can survive literally anything. Give up.

end fight probability: 200% even if you shoot him into the fucking sun, he survives it

General Grievous

Why would you fight my old boy Grievous? he’s just trying to do his job and he’s so tired. Look at the bags under his eyes. And he has asthma. if you decide to be a heartless beast and fight him anyway, you will lose, because he has four arms and he’s 7 feet tall. Just buy him a drink and leave him alone.

end fight probability: 100% he cuts you into sashimi, but you deserve it for picking a fight with Johnny-four-lightsabers

Count Dooku

I can’t imagine feeling anything about him strongly enough to warrant a fight, but if that’s your thing, go ahead I guess. Put out his creepy eyes first.

end fight probability: 60% you win because he’s old, but sustain injuries

Kylo Ren

Please, fight him. Beat his ass. if you can dodge the saber and hold off laughing long enough to get a grip on his hair, he’ll trip over his own garments trying to shake you off and fall on his own blades. finish it up by crushing his windpipe so we never have to suffer his insufferable voice ever again. Good luck and godspeed.

end fight probability: 82% you rip his face off (100% I need counseling)


Don’t fight this crusty boy until we know more about his stats. but if you decide to anyway, he has serious claws – you better protect your neck against a Gollum-style strangling. he’s survived this far, he can probably survive a lot more. if you can take him seriously long enough to attack.

end fight probability: 75% he bludgeons you with a frozen rat (his supper) while screaming “for the last goddamn time I am NOT darth plageius”


Definitely fight him, take out all your inner rage on the poster boy for creepy old white men who ruin everything. The main thing is to watch out for those cheekbones, which can probably split wood and definitely slice your hand off. Don’t be distracted by his foul stench either. The good news is that he’s old and frail and the only exercise he’s ever had is furiously jacking it to imperialist propaganda.

end fight probability: 90% you kill him, 64% the spores released by his disintegrating corpse give you a debilitating lung disease


Fight him, but be careful about it, he’s famously prone to violent confrontation and not afraid to start swinging. Target his major weakness: the aesthetic. if you can stand on his cape you can probably immobilize him.

end fight probability: 80% you win with minor injuries


this guy is literally everything wrong with the world today –  fascism, gingers, men who won’t shut up. Fight him and kill him for all of us. It’ll be easy, he looks to be made of damp bread & library paste. Go for it. Wring his neck

end fight probability: 99% you break every bone in his pathetic body


This is a tricky one. if you’re a wookiee, go ahead, you may able to win. If you’re human, you will be slammed to the ground before you knew what hit you, with a blaster barrel in your mouth. But if you’re a lesbian that was probably the goal all along.

end fight probability: 110% she breaks every bone in your pathetic body


Deep down, we all want to either fight him or fuck him, so do it. Fight him. Grab him by that gigantic forehead and smash him through a wall, which was part of his master plan all along, of course. He’ll bust out those thick blue biceps and either the brawl will continue or you’ll end up making passionate love on the floor.

end fight probability: whatever happened, it was artistically done

that radiohead music video where thom yorke slowly has his helmet fill up with water except instead of water it’s mountain dew and instead of singing i’m gaming

Woman in Black: Portrait of Maria Oakey Dewing (1887). Thomas Wilmer Dewing (American, 1851-1938). Oil on panel.

A noted painter in her own right, Maria Oakey Dewing was a talented woman of strong character–qualities suggested by the aristocratic tilt of her head and her erect posture. Dewing’s primary emphasis in this painting, however, is upon the decorative line of his wife’s figure. Dewing employed subtle color harmonies and fine gradations of related tones, framing a black dress against a brown ground.

Hello Brandom!

As our blog title suggests, we are animating the brandom. Due to Issues^TM we won’t be pursuing traditional anime-style animation; rather, an anime opening and from then onward a dubbed comic.

It’s well underway!

As your official line artist, I’m going to be drawing lineart of everyone in the brandom who would like to be included. Please just reblog this post AND message me @mountain-dew-unofficial!

There’s a shitton of you, so please understand that this is a massive project that will take several months. Patience is a virtue, though!

Thanks guys :)

~Viridian Neophyte

sky asks!!

SUNSET: what’s a song you know all the words to?
CLOUDS: what trend do you wish was in style?
RAINDROP: what’s your favorite type of flower?
RAINBOW: what tv show’s made you laugh?
MOON: what era would you choose to live in?
STARS: if you could take the place of any celebrity who would it be?
ECLIPSE: do you believe in ghosts?
LIGHTNING: if you could go back stage at a concert, who’s would it be?
THUNDER: do you dress up on Halloween?
OVERCAST: what would you change your name to?
MIST: do you have a role model?
DAWN: what’s a song that calms you down?
DUSK: do you have any pets?
BLUE: describe your bestfriend?
BLUE MOON: if you could live anywhere, where would you choose?
FROST: what movie could you watch over and over?
DEW: what’s your astrological sign?
WIND: who’s your celebrity crush?
SUPER MOON: do you have a favorite blog?
COSMIC: what is your favorite word?
BREEZE: describe your style?

anonymous asked:

Tom tastes like peanut butter cookie dough and Jon tastes like the aftertaste of Mountain Dew it's really weird and it's not all food either. "Jordan" tastes like a screen door and "jace" tastes like peaches. It's pretty strange

Tord: heck that is pretty weird but it’s cool as hell

delphine-le-dauphin  asked:

Hi Dew, it's me again :) I really liked your drawing of Goro and Mimikyu X3 I was wondering, could you draw a full-body image of Goro in a Kosei High School uniform (you know, like the one Yusuke's friend wears in 'The Daybreakers') for my Goro rp blog (where I headcanon him as a Kosei high senior)? Many thanks :)

Omw thank you I didn’t know you liked it so much 😄 yes I can draw it, but it miiight take longer than the other request… I will try to finish it within a week though!

Iktomi, My Weaver

I’m stuck.

Tangled in braided
knots that glisten
from morning’s dew .

His red and yellow orbs that
radiated white lines, sly needle
threading fabled yarn .

Such artistry in a tulle
snare, deceptive fibers
alluring, hypnotic .

Pinned to the weaver’s lattice.
Waiting for fangs laced with
venom, gullible prey

paralyzed by his spilling
silk, sticky lies and the
sly needle sharp .

- Maya Doolali

anonymous asked:

Did you (your sim) adopt a Korean name after marrying Joon-Yeong? And will you give your future kids Korean names?

I did actually!  I cut this bit from the story, because I figured it would come up at some point, but I’ll give you the short version!

At some point before the wedding Joon and I discussed last names, but then after deciding to hyphenate, I asked him about a Korean name for myself and also how we would name any future children.  He said that although it isn’t required that our children and I have Korean names, It could make it easier for his extended family o pronounce.  But since he doesn’t often see much of his family, especially those that still live in Korea, he made it my choice.  

So, I decided to adopt a Korean name as my middle name, making my (sim’s) legal name Anna Ji-Yeon Dew-Kim (yeah, that’s a lot of hyphens)!

This is the same pattern we will be following to name our children - if we ever do have children…

Thank you for asking!

Misadventures in Camelot Part 2

Cassie groaned at the extra weight on top of her. Her friend looked so tiny but weighed so much.

“Get off!” Cassie gently pushing her friends body weight off her. Luckily her pack had fallen to the side.

“God damnit.’ Kristina groaned out clutching her temple. A lustrous bruise of purple and blue appearing on her skin.

“Don’t-” Cassie was interrupted by the sound of bow string’s being drawn. Kristina snapping to attention through the pain and haze.

A handsome blond walking forward hand on pommel. An arrangement demeanor that Kristina would usually take great pleasure in

The morning dew dampened Cassie’s short’s and tank top. She laid stagnant as she awaited the smell of firewood. The sounds of Kristina cooking breakfast. Instead the scent of a new forest met her sense’s. Flora that she did not recognize met her gaze. Along with the crumpled form of her friend.

“Kristina!” She shrieked out eliciting a groan from her friend. Cassie ran her hand down her friend’s spine.

“I’m not broken.” Kristina moving onto all four’s into seiza. Her finger’s gently probing her temple.

“I’ll get the witch hazel out of your pack.” Cassie digging through her friends medical satchel. A mixture of herbal and modern medicine.

“I guess you have picked up on some of my rambling’s.” Cassie laughing at her friends taunt. At least she had her wits about her.

Kristina applying the witch hazel water to her bruised and swollen skin. Her eye’s searching the area for sign’s of life.

“We need to find water.” Kristina moving to stand. Her balance faltering Cassie moving behind her.

“Woah, you’re not going anywhere.” Cassie shouldering her friends as she moved back to sitting.

“Stupid concussion. Bees, we’re within 3 miles of water. If we can find wild pidgeon’s near dusk they’ll show us the path. For now let’s get into these tree roots.” Kristina removing her blade from the holster at her hip.

Cassie had another feeling. Her tongue wetting her lips, eye’s searching for the source.

“Earth to Cassie?” Her head whipping about to face her friend.

“Cass, must be the concussion.” Kristina disregarding her eye’s.

The next two hours were spent collecting food from the natural environment.

“No Cassie that one will make you hallucinate. The one near that tree is edible.”  After an hour they shared a meal of wild greens, a handful of  elderberry flower, and roasted mushroom’s with wild garlic.

“It’s nearly dusk.” Leg’s unfolding to a standing position.

“Be careful, only follow pidgeon’s flying above the tree’s. Any that are hopping from branch to branch are leaving the water source.

Cassie smiling at her friends concern. Some people just discarded her as brash and rude. Underneath her tough exterior she was just, compassionate, and loyal.

“I’ll be careful. You stay awake.” Cassie said translating what her friend really meant. Her lips shutting when the blush spread.

Braid swinging with her movement’s. The fauna of bee’s and birds leading her a mile east. The walk itself was breathtaking. Cassie had never been a one-with-nature chick but it was easy to see why other’s were.

“Water!” She moved rapidly down the hill braid trailing behind. Her feet fumbling together, the rest of her body falling towards earth. Her body slowed until she landed softly in a bush of blue roses.

A tall, dark haired male with blue eye’s. His outfit a bit dorky by her friends standards. She liked it just fine.

“All right there?” He said a tentative smile growing.

“Uhm yes, I think so?” Cassie grasping his hand. His eye’s furrowed together at the strange accent.

“Cassie, it’s nice to meet you.” Extending her hand out she was met with a firm but gentle grip. There was no attempt to overpower her or show dominance.

“I’m-” The blue eyed man began to speak.

“Merlin! Where the blast are you?” A taller man with fair hair in red armor standing impatiently at the top of the ridge.

“Don’t speak.” Merlin hastened. The irritable blonde marching down the hill. His walk still managing to be cocky.

“Not only are you absent but, now I must retrieve you.. Useless servant. Who’s that?” The haughty male inquired.

“Apologize Arthur, This is the Lady Cassandra.” Merlin forcing his eye’s to stay on Arthur.

“Lady Cassandra I apologize that you had to witness the ineptitude of my servant.” Arthur bowing with a flourish.  

“Actually Arthur your man servant was most helpful.” Cassie said in a flawless English accent, Harry Potter thank you.

Their eyebrows raise in shock. Arthur from the compliment. Merlin from your sudden change of accent.

“Well I’m glad he could be of use. What are you doing in Camleot’s forest?” Arthur inquired regaining his wits.

“You see Prince Arthur.” Cassie began obviously bolstering the ego of said prince. The young man offering his arm. Cassie’s mysteriously appearing deep blue velvet cloak trailing behind. Her walk careful of revealing her shoes. Merlin trailing behind.

“A friend and I were exploring this lovely forest you posses. When she fell striking her temple on a log. Now my Lady is to weak to walk. Could such a strong knight as yourself assist us in this matter?” Cassie large doe eye’s staring up at sparkling blue. The color much lighter than Arthur’s.

The blonde’s chest so overly puffed out Merlin was certain he would pop. She was clearly good.

“Of course my lady. What house did you say you were from?” Arthur catching on through his haze.

“Me sire, I am from no house of importance but Lady Kristina is from the house of Murphy.” Merlin’s eye’s going wide. There was a famous general in Ireland with that surname. A distant relation to Morgana.

Upon entering the trees Kristina stared in confusion.

“Cassie, hell are you wearing?” Her eye’s becoming defensive and confused.

“My Lady, you’re clearly confused.” Cassie said scurrying over to her friend. In the hopes of imparting some kind of information.

Arthur’s brow furrowed his stride quick. His finger’s deftly removing his own cape of red linen. With care he rarely showed he passed his cape to Cassie. Face pinched in concern over symptom’s he had seen time and again in his knight’s.

“She look’s so closely of Morgana.” Merlin whispered to Arthur.

Cassie managing to help her friend stand. Less nimble finger’s attempted to attach the cape.

“Merlin, assist her. Merlin!” Arthur commanded with a thwack to Merlin’s head. An exasperated sigh falling over full lips.

Kristina stepping forward. Merlin assisting with the final clasp. Finishing his task, Kristina moved towards Arthur with a mixed expression.

Her eye’s rolling back within a foot of him. The world going dark only the scent of musk and birch reaching her consciousness.

Let me tell you about the God with the opium lips,

And the dust in His indigo eyes.

Let me sing to you about His lullaby,

This son of Sleep, and God of Dreams;

With crimson poppies upon His crown

He lays silent on a bed of moss and dew,

His grandmother’s cloak of Night drawn about Himself.

He whispers in his slumber, 

And a thousand Oneiroi take flight on noiseless wings.

Dark curls frame His head, all a mess from just waking

As brilliant Iris bids Him to rise, and

His form drips with starlight

As quiet Morpheus kisses dreams upon the brows of mortals.