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🌹 (yes hello here i am sneaking in at the last sec) i really like the sky in the really early morning when it's "false dawn" and it's a greyish color but the moon still shines with a couple of wispy clouds and few stars and planets still peek through in the last moments before dawn and it's quiet and dewy and a few birds are chirping and you can already almost taste the kind of day it's going to be

van gogh ; starry night / almond blossom / café terrace at night / sunflowers
dictionary* ; onism / vellichor / sonder / gnossienne / énouement
time ; dawn / late morning / afternoon / dusk / night
botany ; roses / water lilies / english oak / baby’s breath / four-leaf clovers
scenery ; hushed museums / foggy moors / hazy meadows / neon city streets
colours ; #cdd2dd

no more pls


so a while back, I went on Olan Rogers website to buy some clothes. I bought a battle bear sweater and a ‘color my pencils’ sweater and as I was checking out, I saw a box and at the top of that box were the words: “Special Requests”. So I decided I would like to have some fun, so in the box I typed: “please send my order with Doritos and Code Red Mountain Dew.” those being some of my favorite things in the universe. So I proceeded to check out and a few weeks later, my mom picked my brother and I up from school and when I got in the car, she handed me a package, I realize it’s from Olan Rogers so I tear it open. So I see both sweaters and another little black box. by now my brother and I are freaking out, so I’m trying to open this box and I couldn’t get it open because it was a really weird box, but finally I tear it open and inside lies a beautiful sight. my requested Doritos and Code Red Mountain Dew. Above is a picture I took and a picture he took and posted on Instagram. Thanks again Olan!!

hello yes but Oswald doesn’t like coffee, please imagine him tagging along with Jim to Starbucks and wrinkling his nose at the overwhelming coffee scent and ordering, like, a coffee-free vanilla frappucino, and Jim teases him gently for it, “why not just go to Steak & Shake and get a vanilla milkshake because that’s basically what you’re drinking, Oswald”

what if Oswald drinks tea like it’s going out of style (because, let’s be real, tea is not only delicious but it adds to his aesthetic) but when he needs a REAL caffeine boost, the kind that espresso would normally deliver, he just pounds a fuckin bottle of Mountain Dew. Please just picture Oswald incredibly jittery and overexcited because he overestimated the amount of caffeine he needed and has thus drunk enough soda to kill a man

Oswald kissing Jim in the morning and complaining that he tastes of coffee but that ‘it’s not so bad’ when he’s tasting it on Jim’s lips and he kisses him again