RIGHT NOW: Thousands of people shut down Whitehall, London in a protest demanding the #ToriesOutNow and #FuckTheTories due to the General Election results yesterday (twitter hashtags to see pictures and live stream). Hundreds of coppers on horseback protect the Tory HQ building. Our condolences to the people of the UK who have to suffer another 5 years of the Tories. They are already seeking to repeal the fox hunting ban; the DWP have announced 'access to work' funds pulled for disabled workers; the TIPP agreement, if it passes, will force environmental and health regulations to be overturned where they conflict with industry; the Tories intend to repeal the Human Rights Act... ...and two of the biggest crimes of all: RIP the NHS; and how many more disabled and poor will be starved, made homeless, sanctioned, or die? We hope the UN investigation into human rights violations against disabled people lands the Tories in the ICC at the Hague.

from Deep Green Resistance http://ift.tt/1oteV4F