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Prank gone wrong? {Colby Brock x reader}

“Hey guys!  It’s Colby Brock here and today I’ll be pranking my girlfriend (Y/N) with the help of Devyn” he said turning the camera so it was facing Devyn.

“You wanna tell them what we’ll be doing?” he asked her. Devyn nodded and started speaking into the camera: “Well at first I didn’t want to do this, but Colby convinced me!” she paused for a second and then started talking again: “We’re gonna pull a cheating prank on (Y/N)”.

Colby turned the camera so it was only facing him as he started to explain how exactly they were going to prank you.

~time skip to when you are coming home~

“Guys, (Y/N) just texted me that she’ll be  home in about 5 minutes so we have to set up everything pretty fast!” he said and then hid the camera, climbing into the bed with Devyn.

Your POV:

“Hey Corey!” you said. “Oh, hi (Y/N) what’s up?” he gave back turning around to face you.  “Do you know where Colby is? ” you asked smiling.  “Yeah, he should be upstairs, but before you go up I got to tell you something! ” he said lowering his voice. You looked at him with a questioning look on your face as he dragged you into the kitchen. “Okay listen,  I heard Colby and Devyn talking about pulling a cheating prank on you and as you know Devyn pulled one on me a while ago, so I figured we could give them the payback they deserve! ” he said grinning.

“Oh I’ve got the perfect idea!  Thanks for telling me Corey! ” you grinned.

You started walking upstairs hearing them giggle.  Putting on a concerned face you entered the room and looked at them in shock. “What the fuck?! ” you said raising your voice. Colby got up and walked towards you. “B-babe, it’s not what it looks like!  I can explain, I swear! ” he stuttered as you backed away from him with faked tears in your eyes. “There’s nothing to explain!  It’s over,  I’m leaving! ” you yelled at him and started running out of your room making your way to your car and taking of fast.

On the way to a friends house you face timed Corey: “Yo, (Y/N)  that was hilarious! ” he laughed as he answered your call. You started laughing “what is he doing now?” “Wait a second.” he said as he went downstairs to check on Colby and switching his phone camera so you could see what was going on.

Colby was pacing around in the hallway, Devyn standing next to him with a concerned look on her face.

“Shit,shit,shit! I think we went too far!” Colby said to Devyn. She just nodded.

“Fuck, what do I do now?” he said near tears. That’s when Corey decided to say something as well: “Dude, what happened? Why did (Y/N) take of like that?”

Colby explained the whole thing to him whilst you tried your hardest not to laugh, because you were still face timing Corey. “Shit dude, I think you messed up badly!” Corey stated after Colby finished explaining. “Yes, I know!” he said with both of his hands in his hair. “Well you better tell her it was a prank soon!” Corey said and started walking back upstairs to his room. “Oh my god, that’s hilarious!” you laughed. “Heck yeah it is, but what’s the plan now?” he asked concerned.

“Well I thought about ignoring him for the next few days and then I’ll come back whilst he’s home and pretend that I’m packing my stuff together and then I’m gonna reveal the prank!” you laughed.

“Omg, that’s gonna make him freak out!” he laughed.

You ended the call as you arrived at your friends house which you were going to stay at for the next few days.

Of course Colby tried calling you a lot these two days you were gone, but you just ignored him like Corey and you had planned. Corey kept you updated on what was happening whilst you were at your friends house.

About two days after you had left you texted Corey:

(Y/N): Hey Corey, I think I’ll be coming over tonight to “pack my bags”, so please get Colby to be at home!

Corey: Sure thing! See you later!

~time skip to about 9 pm. ~

(Y/N): I’ll be there in 5.

Corey: Ok, good. Colby’s in the kitchen right now, I’ll get the camera!

~5 minutes later~

You unlocked the front door and got in.

Colby turned around to see who was coming home. His eyes widened as he saw you and he immediately walked towards you and tried to hug you.

It hurt you a little to do this to him but you walked away from him without saying a word. You walked into the room you two shared and started packing.

As Colby saw what you were doing he started to panic. “(Y/N) please let me explain! It was just a stupid prank, I’d never cheat on you! I love you!” he cried out as he tried to stop you from leaving.

“I don’t care if it’s just a prank! I’m done, we’re done!” you yelled as you grabbed your bag and walked downstairs, Colby running after you. “No (Y/N) please don’t leave me!” he cried even harder.

That’s when you dropped your bag, ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

Colby had a more than just confused look on his face but hugged you back desperately. You pulled away as Corey came out of the kitchen with a camera an shouted: “Welcome, to the prank war!” Colby’s mouth flung open: “Oh my god, are you kidding me?” he said and you hugged him again and said: “Payback is a bitch!”

“You scared the shit out of me (Y/N)!”

Colby stated hugging you back and looking down to you.

“That’s what you get for pranking me babe!” you laughed and kissed him.