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Here's a he for you. Imagine Harry giving Eggsy a massage, whether during a relationship or not, and Eggsy just turning into a giant puddle. Then Eggsy reads/watches videos and studies as much as he can so he can return the favor.

Asdjfhjksdhf absolutely yes oh man!!

Eggsy genuinely does want to return the favor, but it’s also an excuse to get his hands on Harry, to touch him in some way - Eggsy’s halfway into falling in love and he’s touch-starved and always craves Harry’s attention. Between Eggsy’s continued training and the missions they’re both sent on, there aren’t as many opportunities as he wishes there would be - so an excuse, any excuse is a welcome opportunity.

He fantasizes, as he rubs Harry’s clothed shoulders, about unbuckling his shoulder holsters and peeling him out of his French shirts and pressing him into the wall, anchoring Harry with his hands - or maybe Harry’s got him against the wall, using his broad shoulders to pin Eggsy in place - or maybe Eggsy’s got his hands on Harry’s shoulders as Harry fucks into him, clinging as best he can under the rugged force of it.

And he’s snapped out of his fantasies by Harry making a low, dark sound in his throat, something perilously close to a groan as Eggsy keeps rubbing his shoulders, digs his fingers into the meat of them and smooths out the knots - and it’s really not appropriate to pop a stiffy while giving a massage, though it’s apparently somewhat normal to get hard while receiving, and there’s no way Eggsy can surreptitiously glance at Harry’s lap from over his shoulder without being quite obvious about it.

But that’s only the first time - the second time Harry’s breath hitches just as Eggsy’s warm hands make contact with his shoulders, and the third time he does make a bitten-off groan, and the time after that he stills Eggsy’s hands on his shoulders just as he starts to work the corded muscle at the nape of Harry’s neck, and for the first time since his first time, Harry offers to rub Eggsy’s shoulders again instead of the other way around.

Eggsy, unlike Harry, really can’t keep any semblance of control when Harry’s hands are on him, is hard and practically moaning only minutes in - and, well. Harry’s shoulders turn out to be great for holding on to, for snogging and quite a bit more, when Eggsy licks his lips and dips his head and tells Harry don’t stop there.

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uh oh. good that you’re ok though?

lol yes. everything is ok.

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Are you okay?

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Oh hope you’re ok!

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Are you okay?!


I love you all and everything is a-ok. 

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I'm the queen of fluff, but like h/c. Angst is just killer to me, but you're so damn GOOD at it. So the song that is totally Hartwin to me is Like a Storm's Southern Skies. I totally see Eggsy at Harry's bedside in Kentucky.

I try to keep this blog fluff centered, but when I write long things (such as One Night) I can’t help but add angst to the mix to keep things interesting ;)

I’m glad to know you like it!

And I’ll go listen to the song now

Mystrade in Norway — devsfan55

It was Norway because Greg hated planes, because France was overdone, and though the turbulent ferry that took them slowly and choppily through the North Sea was less than ideal, emerging onto a seascape dotted with fjords and one-man fishing boats was quite the reward. The air tasted cold and clean, smelled a bit salty. 

“Your idea of romantic is whisking us off to a place where I’ll need ten minutes just to get you down to your pants?” asked Greg wryly, leaning heavily against Mycoft and feeling the distance that miles of sweaters created between them. 

“My idea of romantic is whisking us off to the country with the strongest economy in Europe,” Mycroft replied, leaving unsaid the obvious addendum, ‘and buying us a meal that costs more than you make in a month.' 

“Should’ve listened to my mum, never date a politician, she said." 

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Hi my name is Ingrid. Favorite ships are Mystrade/Johnlock/Hartwin. My favorite color is midnight Navy, Favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip mint or rocky road. I don't have a dog but I do have a black cat named Angus. Love your blog!

Hey Ingrid!! Thank you so much, I’m happy to hear that you like my blog!

I love black cats! Love them. Someday I would love to get one, when my boyfriend and I are able to move in together - he grew up with black cats. My kitty currently is grey-ish and tabby-ish, and he’s totally sweet. Cats are awesome!

As is Hartwin!! uwu

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Just wanted to drop a note and say that your giveaway is awesome. Absolutely awesome. :-)

Ohh I’m glad you think so, thank you. I was thinking that but then when I put up photos, I thought you know this isn’t that much stuff. 

I was very tempted to buy everything he had ever written but those old who novels can be a lot. I don’t have that much money. :(

Thank you for your kind words as always dear. Tumblr was a darker place before you came along. 

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Hello! My name is Ingrid. My favorite ships are Mystrade, Johnlock and Hartwin. My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip mint or rocky road. And I don't have a dog, I have a black cat named Angus. :)

ahhh, the wonders of mystrade.  Also, chocolate chip mint is delicious

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1) What period in time would you travel to, and what would you do there? 

Hmm. I think I would travel to late Victorian England. And I would, I don’t know, go to a ball, I guess. 

2) If you could meet your favourite author/musician/playwright/artist, what would you ask them? 

I think I would ask them “How’s it going?” because I’d be trying to play it cool. 

3) Which artist would you want to paint your portrait? 

John Singer Sargent. 

4) How did you join tumblr? 

I heard people talking about it, and LJ was getting deader, and I finally got someone to give me a tutorial (I was initially *very* confused). 

5) What song do you listen to to cheer yourself up? 

The New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give.”

6) Did you start watching or reading anything because of tumblr? What was it? If not, what have you considered reading or watching? 

Not yet, but I am considering watching “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.”

7) Please remind me: Where are they taking the Hobbits? 

Oh, dear, this is a Tolkien thing and I’m bad at Tolkien. I think it’s Isengard? Or Issengard? Or Isengaard? Or possibly Izengard? I’m not sure how it’s spelled. 

8) What is your favourite movie and why?

“Gone with the Wind,” because it has pretty dresses and an awesome heroine and a fabulous hero and it gets better every time I watch. 

9) List three of your most obscure OTPS 

Hmm. I’m not a terribly obscure person. Let me thing. 

–Alan Grant and Marta Hallard in “The Daughter of Time”

–Ned Henry and Verity Kindle in “To Say Nothing of the Dog”

–Justin and Mrs. Frisby in “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”

10) With the title of a movie, describe your blog. 

There have been many movies named “Chaos.” I haven’t seen any of them, but I’m still going with that. 

My questions: 

1. Night person or morning person? 

2. If you could buy any car you wanted tomorrow, what car would it be? 

3. If you could live anywhere you wanted tomorrow, where would you live? 

4. What color are your bedroom walls?

5. What color do you wish your bedroom walls were? 

6. Favorite cereal? 

7. Bath or shower? 

8. Sound that you can’t stand? 

9. Favorite website that isn’t Tumblr? 

10. What book are you currently reading? 

11. Your favorite song to sing along to at the top of your lungs while driving?