Sweet Home, Louisiana Pt 1

Summary: Owing the Winchesters a debt, the reader finds herself harboring a vampire friend of Dean’s, but he isn’t the only one who has to worry about being hunted.

Word Count: 2206

Warning: None.

Author’s Note: Hello my pretties! I return, and this time have a SERIES for you! This has long been in the works and I am so excited to be writing our favorite vampire again. Please tell me what you think with your feedback as you follow along this story; I would love to know your opinions!

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The moment you heard Dean Winchester’s deep, gruff voice on the other end of the phone, you knew you were in for some trouble. As the saying goes, nothing good comes from a Winchester. It wasn’t entirely untrue. Ill fortune seemed to follow them wherever they went, and most often than not the fate of anyone who got close to them was not a pleasant one. You couldn’t say you were thrilled to receive the phone call. Their name was quite well known to you and left a bad taste in your mouth, and you weren’t exactly buddy buddy with the brothers. The only reason you had even met them was when a hunt went very wrong and they came to your rescue in the nick of time, and as luck would have it – or rather a great misfortune, you were indebted to them because of it. After finishing the hunt together, albeit hesitantly on all three sides, you parted ways but not without telling them you owed them and volunteering giving them your number, and all they had to do was pick up the phone.

A year and a half have passed without any contact with them, and you had hoped they forgot your promise.

Apparently not.

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Mark Appreciation Information

So this is a follow-up to my original post concerning the scrapbook for Mark Sheppard to be given to him at SPN San Francisco since that will be his last Creation con for at least a year (he says he will be doing other cons, just not creation in 2018). If you have items you’d like to send my email (letters, art, photo ops, videos), you can now email them to:

If you have an item that needs to be mailed, message me and I’ll send you an address.

I’d like to have everything in hand by November 17th (that’s 2 weeks before the con) so I have time to make sure everything is put together. So that gives you 5 ½ months to put together awesome things :)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. One question I did get: The scrapbook itself will be around 9 x 12 as I’m doing a custom binder.

Again, feel free to share this with anyone you know who also loves Mark or Crowley.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside - SFW Crowley Christmas fanfic

 Written for me in 2014 by thesongbird1984 on AO3 - Link:

This was a kind gift from @thesongbird1984 a few years ago.

Completely SFW - no warnings as such. F/M romance.


After a fantastic date with the sexy king of hell with plenty of wine and food, you stretch you arms above your head and sigh.

“I really can’t stay”

“But baby, it’s cold outside” as he snaps your coat out of the reach your hands. You smile at his playfulness.

“I’ve got to go”
His arms wrap around your waist from behind.

“But baby, it’s cold outside”
You lean back against his chest and kiss him soft on his cheek.

“This evening has been so very nice”
He brushes his hands down your arms.

“Mmmm! I’d been hoping that you’d drop in, I’ll hold your hands…they’re just like ice” he places open mouthed kisses down your neck and you moan softly and try to move away from him but he tightens his grip.

“My mother will start to worry”
“Beautiful words you’re humming” as he continues the kisses on your neck.

“And father will be pacing the floor”
His hands move to your hips pressing himself against you.

“Listen to the fireplace roar”
You turn in his arms as you run your fingers down the lapels of his suit jacket.

“So really I’d better scurry”

“Beautiful, please don’t hurry”

You smirk up at him “Well, maybe just a half a drink more”

“Put some records on while I pour.”

He hands you more wine as you settle yourself back on the sofa.
“The neighbors might think…”
“But, baby, it’s bad out there.”

“Say, what’s in this drink?”
He chuckles at your cheeky smile to him.“Nothing but wine darling and there’s No cabs to be had out there”

“I wish I knew how to break this spell, then I wouldn’t have to leave so early”
“Your eyes are like starlight now” he runs his fingers through your hair" your hair looks swell"

You can feel yourself weakening to his advance leaning into his caress. “I ought to say no, no, no sir”

“Mind if I move in closer?” He slides himself closer to you his scent is intoxicating, you smirk.
“At least I’m gonna say that I tried.”
He pulls you close to him wrapping you into his embrace.
“What’s the sense of hurting my pride?”

You curl yourself into Crowley sipping at your wine enjoying the comfortable silence but you know you have to leave soon, even though you really want to stay.
“I really can’t stay”
“Baby, it’s cold outside”
It’s a flimsy excuses but you really don’t want to leave the comfort of his arms just yet.

“I simply must go” you sigh defeatedly.
“But baby, it’s cold outside” as he pulls you to sit on his knee and nuzzles at your neck.

You move your head to allow him more access but then come back to your senses quickly and you playfully push him away.
“The answer is no”
“But baby, it’s cold outside”
You get up from the sofa and look around for where Crowley has hidden your coat.

“The welcome has been so nice and warm”
He guides you over to the window and you stand watching the snow fall quickly to the ground and settle making it look like an image from a Christmas card out there.
“Look out that window at that storm”

“My sister will be suspicious” you turn to him with your hands on your hips.
“Gosh, your lips look delicious” you roll your eyes at his attempt to distract you.
“My brother will be there at the door”
“I could take you to see Waves upon a tropical shore” he proposes with a sultry look in his eyes.

“My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious” you tease him. He leans in close and softly kisses your lips.
“Gosh, your lips are delicious”
You moan gently at the contact and mumble into the kiss.
“Well, maybe just a cigarette more”
“Never such a blizzard before.”

“I got to get home”
He groans Dejectedly as you break the kiss, holding you close to him.
“But baby, you’d freeze out there” he says exasperated.
“So lend me a coat” you sark back at him with a smile
“It’s up to your bloody knees out there”

“You’ve really been grand” as you slide your fingers to his and entwine them.
“I’m thrilled when you touch my hand….
How can you do this thing to me?” He stands looking deep into you eyes clearly confused by the emotions to invoke in him.

You been gone a lot longer then you told your family you’d be and you really didn’t want to have to explain you absences especially if they thought you were dating. “There’s bound to be talk tomorrow
At least there will be plenty implied”

“But Think of my lifelong sorrow If you caught pneumonia and died!” as he tried to get through to you.

“I really can’t stay……” His hands slide down your back to your ass squeezing it playfully and lifting you up as you wrap your legs around his waist giggling into his ear.
Ah, but it’s cold outside"


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Anything for You - Crowley x Reader

Requested by @devsfan55

Request: Would love a bit of Crowley h/c. Reader is sick, fever/flu etc and Crowley comes to the fluffy rescue? Please? :)

“No, Y/N. You can’t come, you’re sick. Stay here.” Dean said sternly.

“I’m fine, Dea-” you tried to counter, but was cut off by a fit of coughs.

“My point exactly. You’re staying here.” Dean said gruffly before grabbing his duffle bag and walking out the door to the Impala waiting in the garage.

“Dean’s right, Y/N.” Sam said to you while putting a hand on your shoulder. “You’re really sick, we don’t want it to get worse. Get some rest.”

“But, Sammyyy,” your hoarse voice whined.

“Sorry, Y/N.” Sam said while grabbing his laptop bag and heading towards the door. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call!”

“Dammit,” You mumbled. “Oh well. Was worth a try…” You sighed while walking towards your room.

Might as well get some sleep.

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who liked and reblogged my lasted fic, Nesting!! I love you all!

@littlegreenplasticsoldier said:


Good Lord, woman, I love you!

@seenashwrite said:

RE: “… and purchases made at Bed, Bath, & Beyond without a 20% off coupon.”  Now, are you *trying* to lose readers? sweet lord, what were you thinking??? ;)

Well, you know, writing is all about taking risks. LOL!

@scarlet-soldier-in-an-impala said:

I. NEED. A. FREAKING. MINUTE. AFTER. THAT. My brain’s still processing. Angry sex AND dry humping??!! Damn, did you sneak into my wildest dreams??

I’m not usually into angry sex, but I’ve been eye fucking my husband quite hatefully the past few days. He’s sensitive, though, so I decided to take it out on Dean, instead. Dry humping is my favorite kink, though. It seeps into a lot of my fics. *sigh*

@klaineaholic said:

I don’t know why this spoke to me but yes. I am here for this!!!!! Also in fucking love with this spunky reader who doesn’t take shit from Dean.

Spunky Reader for the win!!! Thanks, my dear!

@winchesterprincessbride said:

Those shorts should be illegal!

No no no no no. Don’t make them illegal, then we’ll see them even less than we already do!!! MAKE THEM MANDATORY!!!

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A Hello From Benny Lafitte...

((Hey guys, we’re back! More Hellos! This time from Benny. I read it in a Cajun accent, though some words don’t translate well when you type them. So imagine it in Benny’s accent! That said, tagging the usual suspects. Remember to reblog tagging those who need love and words of encouragement! Enjoy :)

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“Hey, gorgeous. I hope you don’ mind me takin’ a minute to come talk to you. I know you’re a busy woman, probably got men beatin’ down your door tryin’a talk to you. You don’ think so? Ah, hell, then we see things pretty different. Don’ mean that to be rude, chere, I’m just bein’ honest. I see a woman like you an’ I know without a doubt you got folks beggin’ for your time whether you wanna see it or not.

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A Hello From Crowley...

(Our favorite King of Hell has a few words. A thank you to @deerlululucy for helping me pick Crowley. I know a few of you have been asking for the King, so here he is. Remember to share the words with those who need a reminder of how glorious they are.

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“Hello, darling. Spoke with Squirrel recently, told me some rather upsetting news. Word on the street is you’re not so confident with yourself these days. Now, normally I don’t like to admit faults, but this surprises me.

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Home -- GadreelxReader

Author’s Note: Requested by @kazchester-fanfiction​. Normally I don’t write reader fics; they aren’t my style and its something I tend to struggle with, but I am always willing to write a fic for a friend! My apologies if this is not-so-good; I do not have practice with reader fics and often feel conflicted, and I’ve been out of touch with Gadreel for a while, I am ashamed to say. Hopefully I have captured him appropriately though!

Here you are, Mandy! You wanted angst, and I gave you angst. You can thank @rowdyhooliganism​ for the idea. ;)

Word Count: 1906

Pairing: GadreelxReader

Warnings: Blood; description of death, adorable fluff at the end!

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You were always told that you would be the death of yourself. It was a saying you didn’t mind too much. After all, it was only a joke and honestly, you never paid too much attention to it. The very minor injuries you have sustained in your lifetime was not even remotely related, nor did it count. You were a hunter, and have been one ever since a demon snuck in your home one night when you were young and murdered your family. Injuries had long become an expectation, and it did not come to as a surprise whenever you discovered a new cut or bruise on your arm after a hunt. Caution was never an expertise of yours; alone and making do, coming across friends and making plenty of enemies, to be careful wasn’t something you did. It wasn’t intentional; danger simply found you first. However, it was a life you were content with. It was your life, and you were perfectly fine where you were; and although it meant finding love and settling down like you once desired, and at one time, desperately longed for, was never going to be a dream come true, but as the years grew you came to accept it and live a mostly happy life.

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AN: @doctordeanscompanion requested some fluff with either Crowley or Lucifer. Since I love her so much, I’m gonna do both for her. Crowley first, which means I also gotta tag @devsfan55 ‘cause she’s in love with him too. Enjoy, my lovelies!

You pace between two dingy motel beds, muttering to yourself and clenching your fists. “I can’t believe it,” you say to what you believe is an empty room.

“Can’t believe what, darling?” a silky voice asks from the corner. You jump slightly, looking over to see the King of Hell standing there. “Moose and Squirrel leave you on your own again?”

“Yes, they did! And without even so much as a goodbye! Just up and left while I was sleeping, with only ‘gone on a hunt’ scrawled on a piece of paper for a note.”

Crowley shakes his head. “Morons. Their loss, though.” He moves closer to you and holds out his hand. “Would you like to see what the King can do for those left behind?”

You consider for a moment, then shrug and take his hand. “Sure, why not?” With a snap, the two of you are in an Italian opera house just as the show is about to start. Your eyes are wide as you look at the demon, and he smirks as if to say that this is only the beginning.

And truly it is. You spend the rest of the day whisked around from place to place, from the opera to a French bakery to the beaches of Hawaii to the markets of Mumbai. But you had to say that your favorite place came in the evening. The pair of you appear in front of a log cabin on the edge of a fjord in Norway, suddenly wrapped in warm winter clothing. Snow softly drifts down around you, the setting sun tinging the edges of the snowflakes with pink and orange. It’s so quiet you can almost hear the flakes as they hit the ground, and your soft gasp at the beauty of it all sounds loud and harsh in your ears.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Crowley whispers. You can only nod as you take in the sunset over the ocean and the slowly accumulating snow. “Come, darling,” he says after a while when he notices you shivering in the fading light. “Let’s go inside.” He takes you into the cabin and redresses you both in warm pajamas and dressing gowns before leading you to sit by a roaring fire in the fireplace.

As he hands you a mug of hot chocolate, you ask, “Why’d you do this for me, Crowley?”

“I thought my favorite huntress deserved to be spoiled,” he answers with a small smile. “Especially after being neglected in such a way by the other men in her life.”

“Favorite huntress, hmm?” You hide a smile by taking a sip of your cocoa.

“The only one I take on dates that span the globe.”

Your eyebrows shoot up. “Dates?”

He smirks. “Of course, love. You didn’t think I’d do all this and not intend to ask you to be mine, now did you?” Your eyes go wide and as he leans in to kiss you, you wonder if it would really be all that bad to date the King of Hell. Especially when he was so willing to pamper you like this.

Thank You, From the Bottom of My Heart

About a week ago I put out a post about needing money because I was in a desperate situation with my rent. Well, my internet/fandom family pulled together and gave me more than enough to help me pay for rent. So this is a thank you, to everyone who saw my plea and decided to help. I’m tagging everyone who reblogged (forgive me, I’m on mobile, so no under the cut for me), but first: @marvelsee thank you so much for your initial donation and for everything you offered afterwards. You are a lifesaver. (Also no one actually made any bids on the items marvelsee offered up, so no one gets those.)

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