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The biggest reason why I am torn over Legends 3? Early on the devroom teased how it would be perhaps the first rockmam game ever where you could PET A DOG. ALL THE DOGS YOU COME ACROSS IN THE GAME. 12/10 best cancelled game of the century

OHHHHH HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE TEASING DOG PETTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the info that shouldve been circulating around tbh…….

well i could just like….draw volnutt petting a dog myself so its not that big of a deal. and i HAVE ACTUSLLY I JUST REMMEBERED OH MU GOD


Keiji Inafune’s Legends-esque “Red Ash” game and anime on Kickstarter ⊟ 

We saw a teaser for “Red Ash” yesterday and didn’t know if the project was a game or an anime. It’s both! One Kickstarter for each, the game and the anime.

“RED ASH is an opportunity to not only fulfill Keiji Inafune’s desire to create a game that pays homage to Japanese animation, but also his vision of ‘immersing players in a freely explorable anime world.’ The RED ASH team is spearheaded by Art Director Kazushi Ito and Director Masahiro Yasuma, key members of the original team that pioneered open world game design with Mega Man Legends. With the RED ASH project, they aim to build an action adventure experience with a new level of freedom, complete with the polish expected from such veteran creators.”

The game and anime will be developed independently, and take place in parallel universes. So far, the game is slated for PC only, but I’m guessing stretch goals will show up for other platforms.

I’m glad Inafune gets to do a real Kickstarter for what is essentially Mega Man Legends 3. He came really close to it at Capcom with that “Devroom” stuff.

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