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Dark Souls III, Soul of Aldrich, Devourer of Gods:

When Aldrich ruminated on the fading of the fire, it inspired visions of a coming age of the deep sea. He knew the path would be arduous, but he had no fear. He would devour the gods himself.

This one sentenced leaped out at me the moment I first read it, THIS is the jumping off point the entire Souls community could use for all the fun fan theory making for how Dark Souls could connect to Bloodborne. I’ve searched around, but there seems to be nothing of the sort, I’m pretty baffled.

It was quite obvious to me what this suggests. Aldrich knew the Fire would die from the world, repeating to consolidate and absorb and relight all the souls and great flames of various lords of the land would be an unsustainable cycle. In the Dark Souls world, the opposite of the Fire and Light is the Darkness and Abyss, and it is associated with humanity, corporeal bodily essence, and being heavily influenced by the Abyss and the Dark Soul and Humanity results in freakish overgrowth and bodily mutations. How killing people and creatures and absorbing their soul/flame makes your flame stronger, likewise it is shown that physically eating and consuming people and creatures causes you to grow grotesquely large and mutate.

So if the endlessly repeating cycle of gathering and relighting the Flame was on the course to end, Aldrich sought to perform an equivalent ritual of gathering flesh and breathing new life into the world through the power of “The Deep”.

And this all fits too perfectly with Bloodborne. There’s the obvious name reference to “Eldritch”, he has primarily absorbed Gwyndolin’s appearance and attributes, and Gwyndolin is associated with the Moon which is a heavy theme throughout Bloodborne, plus she already has tentacles the first time you meet her, and the DLC ending suggests all things came from the sea, from Mother Kos washing up on the shore, the long somewhat elegant looking worm-like creature with long human arms and a face at the end.

Official Valisblot ( Norse Valentine’s Day) for SMITE.

Interesting note, Sol is already married. She’s married to someone named Glenr, and the two have a daughter to continue Sol’s job of pulling the Sun after her mother was devoured by Fenrir’s son, Sköll, during Ragnarök.

Ymir also has a wife and she goes on the repopulate the Jötnar, which is the race of people Ymir belongs to.

Also, the horse Loki has an interest in is his husband. Yup, you heard me right. His husband… Kinda… The horse is named Svaðilfari. To prevent an unnamed builder from finishing his work, Loki took the form of a mare and was impregnated by the builder’s most trusted stallion, Svaðilfari, giving birth to Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, which was then given to Odin, which became his favorite horse and would sometimes be ridden to Hel. Not to be confused with Loki’s daughter which shares the same name.

From Page 11:-

“……My Father… My Parents… Gave it to me when I left my hometown.”

Her usage of the words “parents” later…
Does it implies like how many had Speculated, that Annie was made to Devour her Mother, who was a Shifter, after she was injected with the Titan Serum?

Her memories only showed her and her father, from the moment he started Training her. So IF she was made to devour her Mother to carry on the Titan Shifter Bloodline and become a Warrior, it was done when she was very young like 7 or 8 years old? 😱

What Painful Secrets are you hiding behind that Stoic Face, Annie Leonhardt? 😭



Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers by Windows Down Mag 2/12/16 The Space Hamden, CT


Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers by Windows Down Mag
2/12/16 The Space Hamden, CT

Had the writers gone with their original plan, Gizmo would have led the gremlins’ reign of terror instead of foiling it. Remember Stripe, the leader of the evil gremlins? In the first draft, he and Gizmo were one and the same.

The whole reason Gizmo was so heart-meltingly cute was to make it as shocking as possible when he turned into a punk rock Boglin. The original film was much, much darker in tone – Gizmo was going to bounce Billy’s mother’s decapitated head down the stairs and eat his dog. In fact, the filmmakers modeled Gizmo after the beloved pet dog of producer Steven Spielberg, in order to make the transformation as jarring and hurtful as possible to the film’s main benefactor – a move some described as “bold” and others described as “pants-on-head stupid.”

The plan fell apart when Spielberg fell in love with the adorable Gizmo, and insisted he remain cute and cuddly. Weird, he didn’t like the idea of his childhood pet devouring his mother? So instead of turning into a monster, Gizmo remained Billy’s faithful sidekick and eventually became the hero of the film – or at least as heroic as one can be while engaging in serial infanticide.

Bizarre Early Versions of Iconic Characters


Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers by Windows Down Mag
2/12/16 The Space Hamden, CT