devouring mother

(This is likely to get me into even more trouble, but whatever - the new Buckleming episode airs this week, so I’m guessing we’ll have worse problems by Friday.) 

So, my dash seems to be split between pro-Mary and anti-Mary people, and the debate is getting pretty intense and occasionally awful. And I just wanted to say that yes, it’s probably true we hold women (and especially mothers) to different standards of behaviour, and I’m sure there are some overt or subconscious sexist components in our dislike, or even outrage, in some cases, of her actions this past week, but also - to me, the problem is that Mary started out in a good place and is now going downwards, if that makes sense. Like, Crowley - Crowley is fascinating in and of himself, but one big reason I feel so sympathetic towards him right now is because he started out as a selfish, even cruel villain and he’s experiencing an upward arc towards understanding and helping other people. And this is a popular trope and all, but it’s popular for a reason: because it gives us a sense of satisfaction to see someone become a better person.

(Also because two thirds of Western culture are basically Christianity, which is the poster boy of the Redemption Arc, so we’re probably pre-programmed to like this from birth, but whatever. It still makes for a good story)

Now, Mary - Mary started in the best possible place, that of the Innocent Murder Victim who, on top of everything else, was a Mother and Beautiful and Trying to Save Her Baby Boy - Jesus, there’s not much that will give you more points than all that. So it’s not surprising, really, that her arc must be downward, because how the hell would have she been able to go higher that actual martyrdom? So her having trouble connecting with her kids, her being secretive and skulking about and making deals with unsavoury characters - of course it’s nothing different or worse from what every single person on Supernatural has done for the past twelve seasons - the problem is not in the actions themselves, but in where they are in her character’s arc. That’s why, I think, we perceive her behaviour as less forgivable - not (only) sexism.  

Bertolt and Marco: why it’s NOT karma

I often read comments about how ironic is that Bertolt and Marco died “the same way”, with people pointing out stuff like karma, proving to have a poor understanding and interest for both plot and characters. It’s always easier to say “Character A brutally killed Character B so they deserve the worst death”, even when Character A was clearly forced to do so, crying for their actions and being tormented by nightmares all the time (the sleeping posture thing is due to this, as shown in this smartpass AU).

Problem is that people have no idea of how deep and human Isayama’s characters are. They stop at what they see at first, making out of it the only truth to believe in: Marco is shown to be a kind person, so he is an angel; Bertolt killed so many people, so he is a bastard. Simple as it is. There’s no half way to see things, because most of people are generally too lazy to go beyond the surface (this is applies for everything, not just for reading manga).

Sorry but… Attack on Titan is not a manga for lazy brains. It is supposed to be much more. It is supposed to show the human fight for what they think is right. Beign it inside or outside the Walls, the fight is the same.

Bertolt never displayed any enjoyment for what he did. And what’s fun is that you can clearly see it in the manga, more than once:

It couldn’t be more obvious, so if you read until here and you still think he is evil I invite you not to go any further because we have nothing to share.

So, exactly just like Marco or any other character from the Walls, Bertolt is fighting his war. What clearly puts him under a bad light is that he stays on the untold - not evil - side of the story. I’m pretty sure we would all be able to justify his actions if we read the story from his point of view, just like we so easly justify Eren’s behaviour in the plot. It started with Titans, then he went a little bit mad against humans:

No, I’m not taking this example because I want you to pity Bertolt. I’m using this picture because here Eren just ripped off an ex-comrade limbs and, despite him being unconscious, he is slaughtering him to death.

And look at this:

Eren’s behaviour here is not any better than what Bertolt did to the Walls 5 years ago. He is fighting his war and we can’t absolutely blame him for it. His rage towards Bertolt and the others couldn’t be more justified, because we all know what he has been through. Bertolt is the main reason why he had to see his mother devoured by a Titan, which is together with the loss of his home and the general genocide a very big reason to want him death. Soooo, no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ side, just people fighting for their personal aim.

Now, I hope this introduction helps you to understand what I’m going to say about the difference between Bertolt and Marco. Let’s start from a brief list of what they share:

- Both have a good soul
- Both are fighting their war
- They were killed by circumstances bigger than them

Now, just take Marco and analyze his life. He comes from the Walls (Wall Rose, I think) and never experienced the terror of the Titans until the battle of Trost. So, we can suppose his life was pretty much normal, not too happy but neither too bad. He strongly wanted to protect the king by entering the Military Police, so the quality of his life allowed him to dream and to take decisions for himself.

Bertolt’s situation is very much different. From the few information we have, we can say he was chosen to be a warrior between his 5 and 7 years of age, and from that moment he was not allowed to take decisions for himself nor to live his life as he wanted. He was given the power of the Colossal Titan and he was sent on a genocide mission against people he was told to be evil at the age of 11. Ah, I almost forgot: he was also condamned to die in 13 years.
Believe me or not, but what’s so tragic about his life is not what happened until now. The real pain begins when he discovers that the people living inside the Walls are not what he was told they were. During his three years of training, Bertolt does his best to avoid getting too involved in friendly relationships with the others. He is described as taciturn, different from his friend Reiner who - as we know - recurred to an easier way to cope with his guilt:

But his human nature doesn’t really help Bertolt, because as careful as you could be, friendship is not something you can avoid so easly, especially if you are in your teens and you never had the opportunity to live your life as a normal person (and you probably won’t again, since you have just few years left). So, you end up being involved before you realize it:

As Bertolt himself said, the only moment in his life he considers ‘enjoyable’ was the time he spent as a soldier:

This speech is as clear as the water. Still, although they are a bit confused, it’s not enough for the characters to forgive him or to justify his actions. The only one that shows interest in talking this out is Armin in chapter 78:

Despite Bertolt and Reiner were revealed as the two Titans who caused so much sufference, Armin is still believing there’s something wrong with them. There must be a reason (I don’t want to say good) for them to act this way, so he wants to confront him and see if the same person who was able to show love feelings for Annie is really doing this by his choice.
I’m sure Armin have never marked Reiner and Bertolt for bad people. I’m sure he is still looking for the truth behind their actions because he knows Bertolt’s speech in chapter 48 was not a lie.

So, what distinguish Marco’s death from Bertolt’s is their life. They were both left to be eaten by a Titan, but while the first one got the tears of his murderers…

… the latter got nothing but hate and indifference from the only people he spent a nice time with:

Yes: death is death. Marco did nothing wrong to end that way, but allow me to say that Bertolt is as much as a victim as he was.

So my first thought upon waking this morning was “V wanted Eto because natural-born half-ghouls are a fountain of youth”. Kind of an intense way to start the day, but in a way it actually makes sense. 

1. Noro

It’s a pretty common theory that the guy is the walking dead, and for good reason. The only things we know about him are that he has extreme regenerative abilities, eats an absurd amount of meat, and smells like death. 

Here’s Eto watering Noro. Flowers grow in decomposed materials, right? Well, if Eto has been flooding him with RC cells, that means faster regeneration which he’d need to replenish with a whole lot of food.

2. Banjou

Remember when Eto pulled his ribs out? We saw them in her hands, but never saw if she used her kagune or not. Somehow, she unclogged his kakuhou and Banjou was finally able to produce a kagune. 

One that’s used to heal. 

By all means, Akira should have died within hours of being pierced through that many times, but Banjou kept her alive for weeks. Given Eto’s penchant for biblical references, she tore out his ribs (possibly forcing some of her own RC cells into him) in a mockery act of God making Eve from Adam, granting him the power to create life. 

3. Kaneki

She left a “gift” behind for Kaneki to eat– her kakuja’s carcass– resulting in his monstrous hand from the massive influx of RC cells. 

this actually says “gift” instead of “thing” in some translations

Kaneki should have died after being hacked and minced apart by Arima, but he was able to regenerate with practically nothing left of himself. Note also the 645 on the panel left of Eto: 

4. V

Finally, V grunts themselves were said to have been an “advanced” Zero Squad by Hirako. But how could they be advanced if the Garden Kids die by their 30′s?  

They certainly were as dead-eyed as corpses when attacking Kaneki and the White Suits, and reminded me immediately of Noro’s silent, automatic movements. Sounds to me like the would have killed Yoshimura on the spot if they weren’t concerned with actually finding Eto. 

5. Etc

There are several other cases that lend itself the this theory, including the desecration of Kanae and Eto’s fixation on the tree of good and evil. Despite her “I’m getting old” comment, she declares herself several times of being a God and Mother, offering knowledge and strength. 

How children of the Sunlit Garden are actually conceived and born is still a secret. Itori says either the child or the mother is devoured by the other, but Arima states that it’s pretty common. If one or the other is flooded with RC cells from a half-ghoul, could the fetus be saved? 

 And finally, there’s also the CCG’s meddling in RC cells themselves (which @coromoor​ pointed out) that makes us wonder whether they’ve looked into ghoul’s restorative abilities for the use of humans. Eto, by direction of V, would have been a gold-mine.

Onibi Series: Recap

A while back, I answered a question for tumblr user @outerkat that gave an explanation of known information about the characters of the Onibi Series. That information is now outdated, so it’s time for an update!  (As usual, this post was made with the help of @shishikusas​. Bless her heart this fandom would get absolutely nowhere without her.)

This is what we know as of mid-2017.

The canon order of the songs is still:

1. The Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion

2. The Fox’s Wedding

3. The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon’s Frenzied Dance Performance

4. Demon Child in the Clear Mirror (at the same time as #3, in a different location)

5. Beheading Dance

6. Death, Misfortune, and the Amanojaku

7. Will-O-The-Wisp

8. Star Lily Dance Performance Capital

Time for characters!

Mai Shishikusa

She has two designs. The green-haired one with the bow was how she was first drawn, and its only purpose was to make her recognizable as Gumi. Her canon appearance is the one with long brown hair. 

Mai is a member of the esteemed Shishikusa clan, and after being mistreated by some men when she was very young, she ate them and left one of their heads at the scene. She later devours her own mother, Ryou, during her (Mai’s) birthday party. Delectably morbid.

In The Fox’s Wedding, she is kidnapped by Akari’s brother (we call him Takahiro but he doesn’t have a canon name). She is forcibly fed human flesh (which probably made her cannibalistic tendencies permanent), and it’s likely that she may have been molested at this time, too.

In The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon’s Frenzied Dance Performance, Mai goes crazy and begins to devour more and more people.

She is seen as a doll in Death, Misfortune, and the Amanojaku. Also, Masa has confirmed that Mai and Akari are the characters seen in Beheading Dance.

Star Lily Dance Performance is a dream, a figment of Mai’s imagination. She dreams of a place where she and Akari can be happy together, to comfort herself before she dies.

Akari Oborodzuka 

Her name has been occasionally translated as Zhu Li. Like Mai, she also has two designs. She is the character with red or white pigtails, and her canon design gives her short white hair. I believe that she is, symbolically, the “Kitsune” mentioned throughout the series.

Akari is a member of the Oborodzuka Clan, and is the sole member that is not physically disabled somehow. She endured abuse from her family because of this, and eventually gained the power to make other people hurt themselves.

She imprisoned a violent and evil character named Tsukuyomi inside of an altar in the basement of her home, and I’m fairly certain that this altar is what was commonly being referred to with that recurring line, “Open it?” Tsukuyomi was actually the founder of the Oborodzuka clan, if I’m not mistaken, and is freed centuries later in another Masa series known as Maha’s Story.

In The Spider and the Kitsune-Like Lion, Ryou Shishikusa kidnaps her and tortures her until she dies. At the end of the song, Akari curses her family, saying that this “strange habit of eating people” must be continued for a hundred generations or something like that. This seals Ryou’s fate, and Ryou is later eaten by her daughter Mai as part of this curse.

In The Fox’s Wedding, Akari is alive again. She isn’t involved in Mai’s kidnapping, but I think the two of them might have been secretly married at this time.

Akari is also seen in The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon’s Frenzied Dance Performance and Death, Misfortune, and the Amanojaku, but I’m not certain what her purpose is in these two.

Whether or not she is actually there or only being dreamt of in Star Lily Dance Performance is debatable, but the former is the more comforting option. ;w;

Shikyou the Amanojaku

Shikyou is the Antagonist of the Onibi Series. Her name was only learned recently. This is the Amanojaku mentioned in (you guessed it) Death, Misfortune, and the Amanojaku.

Shikyou is somehow controlling Mai’s fate. Masa said that Mai and Akari were “doomed never to meet.” It’s incredibly likely that Shikyou was behind this, which would explain why she screams and appears to be very distraught in The Beautiful Shadow of the Demon’s Frenzied Dance Performance. If those two hadn’t met, many lives would have been spared from Mai’s cannibalistic tendencies.

Because it was likely a character named Emi that helped Akari and Mai meet each other in person, Shikyou and Emi are enemies.

What confuses me is that even though she seems to be trying to protect the people of Castle Town and must therefore care about humanity, something on Masa’s blog also says that at some point in history, she went on some kinda killing spree? Shikyou’s motives are questionable, to say the least.


For a while we thought that she was the purple-robed Gumi, but that turned out to be Ryou. The lovely @shishikusas talked to Masa, though, and helped clear it up! Emi is the Miku seen in Onibi, but she was given an original appearance in the video for the remix of The Fox’s Wedding!

Emi is, symbolically, the “Doll” mentioned throughout the series. Her ancestors were evil gods, and thus, everyone came to hate her. She bears a grudge against these people, but tries to ignore their feelings at the same time.

She appears ONLY in the song Onibi, and is not to be confused with the other blue Miku character, Kaori.   

All we know other than that is that Masa described her as one of the story’s “Main Heroes.” I think that she’s behind Mai and Akari being able to meet.

Ryou Shishikusa

HOO BOY where do we start with this crazy bitch. Here’s what my dear fact checker had to say about her:

Ryo Shishikusa is Mai’s mother, born into the Onidzuka clan but marrying into the Shishikusa clan through daimyo Tomonari Shishikusa. She has one sister, unnamed, who had a daughter after multiple miscarriages (this daughter is Kaori, the one referred to as the “demon child”). She has a tattoo of a spider on her waist and uses a special knife called “Devil’s Blade” to kill people.

She and Tomonari run a theater in Castle Town (Namitsuki). A lot of Castle Town’s entertainment comes from here. One thing that happens below the theatre is gambling, which Ryo and her husband do with human beings. Evidently, the clans of Castle Town take part in illegal human trafficking of young girls, keeping them under the theater and treating them like animals. 

One day, Tomonari comes to Ryo and says that the other daimyos are becoming bored with the performances and that, for the next performance, someone will be killed for the audience. Ryo hates the idea, but it is business.

Their prisoner, Akari, is thoroughly disgusted and calls Ryou a monster. She says that Ryou is “unable to come back, like us.” Grace and I think that this means Akari has the ability to return from the dead, because that would certainly explain why she is alive later in the series.

Anyway, Ryou tortures and kills Akari before a live audience. After Akari is dead, the blog says (roughly) this:

“I looked aside and saw the surprised faces of the Daimyos. They opened their mouths when they saw me.


It’s hot. 

My face and my hand… are very very hot. 

I was surprised by what I saw on my hand. It was bright red. The small knife in my hand and even my sleeve were red, also, and from the cuff dripped… blood? 

That’s it. I remembered. I tried to kill this girl. 

I looked up at the girl again. Her head was completely downwards and I could see the intestines as I looked at her belly. 

This …was me? I trembled. My heart began to beat almost fast enough to break it.. Unconsciously, I spread my hands and turned to the Daimyo. 

‘Ha ha ha ha ha ha!’ I was laughing.“ 

So yeah Ryou makes a lot of stuff go wrong. Her actions, and probably Emi’s, are what eventually lead to the chaos caused by the meeting between Mai and Akari.

Kaori Onidzuka

This little cutie, formerly referred to as “Etsuko” by the fandom, is Mai’s cousin.

All we know about her is that she may or may not be into killing and torturing animals and that she is the one typically referred to as “Demon Child.” 

Really tho there is like NOTHING on the onibi blog about Kaori so there’s not much to talk about.

Tomonari Shishikusa

This man is a daimyo, husband of Ryou and father of Mai. He must really care for his family, because it was his idea to start killing people for entertainment as a way to bring in more money and he threw Mai a rather luxurious birthday party when the day came. 

So Akari’s curse might not be the only thing that pushed Mai to cannibalism. Evidently, those that turn cannibal sometimes devour parents that pampered them too much. 

The blog says that he and Ryou were having a very important talk with Mai shortly before she devoured them both. Tomonari was eaten first, with Ryou bearing witness just before Mai ate her as well.

Daiji Masaoma

This guy is Mai’s bodyguard. At some point he is found with a large portion of his shoulder eaten away, so it’s likely that he was killed by Mai. we crack ship him with takahiro

Takahiro Oborodzuka

Takahiro is the fanmade name given to this character. Here’s what we know about him:

  • He kidnapped Mai from her own hometown, so he’s probably a badass.
  • He has snake eyes.
  • After he kidnapped Mai, he forced her to consume human flesh from the back of a truck.
  • He probably did other unspeakable things to her, but there’s no telling

Here are the headcanons:

  • He does have a physical disability, like his family, but it’s deafness instead of bent/backward limbs or an inability to walk.
  • Therefore, he communicates through others with sign language.
  • He is Akari’s brother, and has red hair like hers.
  • He’s sadistic and cruel, but not as much as Ryou.

But yeah for a minor character, he does play kind of an important role in the story. We’ll probably be hearing more about him later on.


She is Mai’s adopted sister, from the Oborodzuka clan. Apparently she found the dead bodies of her parents after Mai had eaten her fill of them.


Remember, this is the updated info! My old post that says Emi is purple Gumi is WRONG. Hope this helped clear things up!

Dark Souls III, Soul of Aldrich, Devourer of Gods:

When Aldrich ruminated on the fading of the fire, it inspired visions of a coming age of the deep sea. He knew the path would be arduous, but he had no fear. He would devour the gods himself.

This one sentenced leaped out at me the moment I first read it, THIS is the jumping off point the entire Souls community could use for all the fun fan theory making for how Dark Souls could connect to Bloodborne. I’ve searched around, but there seems to be nothing of the sort, I’m pretty baffled.

It was quite obvious to me what this suggests. Aldrich knew the Fire would die from the world, repeating to consolidate and absorb and relight all the souls and great flames of various lords of the land would be an unsustainable cycle. In the Dark Souls world, the opposite of the Fire and Light is the Darkness and Abyss, and it is associated with humanity, corporeal bodily essence, and being heavily influenced by the Abyss and the Dark Soul and Humanity results in freakish overgrowth and bodily mutations. How killing people and creatures and absorbing their soul/flame makes your flame stronger, likewise it is shown that physically eating and consuming people and creatures causes you to grow grotesquely large and mutate.

So if the endlessly repeating cycle of gathering and relighting the Flame was on the course to end, Aldrich sought to perform an equivalent ritual of gathering flesh and breathing new life into the world through the power of “The Deep”.

And this all fits too perfectly with Bloodborne. There’s the obvious name reference to “Eldritch”, he has primarily absorbed Gwyndolin’s appearance and attributes, and Gwyndolin is associated with the Moon which is a heavy theme throughout Bloodborne, plus she already has tentacles the first time you meet her, and the DLC ending suggests all things came from the sea, from Mother Kos washing up on the shore, the long somewhat elegant looking worm-like creature with long human arms and a face at the end.

A horse hair falls into the water and grows into an eel.
Even Aristotle believed that frogs
formed from mud,
that mice sprouted like seedlings in the damp hay.

I used to believe the world spoke
in code. I lay awake
and tried to parse the flashes of the streetlight—
obscured, revealed,
obscured by the wind-sprung tree.
Stranded with you at the Ferris wheel’s apogee
I learned the physics
of desire—fixed at the center,
it spins and goes nowhere.

Pliny described eight-foot lobsters
sunning themselves
on the banks of the Ganges. The cuckoo devouring
its foster mother. Bees alighting
on Plato’s young lips.

In the Andes, a lake disappears overnight, sucked
through cracks in the earth.
How can I explain
the sunlight stippling your face in the early morning?

Why not believe that the eye throws its own light,
that seeing illuminates
the world?
On the moon,
astronaut David Scott drops a hammer and a falcon feather,
and we learn nothing
we didn’t already know.


Ancient Theories

Nick Lantz


Graphic - Jaroslaw Kubicki

Men want women to be objects, controllable as objects are controllable. Women who deviate from the male definition are monstrous, sluts, depraved. Since all women do deviate to some degree, all women are viewed as monstrous, sluts, depraved, with appetites that, if unleashed, would swallow up the male, destroy him. Men know that the object does breathe, but rather than face up to the meaning of this knowledge, they prefer to believe that under the object lurks a hungry, angry viper; that the object is a rock that must never be moved or picked up or the viper will strike. Suddenly, one is confronted with the fragile, vulnerable male, threatened by reptilian female genitalia (for instance, the vagina dentata), or the devouring mother, or the insatiable lust of the nymphomaniac. The fear that what men have suppressed in women will emerge to destroy them makes the control of women an urgent and absolute necessity.
—  Andrea Dworkin, Pornography: Men Possessing Women
American Gods Alphabet: Coatlicue

I really love American Gods and mythology so I made an alphabetic list of every reference made in the novel.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

Coatlicue (53)

Coatlicue (Aztec) Goddess of life and death. She is the mother of the gods, the stars, and the sky. She is a snake goddess, depicted with either the head of a snake or with a skirt of snakes. Her son Huitzilopochtli, born when she placed a bundle of feathers than had fallen from the sky in her bosom, killed her other children. She is often associated with the devouring mother, representing both childbirth and death.

All names/terms are depicted with the page in which they first appear in the American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition of the author’s preferred text.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

From Page 11:-

“……My Father… My Parents… Gave it to me when I left my hometown.”

Her usage of the words “parents” later…
Does it implies like how many had Speculated, that Annie was made to Devour her Mother, who was a Shifter, after she was injected with the Titan Serum?

Her memories only showed her and her father, from the moment he started Training her. So IF she was made to devour her Mother to carry on the Titan Shifter Bloodline and become a Warrior, it was done when she was very young like 7 or 8 years old? 😱

What Painful Secrets are you hiding behind that Stoic Face, Annie Leonhardt? 😭


Official Valisblot ( Norse Valentine’s Day) for SMITE.

Interesting note, Sol is already married. She’s married to someone named Glenr, and the two have a daughter to continue Sol’s job of pulling the Sun after her mother was devoured by Fenrir’s son, Sköll, during Ragnarök.

Ymir also has a wife and she goes on the repopulate the Jötnar, which is the race of people Ymir belongs to.

Also, the horse Loki has an interest in is his husband. Yup, you heard me right. His husband… Kinda… The horse is named Svaðilfari. To prevent an unnamed builder from finishing his work, Loki took the form of a mare and was impregnated by the builder’s most trusted stallion, Svaðilfari, giving birth to Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse, which was then given to Odin, which became his favorite horse and would sometimes be ridden to Hel. Not to be confused with Loki’s daughter which shares the same name.

Love Is a Lie Series- Haunting | Oneshot

Taehyung x Reader | Oneshot

Summary: Taehyung, a young and sweet soul, finds someone who he falls for in his dark and dreary life. But sometimes, love is not always what it seems to be.

Genre: Angst and a little fluff

Words:  6,532 Words

Warnings: Mensions of mental illness, heavy angst

A/N: I’ve been working on this for about a week and I REALLY LIKE IT, and I’m turning this into a series, the next one will probably be Yoongi.

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On Aegon III Targaryen

Aegon the Third is one of the longest reigning kings, yet we know very little about it his reign. He came to the throne after the Dance, though we still don’t know how, and his reign is marked by the death of dragons. Despite this, it seems he managed to heal the realm after the war and keep the peace.

Reading ‘The Rogue Prince’ and ‘The Princess and the Queen’ made me realize that there are many peculiarities about him.

Here is how GRRM describes him:

The Dragonbane. Clad all in black, even to his gloves. A three-headed dragon on a golden chain around his neck. Pale, lean, unsmiling. A very somber look. He looks sad, marked by the grief he carries with him. It is hard to picture him smiling. A short beard, but no mustache. His crown is a slender gold band, no ornament.

I’ve always thought that his black clothes were a sign of mourning, but now it also seems to be a reminder that a descendent of Rhaenyra is on the throne. Her men were called the Blacks after all.

The golden dragon pendant, that was passed down to his daughter Daena, seems very strange after reading the novels. We know that Sunfyre, the dragon belonging to Aegon II, was golden and Aegon’s banner had a golden three headed dragon on black.

It seems like this is a constant reminder of the war and his mother’s death, but it might also be to show people that there is finally peace between the Blacks and the Greens. A peace that was probably reached by his marriage to Jaehaera  (the daughter of Aegon II).

Another strange thing I’ve noticed has to do with the names of two of his children. Baelor and Rhaena seem to have been named after his sisters Baela and Rhaena, and Daena after her mother Daenaera. His other children, Daeron and Elaena, seem to have been named after Alicent Hightower’s children Daeron the Daring and Helaena.  

People believe that he hated dragons and it’s why he left them to die or poisoned them:

Dunk had heard the story half a hundred times, how Ser Arlan had been just a little boy when his grandfather had taken him to King’s Landing, and how they’d seen the last dragon there the year before it died. She’d been a green female, small and stunted, her wings withered. None of her eggs had ever hatched. “Some say King Aegon poisoned her,” the old man would tell. “The third Aegon that would be, not King Daeron’s father, but the one they named Dragonbane, or Aegon the Unlucky. He was afraid of dragons, for he’d seen his uncle’s beast devour his own mother.”

(The Hedge Knight)

Though Stannis tells us that he even brought mages to hatch the eggs:

“Nine mages crossed the sea to hatch Aegon the Third’s cache of eggs.”


I hope that we’ll learn more about him in the world book because he seems to be one of the most interesting Targaryen kings.

darlingpeg  asked:

11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99 (feel free to pick your favs if that's too many)

11. do you like nature documentaries?

i haven’t watch many but that scene in planet earth 2 when the iguana is chased by snakes is better than any oscar nominated movie 

22. have you ever made an ice pop?

no i can’t say i have but i should i feel like i’m missing out 

33. who was the last person that called you cute?

my pug khaleesi

44. favourite tshirt?

my laura jane grace and the devouring mothers one or my transit tank from glamour kills 

55. do you have a fireplace in your house?

no, there’s one of those heater things downstairs but no fireplace

66. have you ever been in a musical?

no, just stage crew 

77. how much charge does your computer have right now?

it’s on the charger, so 100% i suppose?

88. what is your mum’s name?


99. have you ever had a hickey?

no i am deprived 

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Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 6-7

[These posts contain spoilers up through the most recent airing episodes of the Kdrama as well as spoilers and comparisons to the original Cdrama. Be sure you’re caught up before reading. Also, this one got really overly long. I love you guys. Enjoy.]

I’ve been writing notes on these two episodes for days now, and there’s no way for me to cover all of my thoughts in one post. I’m going to have prioritize the things I’ve been thinking the most about, and because of that this going to be a very Wang So-heavy post.

I’ll apologize for that right now, because Hae Soo was really badass for these two hours and she deserves to have episode review dedicated to her alone. I can’t really complain about anything she did, her characterization, IU’s acting. It was all spot on for me. She remained so courageous throughout episode 6, but in a very human and believable way. It wasn’t that she wasn’t scared or vulnerable, it wasn’t that she wasn’t affected by the danger and violation went through, it was that she decided to act in her own behalf despite her fear and vulnerability.

She was willing to risk her life to maintain sovereignty over her own body, when all the combined efforts of her useless harem could do nothing to save her. She selflessly went to the palace to keep her princes from getting hurt for her. Then rather than submit to her own legally sanctioned rape by the king, she wielded the blade to cut her own wrist–not so she could kill herself, but so that she could live with herself.

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