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Title: Not losing you

Pairing: Jake Gray x Reader

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Jake running to you the moment his friends die because he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.

“Coming!” you shouted practically running down the stairs of your house, glad your parents weren’t home and they wouldn’t wake up.

“I’m coming!”you shouted as the persistent knocking on the door kept going “Just a moment.” you grumbled once you got closer to the door.

You turned on the porch light and started unlocking the door. Maybe it was foolish of you to not ask who it was especially at this time of the night and what happened with Dakota but you were to sleepy to care anymore.

Your eyebrows shot up once you opened the door and you took notice of the person on the other side, your best friend “Jake?” you breathed out “What is going on?” you asked groggily, rubbing your eyes.

“(Y/n)! Oh thank God.” he breathed out and you felt yourself jump when he wrapped his arms firmly around you.

“J-Jake?” you mumbled feeling your cheeks heat up. Even if you were best friends and being close was expected you always felt your heart skip a bit or two when it got this… intimate.

“I’m- I’m sorry.” he breathed out, reluctantly pulling away but his hands stayed on your shoulders.

“No, it’s fine.” you sighed, your hands resting on his chest “But what- what happened? Last time I saw you you werewith- with Marisol.” you frowned, a small (alright maybe great) part of you aching.

“Yeah, no.” he shook his head “It doesn’t matter. I need- want to be here.” he pursed his lips and you tilted your head to the side.

“Jake? Is everything alright?” you whispered.

“We broke up.” he shrugged “But it was bound to happen. I don’t care anyway. Just tell me how are you? Are you alright? Did anything- anything weird happen? Did anybody call?”

“Jake, no- no, nothing.” you shook your head, closing the door “Everything is fine. Why are you saying this? Wait- does this… have anything to do with your visions?” you whispered, sometimes you were afraid to say the word aloud in the first place.

Jake had told you long ago about them and every time things got bad you tried your best to help him, despite how surprised you were to know that you were the only person he had talked to about it. But it only made the connectionyou had with him deeper and if you had a part of him then you were more than willing to give him a part of youwhenever he asked for it.

“No, it’s- it’s more complicated.” he breathed out “I just, I need to explain some things to you but I- I don’t want you to think I’m crazy.”

“Jake.” you whispered “You know I- I’d never think that way of you.”

A weak smile formed on his lips and you gasped when he brought a hand up and cupped your cheek “I know that, trust me more than anyone. I don’t know what I’d do without you princess.” he rested his forehead against yours and you took in a shuddering breath.

Your eyes casted down shyly for a moment “Do you want to stay? Call your father to let him know, or- or something.”

A small breath left his lips “I wasn’t planning on leaving you, ever again.” he kissed your forehead.

“So… what is it?”  

Silmarien was the firstborn child of King Tar-Elendil. As Númenorean succession laws of the time did not allow her to inherit the crown, she married Elatan of Andúnië and establihed the royal line of the Lords of Andúnië. She inherited the Ring of Barahir, and passing it down the generations it eventually escaped its destruction the Downfall of Númenor. 

Netflix n Cuddles

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Summary:  Reader is spending the night doing what they love with the person they love. 

Paring: Justin Foley x Reader

Request: “Can you write anmagine where Justin comes over and you cuddle and watch movies?” 

Warnings: a little fluff 

Word Count: 1013

It was a lazy Saturday night and people were taking a break from partying, so you set up your living room to binge watch movies for the night.  Looking outside, you saw the sunsetting.  The sky had somewhat of a cotton candy color scheme going on, the clouds littering along the horizon and houses looking like nothing but silhouettes in a beautiful picture.  You moved away from your window and went to the kitchen to get a few snacks from the cupboards, a couple of cold drinks and some blankets that were in a cabinet near the fireplace.  Once situated and comfortable you started to scroll through your favorite movie genre to see all the movie options that were being provided on Netflix.  You finally spotted a movie that sparked your interest and hovered the button over said movie before you clicked on it.  As the movie was beginning and playing the cheesy music, you pulled your food off the coffee table, onto your lap and started eating the junk food as the vibrant pictures started to move across the television screen.  

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“I call the darkness unto me,
From deepest depths of Earth and Sea,
From ancient evils unawoken,
Break the one that can’t be broken,
To blackest night I pledge my soul,
And crush my heart to burning coal,
To summon forth a deathly power,
To see my hated foe devoured.“


Don’t imagine your crush waking up in the morning with messy hair and sleepy eyes and croaky voice. Don’t imagine them in a big sweater crying at their favourite movie, devouring popcorn with their eyes glued to the screen.
Don’t imagine them seeing a picture of you and smiling automatically.
Don’t imagine the red look on their face when their friends talk about you when your not around.
Don’t imagine them staring at you when your not looking and glancing at the floor when you are, trying to hide their embarrassment.