Sooo I took a break from Woo Hoo! to go crazy with various shades of brown!!!! WEEEEEE!

These cuties are to celebrate three things i am super excited about!!

ONE, captainhanni (super awesome artist!!) is starting her webcomic with demon boyfriends and TWO I am getting even more demon boyfriens because I preordered my friend caiterhe’s gorgeous comic which she is trying to get fully funded in the next couple of days! She only needs ~$400 to hit the final milestone, so if you could go check out her work & Kickstarter too, that’d be BOSS! THREE: THE COLOUR BROWN!!!!

SO. WITH ANY LUCK it’s going to be hot gay demon boys all over my dash from now on until the END OF TIME.


Rebirth of the Bath House  |  Bodega & Piedrafita Ar​chitects
​Fabrizio Devoto, Pablo Bodega, Guillermo Piedrafita, Leandro Villalba, Nicolas Rudolph
Location: Liepaja, Latvia

É que eu nunca fui do tipo interessante, com amigos devotos e alguns sonhos realizados. Não é muito o que as pessoas procuram sabe? É mais como um dia de chuva, triste para uns, confortável e aconchegante para outros.
—  Danilo Tavares.
- Qué pasa si conoces al hombre correcto, que te adoraría tanto, que haría cualquier cosa por ti, y sería tu devoto esclavo, ¿Qué harías? - Me compadecería de él.

Pregunta: Tauro, Cáncer, Virgo, Libra, Acuario, Piscis.

Responde: Aries, Géminis, Leo, Escorpio, Sagitario, Capricornio. 


Vive una buena vida. Si hay dioses y son justos, entonces no les importará cuán devoto has sido, y recompensarán las virtudes de acuerdo a las cuales has vivido. Si los dioses existen, pero son injustos, no querrás rendirles culto. Si no hay dioses, entonces te habrás ido, pero habrás vivido una noble vida que permanecerá en la memoria de aquellos a quienes amas

Marco Aurelio

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I saw that today is this wonderful person’s birthday, so I decided to do a little gift art!  Haven’t drawn since school let out and still trying to get back into the swing of things…

For all of my followers that don’t know about this comic, it’s called Devoto: Music in Hell and it is fantastic!  Fair warning it does contain graphic sex, but it has one of the richest and most interesting plots that I have ever found in a web comic.  Go give it a read and you won’t regret it!

Everyone, at long last, we’re here—the Kickstarter for a print edition of Volume 1. of Devoto: Music in Hell is now live!

Though a variety of goodies are available, the focus of this Kickstarter is the physical book. This is a magazine-sized book (8" by 10.5" / 20cm by 26.5cm) of at least two hundred (200) pages. The book is perfect-bound, meaning it has a smooth spine to which the interior pages are glued. This is how a conventional paperback is bound–no staples or wire. The book will be printed in full color.

Please pledge if you can, or if you can’t, please help spread the word. I won’t lie, it’ll be humiliating if this doesn’t pan out, so I’m begging you that if you can’t pledge yourself, please try to re-blog so that others might discover the comic and perhaps chip in.

Thank you always for your support. It is really exciting to see the last quarter-decade of work get a chance to be distributed in print. I never could have imagined we would make it this far, so I’m grateful to all of you. Thank you for helping with my Kickstarter!